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May 1, 2016

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Material in books and Articles on this Website

As explained under the heading of this Home Page, the mission of this magazine is to uphold the Christian values, traditional American values, and our United State Constitution, which have together been the backbone of our American culture. Christian traditions, and American traditions, which are based upon Judeo-Christian principles, are critically important to making America a great country. In this regard, relevant books and articles are included under those sections. The following are short reviews of them.


The book, AS WE SODOMIZE AMERICA – THE HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT AND THE DECLINE OF MORALITY IN AMERICA, is a very comprehensive book on homosexuality, acts of homosexuals, causes of and cures for homosexuality, history of homosexuality, the homosexual movement, and the interconnection between those things and the decline of morality in America. This decline in morality was not primarily caused by the homosexual movement, but that movement could not have taken place without the decline in morality which made the movement possible. Many things are working together toward our moral decline and disintegration of family values. This moral decline and disintegration of family values, is something that should concern all of us. America and Christianity have always been considered synonymous, until America's decline in morality. There has been a precipitous moral decline in America during the last forty years. Morality in America has declined with the acceptance of sodomy in America.

There is considerable history of homosexuality and history of sodomy laws included in the book. Homosexuality in America, and the conflicts between homosexuality and religion, and traditional American values, are covered at length. Toleration of homosexuality is toleration of immorality.

It was once proudly stated, even by our Courts, that "America is a Christian nation." George Washington taught us that Religion is necessary to moral values. He was of course speaking of the Christian religion.

Homosexuality and the Constitution are covered, including cases on the subject. The history of sodomy laws along with history of sodomy in America is also included.

Homosexuality and sodomy are used interchangeably in the book. Homosexuality and pornography also seem to go together. Videos are reviewed relating to "Gay" parades, which show very obscene activities and demonstrate the relationship between pornography and homosexuals. Lewdness and homosexuals seem to naturally go together in those parades. (A search of the internet will also show the relationship between pornography and homosexuality.) Homosexuality and atheism often go hand in hand. In their parades and celebrations, the denigration of religion and Jesus are common. There can be no compatibility between true religion and homosexuality. Neither Christianity and homosexuality nor Judaism and homosexuality are compatible. Neither homosexuality and morality nor homosexuals and morality are compatible. A homosexual, as the word is used in the book, is defined as one who willingly engages in one or more of the acts of sodomy related in the book with a person of the same sex.

In the chapter on causes of homosexuality, and cures for homosexuality, deplorable actions of professional organizations are explained – they are abandoning homosexuals who want help with their problems.

Pedophilia and the harmful and unnatural relationships between homosexuals and young people, and even homosexuals and children, are covered at length. Homosexuals in youth organizations, and homosexuals and the Boy Scouts of America have had some disastrous consequences. Homosexual attacks on boy scouts, homosexual attacks on young people, and homosexual attacks on children are all well documented in the book. Homosexual Priests sexually attacked many young boys, costing the Catholic Church untold millions of dollars in civil actions. Many priests and scout leaders were prosecuted for sexual attacks on young boys and for sodomy. Homosexuals and the adoption of children have also been a problem for the same reasons. Also, it just does not present a natural family relationship, and it is certainly contrary to traditional family values.

The homosexual movement, with the help of the National Education Association (NEA), was very successful in infiltration of the schools. Sex education in schools is often aimed at promoting sodomy in schools. Promoting homosexuality in schools and mixing sex education and homosexuality has been a plan of that movement, and a successful one. Homosexual sodomy is taught as acceptable. Teaching that amounts to promoting sodomy by children is unacceptable. There has been a homosexual brainwashing of school children. Promoting homosexuality in public schools has been much more prevalent than in private schools – particularly religious schools.

Many churches have capitulated to the homosexual movement, and many are at the crossroads. Homosexuals and churches have never really been compatible, because of the contradiction to traditional family values. The Anglican and Episcopal churches are having a life and death struggle over homosexual marriage, and the admission of homosexuals as priests or ministers. Several denominations have caved in and bless same-sex marriage. Homosexuals in the Catholic Church have long been a problem. Many churches are abandoning their biblical principles, and many churches have lost their moral base. The acceptance of sodomy, and moreover the blessing of sodomy in same-sex marriage, is not acceptable for a church that has the Bible as the basis of its religion. Sodomy is one of the most condemned things in the Bible, as clearly shown by the material in As We Sodomize America.

The homosexualists have invented a number of terms, and misused others, as a part of their propaganda. Examples are gay, homophobia, homophobe, homophobic, bigot, bigotry, and latent homosexuality. Such words, as used, have two purposes. First, they gloss over the depravity of sodomy and homosexuality, and, secondly, they are used to intimidate those who consider such things unacceptable in your society. The media dutifully parrot them. Even some of our most conservative talk show and media people use them, just in the way they were intended. All are not doing it to further the homosexual movement, but their inadvertence has the same effect. Liberal control of the media and academia have furthered the liberal agendas of the homosexual movement, anti-Christian and anti-religious denigration, abortion, feminism, Darwinian evolution, and about all other political and social agendas so detrimental to this country.

The American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Medical Association, and the American Bar Association have all caved in to the homosexual movement.

Generally, the Republican Party has supported our traditional moral values more than the Democrat Party, but today many Republicans are also bowing to the homosexual and liberal onslaught. Democrats and homosexual marriage have more unity than Republicans and same-sex marriage.

The first Chapter of the book deals with the nature of the acts of homosexuality. It contains graphic descriptions of the acts homosexuals and statistics on homosexual acts.

The book goes at length into the effect that our decline in morality has had on children, generally. Disciplinary problems in public schools have grown at a rapid rate. Interesting statistics are given on this problem.

Our family values have broken down to an alarming extent. Toleration of having children out of wedlock has turned to acceptance as nothing immoral. America has lost its moral compass.

A Way to Save Our Constitution From Judges, by O. R. Adams Jr.  is a comprehensive book that covers in detail particular cases that have been decided by our Courts -- particularly the United States Supreme Court, and the damage done to our Constitution by some of these decisions.  

Article V of our Constitution, provides that our Constitution may be changed only by the people and their representatives. It takes two thirds of both houses of our federal legislature, or two thirds of the legislatures of the states to commence an amendment; It then must be approved by three fourths of the legislatures  of the states or by conventions in three fourths of the states -- thus providing for strong federal weighting. Yet liberal Supreme Court justices have often usurped this sole right of the people and their representatives, and unlawfully changed our Constitution to their own liking -- often by bare majorities of the Court. This is indeed a disgraceful situation. 

The basic problem is that our Constitution has no curb for activist judges, except impeachment, which they obviously do not fear. There is nothing in our Constitution that states how a law or a constitutional provision should be interpreted by the courts. The courts, and particularly the United States Supreme Court, make their own rules for interpretation. Although our early Supreme Court justices developed rules for interpretation that determined the meaning for a provision of our Constitution to be that which was intended by those who formed and ratified it, later liberal justices left those long accepted rules, and began substituting their own personal views thereby clanging our Constitution from what was intended by those forming and enacting it to what these particular liberal judges thought it should be. 

This judicial misbehavior by liberal judges has imposed completely erroneous meanings that must now be followed because by the Court's own interpretations these decisions are now controlling. The article on this website, Saving Our Constitution From Judges, is a concise summary of this book. 

The book contains an easy way that this damage can be prevented by a simple Constitutional amendment requiring that judges construe the meaning of a provision to be that which was intended by those responsible for enacting it, as it should be, and as it was long ago recognized by our early courts. This would also take judges out of politics and put them back into being judges as was intended by our Constitution. 

The proposed amendment would not only prevent such future damage to our Constitution, but, in time, would tend to correct all erroneous decisions that have been made in the past. 

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States are merely copies of those important documents. The Declaration does have the names of the signers and their respective occupations, which should be of interest. It was remarked that "we either hang together or we will hang separately" – how true that was when they had the courage to sign that document.

The Temple of Karnak -- How Rogue Judges Have Been Strangling Your , by D. J. Connolly, PH.D. Mr. Connolly received his Ph.D. in engineering From Case Western Reserve University in 1971. He worked as a research engineer and in middle management at NASA's Glenn Research Center for thirty-six years. He certainly put his research abilities to good use in gathering the material for this book. The book is about our imperialist judges -- particularly justices of the United States Supreme Court, and the destruction they are doing to our Constitution. One of the many things he gives insight to is the 

The magazine for July, 2011 is the article, The Power of and Destruction Wrought by Homosexual Activists. It is primarily a reference to a World Magazine article of June 18, 2011, which presents further information about the influence and control homosexualists have over the large corporations in this country, and how they attempt to destroy the careers and livelihoods of anyone who actively opposes same-sex-marriage. Among the examples given in the article are the pressure put on the U. S. Olympic Committee when Peter Vidmar was appointed as the Chief of Mission for next year's Olympics in London, resulting in his resignation; and the pressure and intimidation put on the large and respected law firm of King and Spalding, resulting in its "decision to renege on its contract to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and drop the United States House of Representatives as a client." The magazine web address is:

, and in forced busing trying to integrate blacks and whites. There was never any constitutional authority for such outrages. He covers the history of the  federal courts from beginning to present and outlines a continuum of misbehavior. Dr. Connolly gives an insight into the scams used by judges which they call our Constitution a "living constitution" or an evolving constitution." The impropriety of following prior cases as precedent, or "Stare decisis" is commented on. 

The eight main themes of the book are the following:

■       Article I of the federal Constitution says that only Congress has “legislative power,” the power to pass laws. Article III says that the role of judges is limited to deciding “cases” and “controversies.” It says nothing about allowing judges to make new laws. Article V specifies the only legal process by which our Constitution can be amended. In spite of these mandates, judges make most of the really important new laws. And, ignoring Article V, they amend the Constitution several times each year.

■       It’s been half-a-century since our Supreme Court made a credible pretense of construing the Constitution in accordance with the intent of its framers. That gives rise to a dismaying problem. “We the People” have no say respecting the contents of our Constitution. And those who wrote it had no say in the matter either. Only judges have a say.

■       Over the course of our history, judicial usurpation of lawmaking power has led to a mind-boggling list of national catastrophes. Part of the list appears on the back cover of this book.

■       The practice of following precedents has led to the “evolution” of a quarter-of-a-million-page counterfeit Constitution which judges follow rather than the real one.

■       Our judicial branch of government has stolen a role similar to that of ancient kings and princes. Rogue judges gained despotic power by using methods found in Machiavelli’s The Prince, the same handbook which guided Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.

■       In flagrant violation of the First Amendment, federal courts have established a preferred national religion, and restrict our free exercise of our own religions.

■       A gross excess of judicial power has spawned a large and perverse judicial usurpation industry which promotes, protects, and feeds upon it.

■       If our democracy isn’t dead already, it’s on life support. Outlaw judges have corrupted other government institutions by stealing many of their most important functions. That, in turn, is a major cause of voter apathy.

There are some points that Mr. Connolly and I disagree on. For example, he believes that the decision written by Chief Justice John Marshall, in Marbury v. Madison, holding that the Courts could strike down a statute passed by Congress, was wrong. I think it was correct under our Constitution, because I believe that it is a binding document on all three branches of government; and that Congress cannot override or change the Constitution anymore that the Courts can legally do it. The Constitution can only be legally changed by the people and their representatives, with federalist weighting by states, as provided by Article V of the Constitution. But Mr. Connolly and I both agree that the primary problem is rogue judges and justices that substitute their own biased views  for those of the people that actually formed and ratified various provisions of our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights; and the Fourteenth Amendment, and other Civil War amendments. I believe that if enough of the people of this country understood the extent of this usurpation of their rights, they would do something about it. And it could easily be cured by a simple constitutional amendment such as the one I recommend in the article, Saving Our Constitution From Judges, in the Articles section. 


The article, Our Children Reflect Our Culture, has a few things about children that are also in As We Sodomize America. I think one of the most interesting things are statistical comparisons of government studies of disciplinary problems in publics schools in 1940, and then fifty years later in 1990. This gives a keen insight as to what has happened to our culture in fifty years. It also has information showing that the liberal element's argument that our problems today are caused by such things as poverty and guns is not well-founded. Most Criminal violence is not caused by poverty and guns. Of historical interest may be the information about the depression, drought, and Dust Bowl that occurred in the 1930's, in the area where the author lived at that time.

There is nothing more telling about a society than its children. They reflect the influences of their parents and of their schools.  They also reflect a number of other influences, especially today. They have great exposure to the media, in the form of television, and the use many of them make of computers. They are also influenced by their friends, and what "others are doing." Even the stores prey on them and influence them to buy the latest kinds of clothes, and even shoes. 

Liberal Revisionists Present False History and Moral Decay. For a long time this country and other countries have been undergoing continual brainwashing by various liberal groups, including, feminists, homosexualists, and atheists. Their successes have been truly astounding.

"Gay", "homophobia" and the words derived from it, are words made up by the "gay" movement for their propaganda purposes. "Gay" is for the purpose of making sodomy seem less depraved than it is. Homophobic, homophobia and such are to intimidate and deride those who think and say that sodomy is wrong. Let's look at Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language – Unabridged, 1966. Homophobia, and such derivatives, were not in there at all. As to the word Gay, the first definition was "joyous and lively; merry; happy; lighthearted." The last definition was "wanton; licentious; as, a gay dog." Not one definition meant homosexual, as it is used today. But the media, academia, and the gullible segment of our society dutifully parrot these words, now, just as was intended by the homosexual movement to further its propaganda and thought control. And they find their way into our dictionaries.

These groups have also had great success in revising our dictionaries, history, and even the Bible in furtherance of their programs of brainwashing and thought control.

Words indicating gender and the differences between men and women must be eliminated from our vocabulary. We must realize that sodomy is not wrong, but a commendable activity in which to engage. The atheists and many of the homosexualists want to completely destroy Christianity, and falsely change history to eliminate the place it played in the founding of this country and its institutions. If this cannot be done, the feminists want to destroy the masculine concepts of God and Jesus. Would you believe a new bible containing scripture about Judith Christ; and the "prodigal daughter"?

Our Secular Papacy and Gay Rights, by D. J. Connolly, Ph.D.  This is about some particular misbehavior of judges, and particularly the liberal United States Supreme Court Justices in striking down state laws against acts of homosexual sodomy. This is probably the most flagrant and clear misbehavior that was ever engaged in by certain members of the Supreme Court. It was never intended by our founders that sodomy would be a constitutional right. When this nation became a country, and when our Constitution and Bill of Rights were enacted by the people and their representatives, sodomy was against the common law of all of the states, and most of them had additional statutory provisions against it, including some very severe penalties. When the Fourteenth Amendment was formed and ratified, all but five of the thirty-seven states had statutory laws against sodomy. Mr. Connolly points out that some of them even provided for the death penalty. There was no clearer usurpation of rights of the people by the Court than the Lawrence v. Texas decision striking down all sodomy laws of the states. I explain this situation in detail in my book, As We Sodomize America, except that Lawrence v. Texas had not been decided when it was written. However I predicted what would happen, and the justices who would do it, in that book, because of the erroneous decision of Romer v. Evans. Our United States Supreme Court has truly been a disgrace as all true legal scholars, and thinking people, know. It is something that should be cured, and it easily could be, and judges and justices would still have all of the authority and independence intended by our Founders, and the people who ratified our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

Powers of the President is a short article on the general presidential powers as provided by our Constitution. There is also information about those powers in regard to current controversies over the powers of surveillance of phone calls between suspected terrorists and people in this country. References are made for more comprehensive information.

Saving Our Constitution From Judges is in some respects a review of the book by the author (O. R. Adams Jr.), A Way to Save Our Constitution From Judges, which will either be available in books stores or on this website at a later time. However, the article itself has considerable information about this serious constitutional problem.

Imperialist judges and imperialist courts lead to corruption in our judiciary. They have no respect for our Constitution. Judicial destruction of our Constitution is being brought about by liberal judges. Judicial corruption is the essence of liberal judges changing the Constitution to their own political and social views. Deplorable actions of our federal courts not only result in destruction to our Constitution by judges, but in doing so they are usurping the rights of the people provided for in the Constitution. This is a terrible misbehavior of judges. It is judicial imperialism.

The primary basis of our Constitution was to bring about a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The liberal and controlling majority members of our United States Supreme Court have worked toward usurping these rights of the people, and to forming a Constitution and government by the judges according to their own particular views. Activist judges are slowly and insidiously destroying our Constitution.

Various areas are covered, such as homosexuality and the courts, religion and the courts, and abortion and the courts. Our Supreme Court itself has adopted the homosexual agenda, thrown out state sodomy laws, and stated that we should respect the engaging in sodomy by homosexuals. Detailed explanations are given as to why this is wrong. Such judicial misbehavior as the federal courts forcing States and schools to bus children around just to try to racially mix them is covered. The federal courts have also exceeded their authority in trying to force the mixing of the races by affirmative action. They have tried to bring about racial quotas in government, schools, colleges, universities, and private business by affirmative action. Discrimination by governments based on race are contrary to our Constitution, and that is what affirmative action and racial quotas are. The article and the book contain information on Thomas Jefferson's view of the judges usurping rights that are not given to them under our Constitution. The parts on Thomas Jefferson and judges shows his distrust and fear of activist judges destroying our Constitution by their usurping rights of the people, the states, and other branches of the government not given the courts by the Constitution. The article covers, and the book in more detail, our founders and our constitution, and their views on how it should be construed by judges. The Constitution should be construed according to the meaning intended by those who formed and adopted it, not according to activist judges. Both the article and the book go into detail on the problems posed by activist judges and our Constitution. Judicial misbehavior is rampant today in many ways. Another aspect of the problem is that it leads to a litigious society.

Many decisions of activist judges are directly contrary to our constitutional rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Christian religious freedom is continually under attack by the ACLU, and that organization is consistently aided by activist judges in its attacks on religion.

The "Fairness Doctrine" is Unconstitutional. This is another article by the editor. Now that the Democrats have recaptured both houses of Congress, they are planning to try to re-enact the old "Fairness Doctrine" that previously proved not only unworkable, but unconstitutional. Their purpose is to try to eliminate the freedom to speak of those who oppose them. Specifically they want to eliminate talk radio programs, such as those of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Michael Medved. They have also previously been trying to get a limit on the troops overseas listening to one of their favorite programs, the Rush Limbaugh talk show. Another pain in their side they hope to kill is Christian broadcasting, which this would accomplish. Giving equal sides to opposing views would make talk radio hosts submit half of their programs to those who do not pay for them, and whose views they oppose. And it is not in the nature of a church sermon, to give equal sides to evil or the devil. The left has the same opportunity to get its own programs on the airways as others. They simply want to eliminate views that oppose them -- especially since they have been so effective.

The left has continually worked against freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Their legal hatchet men have been the ACLU. To them speech should be politically correct – that means of course that they should determine what speech should be. They continually work against any semblance of religion in schools or in the public square. The article explains how the ACLU has worked to destroy the Boy Scouts of America, even after the United States Supreme Court decided that they had a right to keep out homosexual scout leaders. The ACLU tries to get schools and public places to bar the Boy Scouts from using places that they have historically been allowed to use.

The ACLU teams up with the pedophile organization, North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), and represents it in lawsuits. The ACLU works with them to try to get the age of consent lowered so that it will be easier for them to prey on young boys. All of the homosexual groups are continually working for this, and they even have an "Age of Consent" website. The ACLU also works with them and represents them in child pornography cases. All kinds of pornography, including child pornography, is of great interest to these people, and the ACLU. This alone tells us volumes about their true character. One of our present Supreme Court Justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was a former ACLU member, and perhaps still is. She has expressed similar views, including those about lowering the age of consent, and when cases come before the Court, she can be depended upon to hew to the ACLU line.

The article explains why the so-called Fairness Doctrine is unconstitutional. It is a violation of both freedom of speech and freedom of religion protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. As explained, it would indeed be a travesty of justice that The Supreme Court has ruled that virtual child pornography and almost unlimited adult pornography is protected as free speech, but that the right of talk show hosts and religious stations would not have the right to determine the nature of the decent things they have on their programs.

Cone of Evolution. As stated in the March section of the magazine, this article explains the three major fallacies of modern Darwinian theories of evolution. If the theories were true, that life was accidentally formed as a one-celled amoeba and evolved to the uncountable forms of life today in the forms from everything such as germs, bacteria, animals, and plant life, a graph of it would be a cone – beginning from nothing to the untold trillions of forms today. But it just hasn't happened that way. Three of the critical contradictions are:

1. During a comparatively short time in the era known as the Cambrian Explosion, almost all of the animal phyla (families) appeared on earth. The term, explosion, comes about from the suddenness of this appearance of life forms. In fact it appears that there are fewer phyla today than there were then, due to extinction. There is no evidence that this sudden appearance of animal life was in any way due to evolution. Darwin himself recognized this problem, and admitted it was unexplainable (to him).

2. With the cone of evolution, we would be at the top today. With so many forms of life, in spite of the extinction of some, we should have evidence all around us of one species changing into a new species. But it just isn't happening. Not only that, we have had recorded history for several thousand years now, and we have no recorded observations of any such changes – not one. In addition, with all of the paleontological and archeological evidence now available, there is no real evidence of any change of one species to another species. Darwin also recognized this problem (also unexplainable to him).

3. The third problem that cannot be explained by evolution is why humans are the only living things that have developed complex thinking to where they can consider and solve many problems such as these relating to evolution. They paint pictures, compose music, read, write, invent things such as cars, boats, airplanes, computers and various other such things; but they are not the oldest animals. Yet they are the only species that has done any of these things. This cannot be explained by evolutionists.

The above lists three of the major fallacies of Darwinian evolution, but there are of course others. DNA and intelligent design and Genes and intelligent design both present problems for the evolutionists, and I believe that they are insurmountable problems. Both genes and DNA contain information designed for passing on the progeny of the living body containing them. And they both came with that plan from another living body. Other articles on this website also contain further information on Intelligent Design. The theory of evolution has never accounted for the difference between humans and animals (or other animals, if you prefer to call humans animals, too). Human intelligence and evolution has long been a source of controversy, because of the problems related above. Evolution and atheism go together – it might be called the joint religions of those groups.

The theory of evolution is taught as fact in schools. Christianity and evolution as taught in our schools and universities, are not compatible. For that matter, any religion and evolution are not compatible. Evolution and religion are actually two different things. Evolution is a theory and religion is a faith. The origin of life theory, as a part of the theory of evolution, is considered in the article. Christianity and religion embrace creationism based primarily on Genesis. The evolutionary theory of the origin of life, generally is that somehow life accidentally originated in some kind of a "primeval soup" in the form of some kind of a one-celled amoeba. This also presents a contradiction to the intelligent design in nature that is all around us.

There are other articles on evolution and intelligent design that include some of these evolutionary problems, and more such articles are planned for the future.

Evidence of Intelligent Design in Nature. This article covers some of the things about animal and plant life that show intelligent design in nature. Although there are many other things, the intelligent design of several different kinds of plant and animal reproduction systems are covered. Some very intriguing specific examples are covered. Also, the way nature and other animals work together in the reproduction of plant life is considered. The intelligent design of the bases of mathematics are also considered, but not at the length covered in the article on that subject.

The article notes that all astronomy, physics, biology, and other sciences of this nature are studies of our world, its inhabitants, and the universe. They deal with the study of laws of nature and the basic elements of nature, all of which, I believe, contain the same balance, symmetry, and intelligent design as the bases of mathematics.

Intelligent Design Should be Taught in Biology Classes. Intelligent design in nature has been recognized by many, if not all, of the greatest minds since we have had recorded history. There are things in all three of the articles on this. Many current scientists from biologists to physicists recognize this design in nature. Intelligent design is a study of the purposeful design reflected by all plant and animal life, and should therefore be a part of any biology course.

A criticism of the article, "Accepting 'intelligent design' in science classrooms would have disastrous consequences," by Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne, is included. The disastrous consequences would be the students learning the truth. Actually, at another time Dawkins had admitted that there is evidence of intelligent design in nature by arguing that it was just the "appearance of having been designed for a purpose." The evolutionists have to know that their claim "it is simply creationism camouflaged with a new name" is patently false. Evidence of intelligent design is not evidence of who the designer was or how many designers there may have been. Whereas, "creationism" implies biblical creation by God. This is something that must be accepted on Faith, and can neither be proved nor disproved.

The Bases of Mathematics Are Intelligently Designed. The bases of mathematics with which this article is concerned are the natural things that mathematics is used to determine, such as power, acceleration, speed, and distance traveled. Also is explained is how even the simplest mathematics such as in arithmetic, like 2 + 2 = 4, and simple multiplication and division, merely reflect actual things in nature. They are facts of nature. 

The article lists a number of the greatest mathematical geniuses in history, including some modern ones, who have recognized intelligent design in nature and attributed it to God, although I consider it merely evidence of intelligent design in nature. Mathematics and intelligent design is a combined field of importance today.

The general recognition of intelligent design in nature and in the universe throughout history is related in the article. Albert Einstein and intelligent design and Thomas Jefferson and intelligent design are referred to in the paper. It is interesting that intelligent design has been recognized by such diverse but great thinkers as these two. Yet the evolutionists still fight the study of the obvious in the classroom. They know that it would sound the death knell of Darwinian evolution theory. Einstein spoke of "the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection."

The Immoral Religions of Atheism and Evolution. This article explains how both Atheism and Evolution, as those ideas are followed and promoted today, have all of the aspects true religions. Also, considered is how they, particularly the atheists and agnostics, misconstrue things to try to make it appear that great people in history followed their views. A particular example given was some of the writing of the late Carl Sagan, an astronomer. 

Modern use of the Term, "Latent Homosexuality." This term was originated long ago by Sigmund Freud, and is defined as conscious or subconscious homosexual urges not acted upon. It is now used as one of the tools by homosexualists to discourage opposition to the homosexual agenda, particularly such opposition as relating the actual depraved acts of sodomy in which they engage. Another purpose of the agenda in the use of the term is a part of the continual effort to falsely convince the public that there are many more homosexuals in our society that there are. This was an aspect of the movement covered more in detail in As We Sodomize America.

The homosexualists also want to eliminate our constitutional freedom of speech, and make criticizing homosexuality a crime. They have been successful in prohibiting such criticism in the media and in our schools in this country. They have been successful in doing this in Canada and in other countries, as laws of the country. In this country they continually work in this direction in trying to get "hate crime" bills passed.

The Pink Swastika and Holocaust Revionist History. This is an article by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., in the Articles section. Mrs. Reisman is Founder and President of The Institute for Media Education. She has a very lengthy resume of research, writing, lectures, testifying in court, and is world renowned for the writing and work she has done in behalf of family values and protection of children; and against pedophilia, the homosexual agenda, pornography and child pornography.

Two of Mrs. Reisman's books, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, and Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, gained her national acclaim for exposing the fraud of the Kinsey Institute, founded and run By Alfred C. Kinsey. The institute, and Kinsey in particular, appears to have participated in both child pornography and actual sexual misbehavior with small children. This institute also cooperated with and interviewed pedophiles on their criminal sexual misbehavior with children. The research and writings show a sordid sick mind in regard to such things. Billions of government grants were wasted on such trash called research. A number of these things about Kinsey, including his own sexual perversions were covered in As We Sodomize America from other sources as well as from references to Mrs. Reisman's research. Kinsey was also the primary basis for the fiction used by the homosexual movement that 10% of the people were homosexual, whereas valid research indicated the figures to be around 2% or less. Many other writings of Mrs. Reisman are referred to and some are available on her website, which is under The Institute for Media Education in the Organizations section of this website.

In the article, Mrs. Reisman noted that under The Pink Triangle (a Nazi symbol for incarcerated homosexuals) a mass media campaign by the major broadcasters and press, has been awarding Nazi victim status to homosexuals. She shows how the material in the book, The Pink Swastika, refutes this idea; as well as showing the connections between Hitler and the Nazi party and the homosexuals. She refers to how the strategies of the German homosexual movement were to ensconce National Socialism (the Nazi party) and Adolf Hitler, triggering a holocaust which engulfed all of Europe. The author also goes into detail on other authorities and research that confirms the connections between Hitler and the Nazi Party and the homosexuals, and the key members of the Nazi Party that were homosexual. They played a major part in installing Hitler, the policies of the Hitler regime, and the resulting holocaust. She states that "Wilhelm Reich, warned that Nazi leadership was both ideologically and actually homosexual." Also included, is information indicating Hitler's own homosexual perversion. In As We Sodomize America, after considering the information from The Pink Swastika, and other sources, I concluded that Hitler was a homosexual.

Efficient Google Searching and Searches. This article deviates some from the primary mission of this magazine, but is included to help people conduct Google searches in ways that will find the subjects being searched for, with a minimum of material that actually has no relation to the subjects. One of the most simple and helpful things is to put the subject in the Google search box using small (not capital) letters  and in quotation marks. The quotation marks require that only pages that contain that exact phrase be returned. Otherwise, Google will return literally millions of website pages that just happen to contain all of the words, no matter how far apart or how irrelevant to the subject. Single words of course do not need quotation marks, and filters of other words and phrases may be entered with plus (+) signs, and words and phrases not wanted may be sifted out with minus (–) signs. Other search operators are covered, including Boolean operators, which can be very helpful.

Facts, Truth, and Morals are Irrelevant to Democrats. In the campaigns for the 2008 presidential election , it is interesting to see the radical and immoral things come to light that are supported by all of the major Democratic candidates. Some things they try to hide and to sidestep, but a close examination will bring out the truth. It appears that there is no extreme radical and immoral thing in issue that is not supported by the Democrats and their liberal cohorts.

They are pro-abortion, no matter how extreme and how cruel. They even believe in finishing off the killing of babies that have managed to survive abortions and have actually been born and are alive.

They would teach us that the vile and depraved acts of sodomy are an acceptable thing in our society. Although many sidestep the homosexual marriage issue, in public, they actually support it, and all support the recognition of legal unions of those engaging in sodomy.

The Democrats, and their cohort, the ACLU, continually work to promote and protect pornography – even child pornography. They of course are also aided greatly by liberal members of our courts – particularly those on the Untied States Supreme Court. Prior to the successes of the liberal movements, we did not have pornography in our movies, or on television, and it was illegal to send pornography through the mail. Now the movies, television, and the internet are laden with pornographic filth; and we cannot now even completely bar child pornography from the airways.

They support every environmental movement that anyone can dream up, no matter how radical or ill informed, from protecting the silvery minnow in New Mexico, the spotted owl in the Northwest, to their big thing now – Global warming – ignoring all evidence contrary to their views.

In the article, specific things and references are presented on each of these things. One thing covered is how foolish our Governor, Bill Richardson made himself look in his appearance before the homosexual community in Los Angeles the other day.  When asked whether he thought that homosexuality is by choice or biological, he said it was choice, which is probably true. His error was that it does not fit the homosexual agenda. It was his pathetic gyrations when they got after him that make him look so comical.

Something else that I think is interesting, and that informed citizens today should know is data showing that other planets are warming up, and that this could not be caused by anything going on earth. Also, some information is given on the many times in the past that the earth has undergone both ice ages and global warming – much more extreme than anything going on today. None of this was caused by our present day industry and automobiles.

Why Our Founders Feared a Democracy. Our Founders knew well that the demise of prior democracies was brought about primarily by the belief of the people that the government should take care of their various needs and wishes. They have developed a Robin Hood mentality to soak the rich and give to the poor, which eventually destroys the government, and the individual freedoms of the people. While they receive their government benefits, they do not have the will and energy to resist the destruction of their God given Freedoms. Our Founders tried to guard against that very problem, knowing why all prior tries at democracy had miserably failed.

Today, all of the leading Democratic candidates are preying on the desires of the people for healthcare and other benefits. The idea of President John F. Kennedy, "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country," has now been completely reversed. Apparently the Democratic candidates of today think that the person who can get elected is the person who can promise the most government benefits to the people. This is the exact thing that our Founders feared. It leads to a socialized welfare state, the loss of individual freedom and of individual initiative. It will lead to the demise of America as the great bastion of freedom, and to the end of its status as a world power. It will eventually destroy our form of government, as it has in all past democratic experiments.  

Why We Are Losing Our God Given Rights. The liberalism and socialism into which we are being led by our Democrat representatives, and imposed upon us by our liberal judges, is not compatible with our "inalienable rights" "endowed by our Creator" as declared by our Declaration of Independence.  

Why would the people of this country give up these basic freedoms that are being taken from them by judges, and even by their elected representatives? My answer to this is primarily apathy – it is much easier to be quiet and peaceful than to stand up and fight for these rights. A second, and almost as powerful a reason is that far too many people have become dependent on the government. Either they are actually dependent on the government for their livelihood, or a substantial part of it, or they are dependent on the government to pass laws favorable to their particular organizations and groups. Examples of this last are labor unions, homosexual groups, farmers, and the elderly. Rights, money, and property are taken from the people and given to the favored groups. Some of these groups are actively participating in the removal of our basic freedoms; and many sit idly by and allow their freedom to be removed to get their government doles.

The success of the Democrat Party has been getting more and more people dependent on the government. They thus buy votes with our tax dollars. This type of socialism is not compatible with our God given freedoms that our forefathers have fought so hard to secure and keep for us. Freedom is not free – it requires responsibility and the will to fight for what is right.

Muslim Nations Deny Basic Human Rights. The three most important of our basic freedoms are freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of press. When Muslims get in control of a country, these basic freedoms are not allowed. "Unbelievers" in the religion of Islam have been subjected to inconceivable murder and brutality, including frequent beheadings, by Muslim terrorists.  

Liberals in this country loudly cry about the "brutality" and "torture" of terrorist prisoners at our base in Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba. The closest thing to physical torture that I heard of was "waterboarding," which we also use to train our own troops. It injured no one. The Muslims can teach these liberals something about real torture and brutality. They capture innocent people, torture them, and then behead them. They even make videos of their gruesome procedures. This beheading of "unbelievers" has been common throughout all of Muslim history. It did not start with our invasion of Iraq as many liberals would like us to believe.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Fraud. Obama is a fraud on the people of this country for at least two very important reasons. First, he presents himself as a person who loves America, which I believe he does not. He wants to do away with our American traditions, lead us into socialism, and do away with our basic constitutional rights. Secondly, he presents himself as a Christian, but he undermines Christianity. This article details the facts supporting this. 

Our 2008 Financial Crisis Was Caused by the Democrats. Due to outright false information being given out by the Democrats, and by the liberal media, the public has been led to believe the opposite of the truth. Our current economic crisis was caused by two major factors. One was the oil, gasoline and energy crisis. The other and more important was the mortgage failures and resulting reduction in real estate values, causing the failure of various financial institutions, including the two quasi government institutions, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. All is the result of a Democrat controlled congress, and certain actions taken by the Clinton administration.  The article documents the facts supporting the article, including the dates of what was done, and who was involved. Read the exact words said by Senator John McCain, on May 26, 2006, on the Senate Floor, from the Senate Record, in trying to get these organizations reformed; and how the bill he cosponsored was defeated by the Democrats. 

Obama and ACORN Directly Contributed to Our 2008 Economic Crisis. Barack Obama was directly tied in with the infamous ACORN in many ways in the 1990s. The organization is well known for its fraudulent vote registration for many years. Obama was even involved with the organization in registering voters in Illinois, when he ran Project Voter Registration. He helped them pressure and force banks and lending institutions into making the unsafe "subprime" loans, that are at the root of our mortgage and housing value crisis. He served as an attorney on one of the lawsuits. He supported ACORN with funding from the Woods Fund when he was on the Board of that organization. Recently he also hid $800,000 given to ACORN out of his campaign contributions.

The Sodomizing of Newsweek. Newsweek hit a new low in its denigrating of Christianity and promotion of sodomy. It has a long history of both. The sacrilegious and blasphemous front cover of its December 15, 2008, issue shows a picture of the Holy Bible, with the words: The Religious Case for Gay Marriage. The editor, Jon Meacham, and the writer of the cover story proceed to falsely argue that sodomy should not only be an acceptable "lifestyle," but that it should be blessed with Holy Matrimony. Worse yet, they argue that it is supported by the Bible.

Book Review of Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie. There is little difference in the radicals commonly called Nazis, fascists, communists, Marxists, radical atheists, or radical Moslems. They all hate Judaism, Christianity, Israel, and America. And they all loathe our Judeo-Christian values. The Author, Bruce Walker, considers them all "sinisterists."

Turning Our Country Into a Socialist Welfare state. In this article, various programs of President Barack Obama are examined that are designed to turn this country into a socialist welfare state. Some are well known to the people. Others are very insidious and not well known. The last national election in this country was a disaster.

Obama Would Have the Supreme Court Redistribute the Wealth in this Country. When it comes to justices of the United States Supreme Court and their constitutional duties, it is hard to imagine how radical President Obama is without reading his own words.  

The Sodomizing of Our Churches. Not only have some of our churches accepted sodomy and homosexual marriage as commendable things, they have adopted SIECUS sex education programs to brainwash their children into the acceptance of these things. Children as young as those in kindergarten are to be given this "sex-education." This education takes up some very gross pornographic illustrations of sex acts -- both homosexual and heterosexual. This education takes up some very gross pornographic illustrations of sex acts -- both homosexual and heterosexual. It is all treated as acceptable for children to engage in such things. The sodomizing of these churches is now complete. 

Should We or Government Bureaucrats Determine Our Healthcare Needs. The Obama health care plan could put many more private companies out of business, including many of our drug companies, and effectively turn us into a socialist country. It would ruin what is now the greatest healthcare system there is. As Senator Tom Coburn said: "Free-market health care isn't merely a good idea that ought to be attempted; it is the only idea that will work, and it is the only approach that will move us away from the edge of an economic abyss we dare not approach."

Liebensunwerten Lebens. An article about the healthcare bill now before Congress, HR 3200. It details some terrible and immoral aspects of the bill -- comparing some of them to similar things enacted by Hitler in Nazi Germany. "The phrase 'life unworthy of life' (in German: 'Lebensunwertes Leben') was a Nazi designation for the segments of populace that, according to the racial policy of the Third Reich, had no right to live and thus, were to be 'exterminated.' This concept formed an important component of the ideology of Nazism and eventually led to the Holocaust."  (

How Homosexualists Redefine Homosexual Child Molesting. Those promoting the homosexual agenda have come up with a new way to make the people believe the opposite of the truth about the strikingly high percentage of homosexuals that are child molesters. They know how knowledge of the truth about this hurts their efforts to sell homosexuality and same-sex marriage to the public. 

The Depraved Excesses of Homosexual Lifestyles. The pathology of homosexuality has led to many extreme and depraved excesses.  Some covered in this article are child molesting; extreme promiscuity; bizarre acts such as urinating on one another, rolling in and eating excrement; putting very strange things into their rectums;  sadomasochism; murder and mass murders. The perpetrators of all of the six top sets of mass murders in this country were all homosexuals. 

America's Coming "Cultural Revolution." The current government, the liberal media, and our liberal politicians are trying to teach us that all morals, ideologies, and religions are entitled to equal respect. They overlook the murders and massacres that have gone on in China, and other countries with radical ideologies. If our traditional American values, and our basic freedoms are going to be saved from this onslaught of modern liberalism, the people are going to have reverse this very dangerous trend. 

America's Trojan Horse -- Government Run Healthcare. Socialism has never been able to openly conquer or even compete with the free enterprise system, and the basic personal freedoms that we have in America. Now socialist leaning Democrats have presented America with a great Trojan Horse – government run healthcare. Enactment will socialize a major part of our economy, and destroy many of our basic freedoms and American traditions. It could lead to the destruction of all of our basic freedoms provided by our Bill of Rights in our Constitution. 

The Make-Believe World of Modern Liberals. During the past fifty years, liberal groups have been trying to change society in this country and the world to conform to their politically correct, but false beliefs. These groups include, atheists, evolutionists, environmentalists, feminists, and  homosexualists. They have had amazing although variable degrees of success in changing history, what is taught in our schools, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and have even created fictitious Bibles. Their created fictions have invaded our major branches of science, including psychology, psychiatry, medicine, climatology, and evolution. Liberal justices of the United States Supreme Court, and judges, have even contaminated and changed our law and our Constitution to fit their own personal political and social views. 

Homosexuals are Destructive to Our Military Forces. President Barack Hussein Obama is now trying to change our laws and regulations, and allow open practicing homosexuals into our military forces. Long experience has taught that homosexuals are very destructive to our military services, both as to discipline and morale. The article goes into the conduct and things done by homosexuals who have managed to slip under the screen and get into the armed forces in the past. It gives examples of the kinds of vile conduct in which these people engage, and the violent and criminal acts they committed. 

The Make-Believe World of Global Warming. A tremendous hoax and fraud on the people of the world has been committed by the people and organizations that have been promoting the idea that we are in a catastrophic period of man-made "global warming." The evidence actually shows that we are not in a period of global warming, and have actually been in a period of global cooling for the past 10 to 15 years. Furthermore, it is clear that earth's periods of global warming and global cooling are not brought about by man, but by natural causes --  the changing positions of the earth and the sun, being the most important.

The Make-Believe-World of Darwinian Evolution. When the leftists have an agenda, facts and truth are irrelevant. Like "global warming," proponents of Darwinian evolution continually make fraudulent misrepresentations to try to support their theory. They tell us that life came about by accident in the form of some kind of a one-cell amoeba, and that all life on earth, plant and animal, evolved from this one accidental source. They have no support for the idea, and it is in fact contrary to all of the evidence. The have no satisfactory evidence that any species of animal evolved into some other species. Yet they continually teach this unsupported propaganda as fact. Although evidence of intelligent design in nature is all around us, and most, if not al, of the greatest scientists in the last 500 years have recognized intelligent design in nature, the evolutionists, with the use of false evidence, vigorously fight the teaching and exploring of intelligent design in nature in our science classes in school. They well know that the recognition of purposeful design in nature is the death knell of Darwinian evolution.  

Destroying Morale and Morality in Our Armed Forces and Exposing Our Troops to AIDS. President Barrack Hussein Obama and the homosexualists Democrats wish to force our young men and women in the armed forces to live and work with openly practicing homosexuals. This means they must put up with the vile and degrading practices of these perverts, and the dangers imposed by them. A large many of these deviants have HIV, the AIDS virus. They are presently acquiring HIV at 44 times the rate of heterosexuals. Aids may be contracted in a number of ways, not all of which are yet known, and one of the most common ways is from blood transfusions from an infected person. When a person wounded in combat is in need of a transfusion from a fellow trooper, who may be a homosexual, this poses a deadly and unnecessary danger. 

The Shameful Disgrace of Our Highest Judicial System. When liberals are in the majority in the United States Supreme Court, they continually usurp the sole right of the people to change our constitution, and, by judicial decision, change our constitution to fit their own personal political and social biases and prejudices. This article gives concrete examples of this. It also recommends that the people stop this tyrannical activity of judges, and require them to go back to being judges, as was intended under our Constitution. The article also gives references to a recommended change in our Constitution that would put an end to this judicial misbehavior in the future, and also, in time, cure past destruction such judges have done to our Constitution. 

Abusing Children and Calling It Sex Education and Research. Children are being sexually abused in this country, and in others around the world, in ways that are unbelievable to those who do not keep up with such things. The abusing of children and calling it sex education and research began back in the middle of the last century with the so-called research of Alfred Kinsey and his cohorts in the Institute for Sex Research, of which Kinsey was the founder. I think that the evidence is clear that Kinsey, was both a homosexual and a pedophile. Sex education in our schools today is primarily influenced by homosexual pedophiles, and has a very destructive influence on the young victims subjected to it, as well as on America, as a whole. 

Liberalism is Destroying Christian Churches. The National leadership of many of our Protestant churches has long been far to the left in political ideology. The same is true of the National Council of Churches. Some of their liberalism has even filtered down into some of the churches at the local level. They have continually pursued many leftist causes over the years -- some of which have been communist. Many have adopted all of the current leftist ideologies, including same-sex marriage, acceptance of sodomy as commendable, amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders, global warming propaganda, government controlled medical care, and the treating of Islam as an equal and acceptable religion. They forsake the most basic Christian teachings, and many have become little more than leftist social and political groups. They have lost many members, and with it substantial financial support, because of their leftist and socialist activities.  

Charles Darwin and Alfred Kinsey -- Destroyers of Judeo-Christian Morality. The two men that have done the most to destroy Judeo-Christian morality, and with it our traditional American values, are Charles Darwin and Alfred Kinsey, in that order. Charles Darwin's theories were against Christian teachings, and supplied the "scientific" support for atheism. Alfred Kinsey's "research" and writings led the sexual revolution that precipitated the acceptance of various kinds of sexual misbehavior – from adultery to sodomy – in an "anything goes" society. The evidence clearly shows that the Darwinism being taught in our schools today is directly contrary to the evidence. It has also been shown that Alfred Kinsey's teachings on sexuality now being taught in our schools is not only false, but is supporting the perversions of homosexuality, pedophilia, and incest. The present followers of the teachings of these two men are living in a world of make-believe, and pseudo science. 

A President Who Promotes Sodomy. President Barrack Hussein Obama has of late been heaping great praise on homosexuality -- which is synonymous with sodomy, because engaging in homosexual sodomy is how "gays" get their classification. He has just signed the bill repealing the act that prohibited homosexuals from serving openly in the military service. He also invited those who were discharged under the Don't Ask Don't Tell Act (DADT) to reenlist. This poses a great danger for sexual advances, misbehavior,  and assaults against our service men and women by homosexuals, because this is why most of them were discharged under DADT. It also exposes them to an extreme danger of contracting the deadly HIV virus, that results in AIDS, because of the close contact in the military between our service men and women. This is particularly true in combat areas, where wounded and bloody soldiers must be handled, and where blood transfusions are needed from comrades. Homosexuals are at least 44 times more likely to have the deadly HIV virus, resulting in AIDS, than heterosexuals, and there is presently no test by which it can be determined with any certainty whether or not a person has and may transmit the virus to others. Also, all of the ways in which the virus may be contracted are not known. Both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have strongly indicated that they will be supporting the blessing of sodomy with homosexual marriage in the future. You can be sure they will do so as soon as they think that the public has been sufficiently further brainwashed that it can be done without damaging their chances for reelection.  

Update on Global Warming or Global Cooling. The information in this article is more recent data, particularly in the last two winters, to show the false propaganda given to the public in an effort to falsely convince the people that the world is in a dangerous period of man-made global warming. It is a follow up to the more comprehensive article, under Articles, The Make-Believe World of Global Warming. Some of the global warming propaganda was clearly fraudulent, about all of it was false, and it has all done great economic harm to the United States and all other countries that were influenced by the false information.

The World's Most Successful Brainwashing -- Selling Sodomy. When America and other countries can be brainwashed into believing that the vile, filthy and depraved acts that constitute sodomy are acceptable, even to the extent that they should be blessed with homosexual marriage, then they can be convinced that wrong is right and right is wrong on any subject there is. Nevertheless, that has been and is being very successfully done.  

President Obama's Use of Our Military Forces in Libya is Unconstitutional. President Obama's action in using our armed forces in the civil war in Libya is unconstitutional. It exceeds his war powers under the Constitution, and also under the War Powers Resolution of 1973. 

The Make-Believe World of Homosexualists. By hiding facts, misrepresentation, and censorship, homosexualists are making-believe that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle in our society. Our school children are being taught that the vile and despicable acts of sodomy, by which homosexuals get their classification, are an acceptable lifestyle.  Apple computer has also entered into the fray and is censoring from its iPhone applications the websites of Exodus International and the Manhattan Declaration, because of their Christian content, which is necessarily adverse to homosexuality. This make-believe world is no Alice in Wonderland. It is a very dangerous and detrimental thing to our country.

Our "Gay Pride" President. The homosexual corruption and brainwashing being forced on the youth and school children in this country, and on the young men and women in our military forces, is un-American in every respect. It is an immoral shame and disgrace to any civilized country. And it is all being done with the help and support of our President, Barack Hussein Obama.  

Are Coal, Natural Gas, and Crude Oil Really "Fossil Fuels"? and Is There Any Real Shortage of Oil? The radical environmentalists, which include most of the Democrats, and our President Obama, have for decades been using various false ploys to try to shut down our exploration for, development of and use of our vast hydrocarbon resources. One of these ploys has been "man made global warming." The weaknesses and falsities of "man made global warming" are explained in the article on this website, The Make-Believe World of Global Warming. The other major false argument being used to further these radical goals is the "Peak Oil Theory," which is covered in detail in this article. The peak oil proponents started out in the 1950's predicting that our usable oil resources would "peak" in the 1970's, and then shortly result in vital shortages around the world – thus changing our way of life. Facts have shown the falsity of the first predictions, but these radicals merely move the date forward, and keep putting out the same propaganda.  A vital premise to the peak oil theory is that our major hydrocarbon reserves are "fossil fuels." Vast new discoveries of hydrocarbon resources around the world have shown that this "peak oil" theory is completely false, whether or not oil is a fossil fuel. And perhaps more importantly, the great preponderance of the evidence now supports the premise that our major hydrocarbons are not fossil fuels, that they are abiotic, and naturally formed from elements in the earth that are not of any organic source.

Our colleges and Universities Produce Educated Fools. Our institutions of higher learning, generally, have substituted indoctrination of liberal leftist dogma for true education. Specific examples are given on current controversial subjects such as feminism, Darwinian evolution, homosexuality, and man-made global warming. The forcing out of Lawrence Summers as President of Harvard University, because he made remarks that displeased the feminists; and the removal of Marine General Peter Pace as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, because he was against allowing openly practicing homosexuals in the military, and said that he thought sodomy was wrong; is discussed. A rather stupid article of liberal columnist Richard Cohen, arguing that Texas Governor Rick Perry was not intellectually qualified to be president, because he didn't believe in all aspects of Darwinian evolution theories, and the propaganda on man-made global warming, is covered. 

New Evidence That Man-Made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Does Not Cause Global Warming. Previous articles have been on the disclosure of the fraud and misrepresentations by the "global warmers" in their global warming propaganda. This put them in a general state of confusion. There is recent evidence that "greenhouse gases" have a cooling effect on our climate -- just the opposite of what the warmers would have us believe. It is because they protect us from the rays of the sun. One such recent research showed that the emissions from the burning of coal in Asia, in general, and China in particular, is having a cooling effect. Research by scientists in Denmark, and by the CERN scientists in Switzerland, on the effect of cosmic rays and clouds, shows that when there is increased solar activity, fewer cosmic rays reach our atmosphere, which causes fewer clouds, and more warming, because clouds are a primary factor in keeping our climate cooler. The huge CERN project going on in Switzerland is called CLOUD, quite appropriately. 

Causes of and Remedies for Our Economic Problems. Socialism and welfare-state mentalities are catching up with countries around the world. It is causing riots in countries around Europe. Countries like Greece are bankrupt, and need others to bail them out. To get the World Bank to do it, Greece, for example, must cut down on its government handouts, and raise taxes. The rioters do not want their government succor reduced. In the United States, we have the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters. They are a bunch of liberal hippie types, who have little idea about the causes of our problems, and many of them are a part of them. They seem to be complaining about the big corporations, and the fact that some people are much wealthier and have much higher incomes than others. They want to kill the geese that have been laying the golden eggs. The people with money and wealth are the ones who furnish the capital for the production and jobs in this country. The individual and economic freedoms in this country have made it the most powerful country in the world -- both economically and militarily. The median household income of our people is much higher than any other large industrial country in the world. And it was done with a segment of the people that live off of the hard work and earnings of others, who are more productive. And with an illegal immigrant problem that drives down our median income. The welfare-state mentality in this country, with its excessive spending, and running our national debt up to astronomical figures, under President Obama and a Democrat controlled congress, is the primary problem. Their "housing for the poor" programs, caused an unrealistic rise in home real estate prices; and the loans, made to people who could not afford them, ended up in a foreclosure rise that broke the housing bubble, and began breaking banks and lending institutions, with resulting government bailouts. This situation, along with our huge national debt, and  other excessive and expensive government programs, brought about the unemployment and economic crisis in this country. It can be remedied by getting back to the American traditions upon which this country was founded and became a great country, and away from the socialist welfare-state mentality. Able bodied people should work for their living, and not get it from the work and investments of the more productive people in the country. 

Book Review of As We Sodomize America - The Homosexual Movement and the Decline of Morality in America (by O. R. Adams Jr.), by Billy Rojas. Mr. Rojas presents a comprehensive and informative review of the book. He also presents a number of his own ideas about the problem. We are in full agreement about the depravity of both homosexuality, and the homosexual movement. As shown by my reply comments, he and I have some differences on the need for amendments to our constitution to cure some of our current problems.

The Real Cause of the Sandy Hook Massacre. The first thing our liberal media does when an event occurs, such as the massacre on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, by Adam Peter Lanza, age 20, is start talking about gun control. Guns do not plan and commit murders - people do. It was caused by Lanza's depraved mind. And behind that is the tremendous decline in Christian morality that has occurred in this country since the beginning of that decline in the a1960's.

Terrible Destruction is Being Done to Our Armed Forces and to Our Country by Modern Liberalism. President Obama and the liberal democrats recently changed our laws and regulations to allow open homosexuals into our military services. I was later announced that women will be allowed to serve with men in combat units. It is absurd and destructive to the effectiveness and capability of our Armed Forces, as well as greatly reducing morale and morality in them, to put women in combat with men. It not only defies common sense, but the absurdity has been proved by actual past experience in our drift toward that end. Similar problems exist with allowing men and women who admittedly engage in sodomy into our armed forces. In addition, the actions taken by this administration on this matter greatly increases the exposure and danger of our young men and women contracting the deadly AIDS disease. Both steps are accompanied by intense brainwashing of our young men and women to destroy any true Christian beliefs they may have, and to convince them of a false sense of security in all of this. These same kinds of things are also doing great damage to our country, as a whole.

A Record of Sexual Abuse of Boy Scouts by Homosexuals. Up until now, the Boy Scouts of America has barred homosexuals as members or as leaders. This was primarily for several reasons. One was because homosexual conduct is not considered to be "morally straight" or compatible with the Scouts' "duty to God." Homosexuals have, until recent times, never been considered as persons of good character, because they engaged in vile acts of sodomy. Another critically important  reason was that homosexuals had, under false pretenses, infiltrated the Scouts and sexually abused thousands of boys. This not only caused immeasurable damage to the boys that were victims, but it cost the organization many hundreds of millions of dollars. Now homosexualists have infiltrated the top leadership of the Boy Scouts, and are again calling for the admission of homosexuals into the organization. At a recent meeting the controlling board was unable to come to a decision, and put the matter off for a few months. It is a sad thing that such a thing would even be considered. It will be the death knell of the boy scouts if the move is successful.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Does Not Cause Global Warming --Update, June 25, 2013. The charlatans, scientists falsely telling us that man-made CO2 will cause catastrophic global warming, have now been proved wrong. Although, based on their erroneous models, their predictions were in the late 1990's that if we kept putting CO2 into the air at the rate we were at that time, it would greatly and catastrophically create global warming thtt would do great harm to the world. The now known data in the last 15 years conclusively proves them wrong. Although man-made CO2 has greatly and steadily increased in the past 15 years, since 1998, global warming has either slightly decreased, or leveled off. It is criminal for these so-called scientists to keep telling the world that man-made CO2 is going to do great harm to the world, when they well know they have been proven wrong.

A Challenge to Scientists on Whether Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Causes Global Warming. For a number of years Scientists have engaged in a useless argument on whether or not CO2 is a substantial cause of global warming. I call it useless, because although it is of extreme importance, I believe the true answer can be very easily proved by simple inexpensive scientific tests. If the scientists involved in this global warming argument are really interested in the truth, rather than politics, why not conduct the simple experiment suggested, and give us conclusive proof of the question – once and for all?  

Positive Proof  That Carbon Dioxide (CO) Is Not a Driver of Global Warming. The NOAA Observatory at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, has kept a long-standing record of both CO2 and temperature at that particular place. If an increase in CO2 had a substantial effect on global warming, when it was increased at a particular place, it would necessarily cause warming in that particular area. The recorded data shows that at Mauna Loa, although the CO2 continually increased, the average temperature did not. In fact, there was a slight decrease – particularly in the last 15 years. This is positive proof that CO2 is not a driver of any global warming, as our government, and the "Global Warmers," have been telling us. There are a number of reputable scientists that have written articles showing how CO2, which is necessary for life on earth, benefits our planet, instead of harming it.

A Short Reminder of How Utterly Ridiculous, Deceitful, and Wrong the "Global Warmers" Have Been. For many years now the "Global Warmers" have pounded us with false propaganda that we were in a period of catastrophic global warming. They told us that snow was a thing of the past. Since then, we have had periods of record breaking snow and cold around the world. This last winter, the Northeastern part of the United States has again had record breaking snows. A trend-line of global temperatures shows that we actually have not had any global warming for a period of 18 years 3 months, to the end of 2014. 

Corruption of Science by our Federal Government. This corruption has gone on for many years. It includes every field of science in which the government has entered in which there is any controversy. This article, covers the subject generally, as well as in the particular areas: Man-made Global Warming, Homosexuality and Sodomy, Abortion, and Intelligent Design and Darwinian Evolution.

Birthright Citizenship. Are "anchor babies," children born in this country to illegal aliens, citizens? They should not be, and are not. The law governing this questions is found in the 14th Amendment. The valid interpretation of it is fully explained in this article.

Cows Help Form Clouds and Cool the Climate. Contrary to the claims of the Global Warmers and radical environmentalists, the excretion from cows helps create clouds that decrease the area temperatures and global warming, according to a recent publication from the CLOUD project of CERN. CERN is a science project of 21 countries, and the CLOUD laboratory is near Geneva, Switzerland. The CLOUD project is a study of how and why clouds are formed, and the effect on the climate. It is now well established that clouds cool the earth in the daytime, because of their reflection of the sun's rays, and hold heat near the earth at night. The net overall effect is a lowering of the temperatures. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), although it is the major man-made global warmer proponent, admits itself the its models do not reflect the effect of clouds. Also, clouds are the source of our badly needed moisture.

Our Disgraceful Judicial System. The death of Antonin Scalia showcases the disgrace of our judicial system. The Republicans are already locked in a fight with the Democrats to keep Obama from getting another liberal justice on the Supreme Court. It is critically important. Liberal justices tend to decide issues relating to our Constitution on the basis of their political and social biases, rather than on the basis of the purpose for which the provision in question was enacted. We presently have four liberal justices, three conservative justices, and one flip-flopper (Anthony Kennedy).  This disgraceful situation should and could be eliminated by a simple constitutional amendment that would require judges to base their decisions on certain long accepted principles for deciding the meaning of a provision of our Constitution. Political and social biases should play no part in a decisions on our Constitution.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Cools the Earth. The Global Warmers leave out the most important thing about CO2. The incoming infrared radiation, which is absorbed by CO2 in the same way as the infrared radiation from the Earth, is many times as much as the infrared radiation from the earth. In addition, The amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is so small that the effect of CO2 on Earth's temperature is negligible -- both warming and cooling.

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