A Record of Sexual Abuse of Boy Scouts by Homosexuals

© O. R. Adams Jr. 2013

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For many years homosexualists (those who support the homosexual agenda) have tried to get the Boy Scouts to allow homosexual boys and homosexual men leaders into the Scouts. Vicious pressure has been used. They brought lawsuits against the Scouts, and took one to the United States Supreme Court, which, fortunately, they lost. They have gotten cities, civic organizations, and even churches, to deny use of their property to the Scouts. They have been successful in getting organizations and private corporations to deny contributions to the Scouts. They are indeed an evil powerful group. Recently those in charge of relevant policies in the Boy Scouts considered the matter of allowing homosexuals into the organization, but could not reach a conclusion. They set the matter for reconsideration in a few months. What is really sad is that they would even consider such a destructive thing.

The Oath of the Boy Scouts of America is:

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight. [1]

Engaging in sodomy is not doing one's duty to God and is not being morally straight. It is vile and depraved. One cannot be a homosexual, all of whom engage in sodomy, and abide by the Scout Oath. Allowing homosexuals in the Boy Scouts will be the death knell of a once wholesome and beneficial organization that has served to make good men out of boys since the Boy Scouts of America was organized in 1910.

The first things we should consider are the actuals acts in which homosexuals engage, and by which they get their designation.

[Research statistics show:] 100% of male homosexuals engaged in oral sex. Approximately 93% engage in anal sex, inserting the penis into the anus of the partner. 92% engage in "rimming", touching the anus of one's partner with one's tongue and inserting the tongue into the anus. 47% engage in "fisting", inserting one's fist into the anus of the partner. 29% engage in "golden showers", urinating on each other. 17% engage in "scat", the eating of feces, or rubbing of feces on each other, and in "mud rolling", rolling on the floor where feces have been deposited. It is not uncommon for a homosexual person to declaw and defang a mouse or other rodent to be inserted into the colon.[2]

A number of homosexuals engage in much worse, and in life endangering acts –inserting light bulbs, small animals, and such things into their rectums. They also have a proclivity for engaging in sex with animals, and successfully work to get laws repealed that make sexual bestiality a crime. In connection with getting men and women who openly engage in sodomy into our military services, at the end of 2011, the homosexualists got a bill through the U. S. Senate repealing laws in the Uniform Code of Military Justice against sodomy and sex with animals.[3]  Unbelievable, isn't it!  Some of the worst things I have run across in my research and studies are the following:

There was a Reuters news article in July, 2005, about a Seattle man who died from having anal sex with a stud horse, resulting in perforation of the man's colon and other internal damage. I believe that such depravity can only come from an extremely sick mind. A later article on the matter may now be found on the internet. This last article explains that the farm where it happened was being used by a bestiality ring. It states: "A cache of hundreds of hours of videotaped man-on-beast sex sessions was found hidden in a field. ... The animals kept at the farm included ponies, horses, goats, sheep and dogs, according to the police commander. Images of the flock of offerings on the bestial dude ranch were relayed over the internet and records indicate men had come from throughout the United States, according to police."[4] This is not only extreme sexual depravity, but it is also heartless cruelty to animals. The incident has caused state legislators in the state of Washington to consider reenacting bestiality laws.

In regard to boys, whether a boy or a man, you are generally not classified as a homosexual, unless you are engaging in one or more of the vile activities outlined above, and the older they get the more of them the homosexual is likely to engage in, as many studies have shown. The regression into the more bizarre activities is considered to be because homosexual sex is abnormal, not what nature intended our sex organs to be used for; and true sexual satisfaction cannot be obtained by homosexual acts. The continual search for the unobtainable results in the regression. It has also resulted in many homosexuals having sex with many hundreds of partners, each. Promiscuity among homosexuals is unbelievable to those who have not studied it.[5]  Encouraging such things, by allowing homosexuals into the Boy Scouts is not a wholesome thing. Creating such an atmosphere for boys is terribly destructive; and it will prove deadly to many, because of AIDS.

A person who engages in any of the homosexual acts described above is not a person of good moral character. Once upon a time in this country, good moral character was required for many positions of employment, and in many organizations. Now the phrase has become a joke. Today, it appears that many people have no idea what "good moral character" even means.  

If they can get homosexuals allowed into the Boy Scouts, next will come the brain-washing of the young boys. It is presently happening in our military services, in all federal government agencies, our schools and universities, and even in private organizations and large corporations. They call it "sensitivity training." The victims of this destructive and false propaganda are taught that the acts outlined above are acceptable – even commendable. Young people are actually encouraged to engage in them. This has long been going on in our schools and universities under the guises of "diversity," "sex education" and "sensitivity training."[6] You need some high innocent sounding names to help get the public to accept the filthy brain-washing that is this destructive to society. Many think that the brain-washing of the youth and people in Germany by Hitler and his cohorts was an enormous feat, but it was nothing compared to the successful selling of sodomy to the world that has gone on in the last fifty years.  I never would have believed, when I was a young man, that our country could be brought down to imposing such evil on our young people. And it would have been unbelievable, when I was in the Boy Scouts, and when I was in the military service in World War II. These are evil things that are happening to our country. Christian morality has become meaningless. How far down into the sewer can the homosexualists drag us?

A very high percentage of homosexual men have a pathological sexual attraction to boys. Homosexualists well know that the most damaging thing to their agenda is the strong propensity of homosexuals, especially males, for sexual child molesting. Many have a very strong attraction for young men, boys, and even small children. Although they continually try to convince the country that their "man-boy love" is a wholesome and acceptable thing, the public has not yet been sufficiently brainwashed, and we still have laws against this evil. The public does not yet approve it – but not long ago not many people approved of sodomy, either. To try to overcome this situation, they have set out to redefine both homosexuality and child molesting. With their illogical and unsupported misconstruction of the English language, and its common definitions, they try to falsely convince us that a pedophile cannot be a homosexual, and a homosexual cannot be a pedophile. In other words, they would have us falsely believe that all child molestation is heterosexual. How absurd! Or they would have us believe that that sexual child abuse is neither homosexual or heterosexual, which is equally absurd. I cover this at length and in detail, with support and references, in the article on this website, How Homosexualists Redefine Homosexual Child Molesting.

The common definitions for homosexual are:

1.     Those who have sexual desires for persons of the same sex.

2.     Those who engage [voluntarily] in sex with persons of the same sex.

Note that no exceptions are made as to the age of either person.

The common definition for a pedophile is:

            An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.

In law enforcement, the term "pedophile" is generally used to describe those accused or convicted of the sexual abuse of a minor (including both prepubescent children and adolescent minors younger than the local age of consent). Activist homosexuals, and their supporters, have continually and successfully worked to lower the legal "age of consent." They even have a website for that purpose, and to try to keep homosexuals informed about what the "age of consent" is around the country and around the world.[7] There have been many reports of homosexuals going to other countries that have lower ages of consent, to have sex with young boys.

Homosexuals are of course not excluded from the definitions of a pedophile. Anyone with any common sense knows that there are both homosexual and heterosexual pedophiles. If the act is between persons of the same sex, it is homosexual. The age of either is not a factor. Homosexualists try to confuse and obfuscate these facts, because they do not want the public to know that an extremely high percentage of homosexuals are inclined to be pedophiles. All valid statistics show this, and there are no valid statistics to the contrary. The homosexualists would have us live in their make-believe world.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is that many cases of sex abuse of boys are not reported, for rather obvious reasons – one being the shame and embarrassment of it. This skews the statistics downward, in favor of the homosexuals.

Timothy J. Dailey, Ph.D. in Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse,[8] reports:

Dr. Robert Johnson, in Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality, reports: "The vast majority of cases of male sexual molestation is not reported. As a result, these young men keep both the incidents and their feelings to themselves."

The Department of Justice report on child sexual exploitation explains why the percentage of boy victims is underestimated: "Adolescent boy victims are highly likely to deny certain types of sexual activity. . . . They are embarrassed and ashamed of their behavior and rightfully believe that society will not understand their victimization. ... No matter what the investigator does, most adolescent boys will deny they were victims."

It takes a lot of guts for a boy to admit that he was either forced or enticed into performing homosexual acts, or having homosexual acts performed on him. Some are not able to do it until later in their life, and often for the purpose of finally righting a terrible wrong, and preventing some of it from happening to others. This is borne out in many of the court cases against both the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church. Many states have laws on statute of limitation periods that take this factor into consideration, and some of the successful cases were on incidents that happened to the victims when they were boys, and they are men at the time of the lawsuit.

A comprehensive article, which is well supported by extensive research, on the strong propensity of male homosexuals to sexually abuse boys, was written by a man who would have a lot of first-hand knowledge of it. He was a state legislator in California. It was a 2002 Regent University Law Review article, CHILD MOLESTATION AND THE HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT,[9] by Steve Baldwin.[10] Baldwin was also a long time author and researcher on homosexual issues. Because of its importance, I am including lengthy quotes from the article. To save space voluminous references are omitted. They may be found in the article. I have made some comments in brackets. The excerpts:

It is difficult to convey the dark side of the homosexual culture without appearing harsh. However, it is time to acknowledge that homosexual behavior threatens the foundation of Western civilization the nuclear family. An unmistakable manifestation of the attack on the family unit is the homosexual community’s efforts to target children both for their own sexual pleasure and to enlarge the homosexual movement. The homosexual community and its allies in the media scoff at this argument. They insist it is merely a tactic to demonize the homosexual movement. After all, they argue, heterosexual molestation is a far more serious problem. [Emphasis added.]

Unfortunately, the truth is stranger than fiction. Research confirms that homosexuals molest children at a rate vastly higher than heterosexuals, and the mainstream homosexual culture commonly promotes sex with children.  Homosexual leaders repeatedly argue for the freedom to engage in consensual sex with children, and blind surveys reveal a shockingly high number of homosexuals admit to sexual contact with minors. Indeed, the homosexual community is driving the worldwide campaign to lower the legal age of consent.

[The following is an insight to what is going on in California, where the homosexuals seem to have control of the whole state:]

This trend comes at the expense of our children’s safety. The incident in Los Angeles involving group homes operated by the Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) exemplifies this danger. GLASS receives taxpayer monies to take in troubled youth referred to them by the social service departments of various southern counties in California.

 GLASS’s own website should have been warning enough. GLASS believes that some children are born gay (a view not backed by any science) and announced that they target "youth who are confused about their sexual identities." The website links to a myriad of gay sites targeting the youth, including one promoting a book that promotes sex with children.  GLASS’s founder and former executive director, Teresa DeCrescenzo, edited a book that helps youth discover their homosexuality.

 It came as no surprise that the California Department of Social Services found "on numerous occasions beginning at least as early as 1994, adults affiliated with GLASS, including staff members, members of the GLASS board of directors and volunteers, sexually abused or molested children who were placed with GLASS." The Department of Social Services found that DeCrescenzo, aware of the allegations of molestation, determined staff conduct not to be inappropriate.  Apparently, DeCrescenzo believes molestation is part of the "coming out" process that she glorifies in her writings.

 One would think that a molestation factory disguised as a group home would be a good reason for the State of California to shut down the whole GLASS group home operation. Remarkably, the state of California, allowing GLASS to continue operation, removed a few individuals and placed GLASS on probation. Even though additional molestation incidents occurred at GLASS facilities in 1999, they remain in operation until this day. …

Gay activists have spun the Scout molestation epidemic as a heterosexual problem. Examination of many of the higher profile cases, however, reveals that Scout molesters are attracted exclusively to boys and many lead mainstream gay lifestyles. John Hemstreet is a typical example. Hemstreet is a convicted child molester, former Boy Scout leader, and currently the President of the Toledo, Ohio chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). PFLAG is one of the groups leading the nationwide attack on the Boy Scouts of America.

Incredibly, the pro-pedophile group, North American Man Boy LoveAssociation (NAMBLA), which calls itself a homosexual group, wrote a letter to the national Scout office urging "the Boy Scouts of America to cease its discrimination against openly gay or lesbian persons in the appointment of its scout masters and scouters and in its membership. This will permit scouts to be exposed to a variety of life styles and will permit more of those individuals who genuinely wish to serve boys to do so."

Using twisted logic, pro-gay academics argue in various social science journals that the molestation of boys is not a gay lifestyle issue and that such men are not really homosexuals. It is simply amazing that gay propagandists and sexology "experts" are successfully bamboozling the public and the media into believing that a man’s exclusive focus on young males should not be defined as homosexuality! But if an exclusive attraction of a male to other males of any age is not homosexuality, what is? …

Research on the homosexual lifestyle confirms it is almost exclusively a youth oriented culture. Very few gays exhibit a preference for older men. Some admit to a focus on teenage boys, some on prepubescent boys, and many cross over between categories. All are subsets of the homosexual deviancy. Moreover, most pedophiles consider themselves to be gay. In a 1988 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, 86% of pedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual. Child prostitution expert Dr. Jennifer James reports that the number of boy prostitutes who identify themselves as homosexuals has risen from 10% to 60% in the last fifteen years.

Most of the public is by now aware of NAMBLA, a group that openly promotes sex with minor boys and claims that boy-lovers respond to the needs of the boys they love. NAMBLA is currently the target of a class action lawsuit by parents of children molested and, in one case, murdered by individuals associated with NAMBLA. Publicly, the mainstream gay organizations distance themselves from NAMBLA. Clearly, this is merely a public relations ploy as the gay leadership realizes its agenda would suffer greatly if the public knew the truth.

The reality is that NAMBLA not only describes itself as part of the gay rights coalition, but its literature states that one of its goals is "cooperating with the lesbian, gay, and other movements for sexual liberation." NAMBLA even "provide[s] financial and other assistance to GLB [Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual] youth organizations . . . ." Indeed, some NAMBLA chapters meet at mainstream gay centers such as Philadelphia’s Gay and Lesbian Community Center. NAMBLA’s meetings and conferences always feature mainstream gay leaders and speakers. For example, Don Kilhefner, of the Los Angeles Gay Community Service Center, gave a speech to Los Angeles NAMBLA members on the subject of "The Significance of Man/Boy Love in the Gay Community."

The most comprehensive gay networking website, the Queer Resource Directory (www.qrd.org), links every gay group in the country including NAMBLA and other homosexual groups that focus on youth. NAMBLA marches in gay pride parades with the consent of the gay leadership. Many of the homosexual movement’s most prominent leaders endorse NAMBLA and its goals. Gay authors and leaders such as Allen Ginsberg, Gayle Rubin, Larry Kramer (founder of ACT-UP), Pat Califia, Jane Rule, Michael Kearns, and Michel Foucault have all written in favor of either NAMBLA or man-boy relationships.  Harry Hay, whom many consider the founder of the American homosexual movement, invited NAMBLA members to march with him in the 1993 "March on Washington" gay rights parade. He also marched in the 1986 Los Angeles gay parade wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words "NAMBLA walks with me."

Leading mainstream homosexual newspapers and magazines such as the Advocate, Edge, Metroline, The Guide, and The San Francisco Sentinel have not only published pro-NAMBLA articles and columns but also many have editorialized in favor of NAMBLA and sex with children. The editor of The Guide, Ed Hougen, stated in an interview with Lambda Report, "I believe they [NAMBLA] are generally interested in the right of young people to be sexual . . . . I am glad there is a group like NAMBLA that is willing to be courageous." The San Francisco Sentinel was more blunt: "NAMBLA’s position on sex is not unreasonable, just unpopular. [W]hen a 14 year old gay boy approaches a man for sex, it’s because he wants sex with a man."

There is also the matter of NAMBLA’s membership status in the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA), recognized at one time by the United Nations as the official Non-Government Organization (NGO) representing the gay community worldwide. When NAMBLA’s ILGA membership became public, a whirlwind of international controversy erupted. Some gay leaders viewed this attention as harmful to the gay movement’s image and goals and urged the expulsion of NAMBLA for purely political purposes.

However, the media failed to report that ILGA itself had hosted workshops on pedophilia and passed resolutions in 1985, 1988, and 1990 to abolish age of consent laws claiming that "same sex age of consent laws often operate to oppress and not to protect" and supported "the right of every individual, regardless of age, to explore and develop her or his sexuality."

Eventually, reacting to congressional legislation threatening the reduction of $119 million in financial support, the United Nations kicked out ILGA in 1995 for refusing to sever ties with a half dozen member groups that advocated or promoted pedophilia. Revealingly, even though ILGA did expel NAMBLA (many say it was for show), it could not muster enough support among its membership to expel other more powerful and discreet pro-pedophile organizations from Germany and other countries. It is extremely revealing that the majority of members of the world’s leading homosexual coalition, the ILGA, decided they would rather be excluded from UN deliberations than vote out groups that advocate sex with children.

Aside from support for NAMBLA by the mainstream gay community, there is a wealth of evidence that homosexuals are the prime force behind the escalating child molestation epidemic. Indeed, over the last fifteen years the homosexual community and its academic allies have published a large quantity of articles that claim sex with children is not harmful to children but, as stated in one homosexual journal, "constitute an aspect of gay and lesbian life." Such articles have appeared in pro-homosexual academic journals such as The Journal of Homosexuality, The Journal of Sex Research, Archives of Sexual Behavior, and The International Journal of Medicine and Law. The editorial board of the leading pedophile academic journal, Paidika, is dominated by prominent homosexual scholars such as San Francisco State University professor John DeCecco, who happens to edit the Journal of Homosexuality.

Indeed, the Journal of Homosexuality is the premier academic journal of the mainstream homosexual world and yet it published a special double issue entitled, Male Intergenerational Intimacy, containing dozens of articles portraying sex between men and minor boys as loving relationships. One article states that parents should view the pedophile who loves their son "not as a rival or competitor, not as a theft of their property, but as a partner in the boy’s upbringing, someone to be welcomed into their home."

Similarly, mainstream gay publications make no effort to hide their pro-pedophilia views. For example, BLK, a leading black homosexual publication, defended pedophilia with an article entitled, "Must Men Who Love Boys Be Guilty of Sexual Misconduct?" San Francisco’s leading homosexual newspaper, The Sentinel, bluntly editorialized, "The love between man and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality."

In 1995, the homosexual magazine Guide stated:

We can be proud that the gay movement has been home to the few voices who have had the courage to say out loud that children are naturally sexual, that they deserve the right to sexual expression with whoever they choose . . . [w]e must listen to our prophets. Instead of fearing being labeled pedophiles, we must proudly proclaim that sex is good, including children’s sexuality . . . . We must do it for the children’s sake.

Without equivocating, the Guide is saying that gays must molest children for their own sake! …

A 1995 content analysis by Dr. Judith Reisman of the Institute for Media Education, focusing on advertisements in the nation’s most influential homosexual newspaper, The Advocate, reveals that 63% of the personal ads sought or offered prostitution. Many of them openly solicit boys. The Advocate also advertises a "Penetrable Boy Doll . . . available in 3 provocative positions." Reisman found that the number of erotic boy images per issue of The Advocate averaged fourteen. Some homosexual publications, such as the southern Californian newspaper Update, are brazen enough to advertise for donations for the legal costs of homosexuals arrested for child molestation. …

[This article goes on at great length with additional material showing the homosexual books and publications advocating man-boy sex and "intergenerational sex."]

"Mainstream" homosexual conferences commonly feature speeches about intergenerational sex as it is now called. For example, at one of the nation’s largest homosexual gatherings, the annual National Gay Lesbian Task Force convention, featured a workshop at its 2001 confab entitled, Your Eyes Say Yes But the Law Says No, which included a speech by an S&M activist about laws affecting intergenerational sex. The convention also featured another workshop entitled Drag 101: How to Turn Kids in Make-up into Kings and Queens. …

Pick up any gay newspaper or gay travel publication and one finds ads for sex tours to Burma, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other countries infamous for boy prostitution. Published exposés on such tours by former homosexuals reveal that thousands of American gay men are patronizing boy prostitutes around the world. The most popular travel guide for homosexuals, Spartacus Gay Guides, is replete with information about where to find boys for sex and, as a friendly warning, lists penalties in various countries for sodomy with boys if caught.

The government of Sri Lanka announced that more than 10,000 boy prostitutes work its beaches as a result of the high demand created by affluent Western homosexuals. But the dirty little secret of the American homosexual community is the thousands of boy prostitutes who service them within our borders. A book exposing the boy prostitution world, For Money or Love, Boy Prostitution in America, reveals that boys are selling themselves not only in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, and New Orleans, but also in smaller towns across the country. In street jargon, the boys are known as "chickens" and their customers are known as "chickenhawks."

Homosexual Internet sites are no different. A quick search using the words "gay" and "boys" easily locates thousands of homosexual sites that promote sex with young boys and/or contain child pornography. Indeed, it is the mainstream homosexual groups who filed suit to block Virginia Legislation, passed in 2001, restricting Internet use that proves harmful to children (such as chat rooms commonly used by pedophiles to find victims). Similarly, a pedophile’s conviction in Iowa for showing pornographic videos to five minor boys sparked widespread protests from homosexual activists when the conviction was upheld on appeal by the Iowa Supreme Court.

The Holy Grail of the pedophile movement is the lowering or elimination of all age of consent laws. The main warriors in this political and legal battle are "mainstream" homosexual groups. Robert Knight and Frank York of the Family Research Council have thoroughly documented this in a report. "As far back as 1972, the National Coalition of Gay Organizations adopted a ‘gay rights platform’ that included a demand to ‘repeal all laws governing the age of sexual consent.’"

It is homosexual activists within the United Nations who are lobbying to give sexual rights to underage children. In England, the campaign is being led by Outrage! and Stonewall, both homosexual organizations. The Dutch homosexual group, Association for the Integration of Homosexuality, has succeeded in lowering the age of legal sex to twelve in Holland. Assisting them was another homosexual group, the COC, which stated:

The liberation of pedophilia must be viewed as a gay issue . . . [and that] ages of consent should therefore be abolished . . . by acknowledging the affinity between homosexuality and pedophilia, the COC has quite possible made it easier for homosexual adults to become more sensitive to the erotic desires of younger members of their sex, thereby broadening gay identity.

In Canada, the effort is led by homosexual activist and NAMBLA defender Gerald Hannon. In America, aside from NAMBLA, the effort is supported by most of the major homosexual organizations such as the National Gay Task Force. Indeed, the annual homosexual "March on Washington" invariably releases a "statement of demands" which includes abolishing age of consent laws. Homosexuals in Hawaii have already successfully lowered the age of consent there to fourteen. To be frank, it is difficult to find an advocate of lowering the age of consent laws in the United States or elsewhere who is not a homosexual activist. …

Family Research Institute founder and psychologist Paul Cameron, reviewing more than nineteen different academic reports and peer reviewed studies in a 1985 Psychological Reports article, found that homosexuals account for between 25% and 40% of all child molestation. Sex researchers Freund, Heasman, Racansky, and Glancy, for example, in an 1984 Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy article, put the number at 36%. Erickson, Walbek, Sely, in a 1988 Archives of Sexual Behaviorarticle, places it at 86% when the children being molested are male.

However, it should be noted that homosexuals account for only 2% of the population which statistically means that a child molester is ten to twenty times more likely to be homosexual than heterosexual. In other words, heterosexual molestations proportionally are a fraction compared to homosexual molestations. More recent studies confirm this statistic. In 2000, the Archives of Sexual Behavior published an article by seven sex researchers concluding that ‘‘around 25-40% of men attracted to children prefer boys. Thus the rate of homosexual attraction is 6-20 times higher among pedophiles." [The rate would be 12.5 to 20 times higher for homosexuals, using the 2% figure as the accepted percentage that homosexuals are of the general population.]…

A content analysis of molestation stories by the Family Research Institute involving five major newspapers found around 40% involved homosexuals, but this number is low due to the fact that many reporters will not report if a child molester is homosexual even if he knows that to be the case. [Emphasis added.] …

This type of behavior, however, is considered normal in psychiatric circles due to the influence of homosexual psychiatrists within the American Psychiatry Association. It is the homosexual caucus within that body that pushed to rewrite the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia. The new definition defines sex with children as a psychological disorder only if it causes "clinically significant distress" for the molester! Under that definition, most molesters are perfectly normal people! … [Both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association long ago capitulated to the homosexual movement. They reclassified homosexuality from abnormal to normal, and they are now classifying pedophilia as normal.] …

The epidemic in male child molestation occurring simultaneously with the rise of an aggressive homosexual subculture is not coincidental. Due to the AIDS virus, molestation is often a death sentence. Further, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 50% of male AIDS victims reported having sex with an adult male by the age of 16, and 20% had sex with an adult male by the age of 10.

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) recently reported that as of the year 2000, there are now 31,293 AIDS cases in the 13-24-age category. The HIV/AIDs Surveillance Reports maintained by the CDC demonstrate that for the last few years around half of the age group 13- 24 HIV victims were infected with the disease as a result of sex with adult men. However, one must bear in mind that due to the incubation period of the HIV/AIDS disease, many of these boys and young men were infected as long as ten years previous to the reporting of their cases. This translates into roughly 15,000 boys that have been infected by adult men since the CDC started to compile this information. This is an epidemic no one seems to want to talk about. [Emphasis added.]

Indeed, the response instead has been an escalating effort by the homosexual community to compromise every major youth group possible and to inundate our public schools with pro-homosexual curricula, counseling, and social activities. The YMCA, Girl Scouts, and the Big Brothers, despite also being plagued by molestation incidents, have all capitulated to homosexual pressure campaigns. Indeed, Girl Scout leaders writing in the 1997 book, On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on their Scouting Experience, reveal that the Girl Scouts are inundated with lesbians a third of its professional staff is lesbian and they have even initiated a lesbian mentoring program! The Boy Scouts now stand alone among America’s major youth groups in resisting the homosexual agenda - and that explains why they are under such ferocious legal, legislative, and cultural attack. [Emphasis added.] …

It is high time that America’s elected officials, health authorities, education leaders, and law enforcement officials act to not only tell the harsh truth [that] the homosexual community has targeted America’s youth, but act now to counter this horrible trend. Failure to do so will have disastrous consequences for both our culture and for the health of our children.

 A WorldNet Daily article on the Baldwin article: Report: Pedophilia more common among 'gays', by Jon Dougherty:

Baldwin is the executive director of the Council for National Policy in Washington, D.C. …

Though the homosexual community and much of the media scoff at such accusations, Baldwin – who chaired the California Assembly’s Education committee, where he fought against support for the homosexual agenda in the state’s public schools – says in his report that homosexual activists’ “efforts to target children both for their own sexual pleasure and to enlarge the homosexual movement” constitute an “unmistakable” attack on “the family unit.”

Baldwin’s research is substantiated in a recently completed body of work written by Dr. Judith Reisman, president of the Institute for Media Education and author of numerous authoritative books debunking sexual myths, including “Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences.”

In my book on this American Traditions Magazine website, As We Sodomize America – The Homosexual Movement and the Decline of Morality in America, I cover these matters at length on homosexuals and pedophilia. From my own knowledge, I know that Baldwin's article was well researched and is well supported. I also covered at length the sad capitulation of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological association to the homosexual movement and agenda. It came after years of pressure and intimidation, including violence by homosexuals at their meetings.[11] I also covered matters on their pressure from homosexuals to accept pedophilia as normal, as well as homosexuality. The following is from the book. John C. Kuchta, PhD., Clinical Psychologist for General Adult Psychiatric Services, Colorado Mental Health Institute, wrote:

Medical and mental health professionals had always considered homosexuality a sexual disorder, until the Gay Liberation Movement emerged from the shadows in the late sixties to take advantage of the climate created by the hedonism, narcissism and nihilism of the counter-culture revolution.  It was a time when senseless mischief gradually escalated into stark destructiveness.  It was a time when ghetto thugs like the Black Panthers could be anointed as political saviors; when avenging malcontents became social evangelists spreading the gospel of drugs and sexual vagrancy; when our traditional values and assumptions which provided stability and continuity to the American experience for two centuries were assaulted and discredited one after another.    

Quick to exploit the situation, [gay activists] took up the liberal call for "victimhood" and self-obsession and denounced all traditional values as "oppressive", impetuously establishing their own liberated zones where they pursued an ideal of liberated sex.  Their bathhouses became institutional symbols and political organizing halls, as well as the sexual gymnasiums of their movement.  In time, these sites would become disease laden pleasure palaces, culturing a virulent brew of established venereal organisms and introducing a new one, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 

The gay activists eventually created a political juggernaut so powerful that public health officials in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles were intimidated from closing down these disease infested bathhouses for fear of trespassing against a "minority lifestyle."  Proven public health measures were rejected as an infringement of "gay civil rights."  According to Randy Shilts, a gay author of the best seller, And The Band Played On, AIDS might never have reached epidemic proportions and become the medical problem it is today had these "joy houses" been closed down.  He describes the atmosphere on the eve of its outbreak:

Gay men were being washed by tide after tide of increasingly serious infections.  First it was syphilis and gonorrhea.  Gay men made up about 80 percent of the 70,000 annual patient visits to San Francisco VD Clinics.  Easy treatment had imbued them with such a cavalier attitude toward venereal diseases that many gay men saved their waiting-line numbers like little tokens of desirability, and the clinic was considered an easy place to pick up both a shot and a date.

It was in this climate of cultural liberation and totalitarian passion for a new social order that homosexuals began to demand that their lifestyle be recognized as an acceptable alternative to traditional arrangements.  However, in order to achieve this goal the gay community quickly realized that their first task would be to effect the removal of homosexuality as a mental disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders.  Without this dispensation from the sweep of psychiatric disorders, homosexuality could never be accepted as the equal of heterosexuality and the revolution would languish and die.  In a very real way the American Psychiatric Association (APA), which controlled these diagnostic entries, ultimately held the fate of the movement.

From 1969 to 1971 gay activists made a concerted effort to storm the annual meetings of the APA and demand the normalization of homosexual behavior.  With each successive meeting the intensity of their effort increased geometrically.  In fact, their strategy set the standard for any special interest group who might want to run roughshod over an organized society.  A veritable high noon was reached in 1971 when a homosexual horde descended on the annual meeting like an invading army, screaming and kicking, and destroyed whatever hopes the members had concerning a peaceful and orderly discussion of the homosexual issue.  Microphones were seized and psychiatry was denounced as "the enemy incarnate".  The gay plan to silence opposing medical opinions even extended to the literature being distributed at the convention.  Using forged credentials, gay activists gained access to the exhibit area and demanded that a display marketing conditioning techniques for the treatment of homosexuals be removed.  The exhibitor was told that unless his booth was dismantled, it would be torn down.  Yielding before this threat, the booth was removed in order to avoid violence.  In response to this bullying, physical intimidation and dishonesty, the members of the APA Nomenclature Committee led by Robert Spitzer eventually initiated a movement to normalize homosexual behavior.  This normalization was subsequently endorsed by the Board of Trustees of the APA in December of 1973.  By that time the homosexuals were a fully institutionalized presence at the annual meetings.

Many members of the association strongly objected to this change on the grounds that it was scientifically unsound and ignored the results of decades of research and clinical work.  Galvanized by their exasperation over the "Spitzer gambit," these dissident members then initiated a referendum of the entire APA membership in an attempt to reverse the decision of the Board of Trustees and restore the original classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder.  This referendum was the first in the history of the APA and was defeated by a margin of 58 to 42 percent.  Consequently, homosexuality was regarded thereafter simply as a variant of sexual orientation, a position which was subsequently endorsed by the American Psychological Association.  A homosexual was to be considered as suffering from a mental illness only when in conflict with his homosexuality; however, even this so called "Ego-Dystonic Homosexuality" was subsequently removed from the diagnostic manual in 1986.  Of interest is the fact that the American Medical Association was also surveyed at about the same time of the "big switch" and only 18 percent considered homosexuality a variation of normal, while 69 percent agreed it was pathological.

This event marked the first time that a disorder was eliminated by a vote, and that a special interest group's own evaluation was a criterion for determining if a specific behavior constituted an illness or not.  If all that is needed to remove large numbers of individuals from the ranks of the mentally ill is a vote by the APA, then surely other diagnostic classifications are suspect.  Furthermore, why should not other disorders be removed when there is no conflict, like pedophilia, zoophilia, alcoholism, and anti-social personality disorder.  

Many mental health practitioners and researchers, including this writer, saw this normalization of homosexual behavior as a misguided response to concentrated and dogged political pressure by a special interest group.  Were it not for this mobilized coercion, homosexuality would still be recognized today as a psychiatric disorder.  Within a twenty-four month period the APA had completely surrendered its integrity and self-determination to the gay activists.  They had demanded and received an unprecedented "preferred status" in the profession.  They had gained this advantage only because they had violated all the rules of formal scientific discourse.  If you want to know when the ultimate politicizing of American health care occurred, you need look no further.  So much for science contaminated by a political blitzkrieg.  The tactical reliance upon disruption and force had been vindicated. 

Reinforced by their success in the mental health arena, such "brownshirt tactics" became the modus operandi for gay activism from issues of AIDS to public education.  A very recent example of such an assault was the response of ACT UP, a gay activist group, to Stephen Joseph's book, Dragon Within the Gates, in which he scolds homosexual organizations for exaggerating the incidence of AIDS and enlarging the scope of the epidemic to include all demographic groups when the wellspring of AIDS is gay sexual behavior.  The gay response included shouting Joseph down at public meetings, barging into his office with a video-camera, intimidating him with obscene phone calls, threatening his life as well as his wife's, and protesting outside his home.  I find it quite incredible that these are the same people who accuse others of bigotry, closed-mindedness, and oppression.

The tragedy of this ill-conceived normalization of homosexual conduct is that it did a great disservice to nonvocal homosexuals.  By endorsing their sexual behavior as normal, the APA came out, by implication, against therapy for this disorder.  Moreover, therapy has itself been mythologized, in the polemics of the Gay Liberation Movement, into a monstrous plot geared toward a coercive change in sexual orientation.  The defensiveness implicit in such mindless charges speaks for itself.  This antitherapeutic attitude of the APA has led to unwarranted pain and discomfort for many homosexuals who are intimidated by the power and control exerted by gay activists.

And both of the cowardly APAs capitulated. Now, as shown above, they are working toward the complete "normalization" of pedophilia. And this is what the homosexualists want to do to the Boy Scouts and all other youth that they can get into their grasp. The damage they have already done to the Boy Scouts and to the Catholic Church by their homosexual sex abuse of boys is tremendous. It is a tragedy that the people in this country allowed it to happen.

On the question of homosexuals and child abuse, from my studies, Paul Cameron, Ph.D., a psychologist, and the Family Research Institute which he founded, have done more reliable research on this subject then anyone, and many other studies show similar information. As Dr Cameron stated:

If 2% of the population is responsible for 20% to 40% of something as socially and personally troubling as child molestation, then something must be desperately wrong with that 2%.

Homosexuals try to confuse people on the issue and argue that most abuse of children is by heterosexuals. That may be so, but it is meaningless on the real issue. Anyone who has a slight understanding of mathematics and statistics should know that a comparison of statistics on how many sex abuse cases are heterosexual and how many are homosexual, without weighting them by the percentages of homosexuals and heterosexuals in the population, is meaningless. And the valid research shows that about 2% of the people are homosexual. However, I expect the percentage of homosexuals to increase. This is because it is becoming more acceptable, and because some of the boys who are the victims of frequent homosexual attacks suffer such trauma that they become homosexuals. A large number of homosexuals were victims of homosexual sex abuse when they were children. And in turn they abuse children – particularly boys.

The following is from the publication, "Sodomy Laws," The Colorado Model, Colorado for Family Values, Colorado Springs, Co., 1993:

One survey by two homosexual authors found that 73 percent of homosexuals had at some time had sex with boys 16-19 years old or younger.  (Jay and Young, supra, p. 275)  It is no wonder that one of the stated objectives of the National Gay Task Force is to remove "age of consent" laws from state statutes, permitting voluntary sex with minors. (1972 Gay Rights Platform, drawn up at the national Coalition of Gay Organizations convention [Chicago, 1972]. Rueda, D. T., The Homosexual Network [Devin Adair, 1982.]) 

I believe that if the sexual attacks on boys were fully reported, and included in the statistics, the percentage of attacks on underage children would be far more than 40% by homosexuals. This means that they are more than twenty times likely to abuse children than heterosexuals. It is because homosexuality is a pathological abnormal condition.

The studies indicate that sexual abuse of boys is inherent in homosexuality. A very large percentage of homosexual men seem to have an uncontrollable compulsion to molest boys. Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen were two well-educated homosexuals. Kirk was a Harvard graduate, a researcher in neuropsychiatry, a logician, and a poet, and became a full time writer.  Madsen received his doctorate in politics from Harvard, and he appeared frequently on national media as an advocate for gay rights. They wrote the book, After the Ball, published in 1990. The stated object of the book was to try to get the "gay" community to recognize the danger of its excesses and the harm to the "gay rights" cause by displaying these excesses to the public.  "They then outline a boldly original battle plan for conquering bigotry by exploiting the news media." (From back cover of book.)  However, their book was quite revealing about homosexuality and homosexuals, particularly on the compulsion of homosexuals to molest boys. Lamenting on the failures of what they consider some of the greats of the "gays" throughout history, Kirk and Madsen wrote:

When you find a given failing even in a community's best and brightest, you suspect its overwhelming prevalence among the great unwashed.  In this context, it's noteworthy that Alan Turing, Oscar Wilde, and perhaps Leonardo da Vinci—each, in his own time and unique vein, among the most brilliant minds the gay community ever produced—all embroiled themselves in serious legal trouble by carrying on indiscreetly with young men.  Da Vinci stood trial; Wilde was imprisoned, destroying his personality and career; Turing chemically castrated by order of the court, killed himself. 

Arguably, each of these great men knew the law of his time, had ample scope to conduct his affairs in the same discretion and privacy employed by lesser mortals, and, having a first-rate mind, must have known, on some level, that flaunting his 'deviation' in the public's face was an ideal way of losing his reputation, career, and even life.  Yet, for the sake of what, we cannot fathom, each man threw caution—and with it everything else—to the winds. 

It's remarkable that these geniuses—the very cream of the human crop—could fail so devastatingly to see their world as it really was, and to exercise minimal restraint.  In our view, their failure argues wishful thinking.  Some might call it 'the courage of the individual to stand alone against oppression,' but, judging actions by the practical criterion of their consequences, it looks awfully foolish. 

And on the clay feet of their betters, more humble gays continue to bumble along.  (After The Ball, p. 345)

It is odd that Kirk and Madsen omitted Walt Whitman from their listing of the great homosexuals in history.  The following is an excerpt from the Family Research Report, January-February, 1996:

Walt Whitman Was A Teacher

Although he is celebrated today as a gay poet, Walt Whitman began his career as a teacher.  In 1841 he was denounced from the pulpit, tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail for sexual involvement with his male students. (Reynolds, D. C., [1995], Walt Whitman's America:  a cultural biography, New York: Knoph.) ...

It is also important to consider the sex abuse of Boy Scouts that has already occurred and been documented. It is unbelievably enormous, and a terrible tragedy to the victims. And it happened when homosexuals were barred from the Scouts, and they had to surreptitiously infiltrate them under false pretenses. Just imagine what it will be if they are openly allowed into the Scouts.  

Fortunately for the country and the Scouts, records have been made available of known cases of alleged sexual abuse of Boy Scouts by homosexuals who were able to falsely represent themselves and get into the organization as leaders. A large PDF of  specific cases has been posted on the website of one of the attorneys who have handled sex abuse cases against the Boy Scouts, Tim Kosnoff.  In March, 2012, Kosnoff met with top congressional leaders, and asked them to investigate "decades of child rape within Boy Scouts of America, as detailed in 'perversion files'" he obtained on court discovery orders. "The attorneys at Kosnoff Fasy have collectively devoted more than 20 years exclusively to helping child sexual abuse survivors. Tim Kosnoff and Dan Fasy not only take on individual sexual predators; they also bring lawsuits against the institutions and organizations that protect, harbor, and enable sexual abusers. Kosnoff Fasy's successes against the Boy Scouts of America, several Catholic dioceses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Salvation Army, and the Jesuits and other religious orders have drawn the public's attention to the rampant concealment of child sexual abuse within those organizations."[12]

The following is information sent to Congress:[13]

                    March 27, 2012

Rep. Lamar Smith, United States House of Representatives

Rep. John Conyers, United States House of Representatives


We are following up from our meeting earlier this month. We’re sending along to you the attached draft letter to consider sending to the Boy Scouts of America, urging organization officials, in light of the Penn State abuse scandal, to share their internal files with congressional researchers in the hopes of crafting stronger safeguards against child sexual abuse.

We’re sending samples from the BSA’s own “ineligible volunteer” files of alleged pedophiles. The BSA’s files date back to the early part of the last century and document 20,000 alleged child molesters. We’re sending you 20 sample case files, a tiny fraction of the 1,900 files we possess. The BSA

destroyed thousands of its own records but still has more than 6,000 records in its possession and fights disclosing this information to the courts. We’re also sending a few indexes we’ve created. In these BSA “ineligible volunteer” files, patterns spanning the years include:

 Adult scout volunteers who seek out scouting for access to victims.

 Admitted or re-admitted adult scout volunteers previously caught abusing children or scouts.

 Adult scout volunteers, who abuse multiple scouting victims, not just one victim.

 Serious criminal convictions and prison sentences documented among the BSA’s list of ineligible volunteers.

 Adult scout volunteers who possess and/or produce child pornography.

 Adult scout volunteers who were allowed unfettered access to kids, permitting them to sleep in the same tent, or who sexually abused kids on camping trips or on unsupervised outings outside of scouting.

 Patterns of grooming behavior, such as trust-building, isolation, discussion of sex, are followed by abuse.

 Adult volunteers alleged to be pedophiles are often found to be associating with other alleged pedophiles.

Victims sexually abused in scouting sometimes become abusers themselves. (One BSA sex-abuse victim and witness in one of our cases is serving a lengthy prison sentence in Washington state, after he himself became an abuser.) [Emphasis added.]

Here are a few of the many perpetrators you’ll find:

Stephen D. Fields, a scoutmaster from Filmore, California, who netted a six-year prison term for molesting two 13-year-old scouts. Convicted in 1988, his probation report noted that Fields had been molesting teenage boys since 1971, when he was asked to resign as a scout leader because of his actions.

Stephen Boleware, an adult scout volunteer from Michigan, who requested that he be reinstated with the scouts after being convicted of two counts of child molestation. Boleware’s probation officer wrote a letter of endorsement, noting he presented at most a moderate risk of re-offending. The BSA denied

Boleware’s reinstatement in October 1990, but said he could ask for another review after May 30, 1992, when he was off parole. The BSA’s attorney later urged that Boleware’s name be added to the organization’s permanent ineligible volunteer files.

John Borelli, a scoutmaster from Fruitland, Maryland, who was discovered to have thousands of pornographic pictures and 14 pornographic videos, including child pornography. Borelli was sentenced to 20 years prison in 1990. News reports noted that Borelli and his wife had filmed children in sex acts.

Borelli’s internal BSA file also noted a second scout volunteer, Wayne S. Evans, would be sentenced and added to the BSA’s ineligible volunteer files.

Bruce Wayne Chrystie, an Arlington, Texas elementary school teacher and scoutmaster, was found guilty of molesting scouts in Texas after previously pleading guilty to fondling a 13-year-old during a Boy Scout canoe trip in Minnesota three years prior. Interestingly, the BSA was quoted in news reports as saying it kept no statistics on child sex-abusers found in scouting.

Joel Lachica, an adult scout leader from Los Angeles, was discovered in the mid-1980s to have hundreds of pictures of him with naked scouts. Los Angeles Police detectives interviewed scouts and discovered that Lachica had boys run naked. He then selected certain boys for sexual favors, for which he paid them money. Lachica undressed the boys and inserted enema tubes into their rectums. The case came to the attention of police when a 13-year-old scout member inserted something into the rectum of his 3-year-old nephew, and the mother discovered blood in the child’s underwear.


It might be tempting to dismiss these cases as “in the past.” Indeed, the BSA aggressively markets itself as a safe organization that teaches child safety. But a simple Google search of “Boy Scouts + abuse” will show that headlines documenting abuse will appear in your email inbox at a rate of about one every few days. These types of safety concerns are not a thing of the past, but very much a present concern.


Let me know if I can answer any questions or provide additional information.


Tim Kosnoff



The Kosnoff PDF from The Boy Scout Records produced, Boy Scouts of America's internal "perversion" files: alleged child molesters in scouting,[14] is a 138 page table, involving 1,892 leaders and scoutmasters – with multiple attacks against boys in many of the instances. You will note that Kosnoff stated above that this is not all of the records, that 20,000 alleged child molesters were documented, and that: "The BSA destroyed thousands of its own records but still has more than 6,000 records in its possession and fights disclosing this information to the courts." The full extent of these tragedies will never be known.

The established cases, many of them resulting in criminal convictions present a sad and sordid situation of untold numbers of instances of sexual abuse of Boy Scouts by homosexual leaders. All were same-sex cases of men molesting boys. To say that these men were not homosexuals, or "bi-sexuals" engaging in homosexual acts, we must set aside all reason and common sense. These things will always happen when homosexuals are able to infiltrate organizations and institutions for boys. And activist homosexuals want boys to be made available for their evil purposes.

There is no way that the top officials and leaders of the Boy Scouts of America could not know the danger of homosexuals in the Scouts. The organization has been out millions and millions of dollars in attorney fees, judgments, and settlements in lawsuits brought in behalf of Boy Scouts abused by homosexuals. And the Catholic Church has been out many times more, for the same things. The total amount for the Boy Scouts I have not been able to find. But below are just a few samples.

The article, Boy Scout Sexual Abuse: Documents Highlight Cover-Ups, states:

The Boy Scouts of America secretly settled hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits filed against its staff. According to the Washington Times, it paid close to $15 million to settle 50 lawsuits filed against it between 1986 and 1991. It paid another $61.9 million from its insurance reserve to settle an undisclosed number of cases until 2000. Rumors are rife that, in many cases, the compensation was staggering; however, it was not reported as the settlements were confidential.[15]

In 2010, a jury ordered that the Scouts pay $18.5 million to a Scout who was abused in the 1980s – it was the largest punitive damages award to a single plaintiff in a child abuse case in the U. S. This case was handled by Attorney Kelly Clark. "Until this case, the Boy Scouts of America had managed to keep these cases largely underwater nationally. All of a sudden, it's gotten blown out of the water and the public knows that the Scouts have had this problem, too -- just like the Catholic Church."[16]

The Zalkin Law Firm has aggressively represented hundreds of survivors of child sexual abuse, including former Boy Scouts.[17] This firm, alone, lists $958,500,000 in settlements against the Catholic church. I have not been able to find amounts from Boy Scout cases handled by the Zalkin firm – probably because of the secrecy of the settlements.  I personally know of one attorney, alone, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who recovered many millions of dollars for his clients in sex abuse cases by homosexuals against the Catholic Church. That attorney was the late Bruce Pasternack. And many lawsuits handled by other attorneys have resulted in recoveries of large amounts against both organizations. But it seems that, due to the secrecy, only the Boys Scouts of America knows the total recovered against it for sex abuse of Boy Scouts by homosexuals. Top officials of the Boy Scouts share a lot of the blame – otherwise there would not be such large recoveries – particularly of punitive damages. Punitive damages are not awarded against an organization or a corporation, unless responsible officers of the organization or corporation also have some responsibility and culpability in the matter, along with the person who was the actual  perpetrator.  

Why would an organization that has had all of this turmoil and expense, consider allowing openly practicing homosexuals into the organization, either as members or leaders? It is hard to fathom.

The WorldNet Daily article, Why Scouts are rethinking 'gay' policy, states: Family Research Council President Tony Perkins has pointed to attacks on Scout funding sources by activist homosexuals as a major influence on the organizations decision to reconsider its policy. “The Boy Scouts of America board would be making a serious mistake to bow to the strong-arm tactics of LGBT activists and open the organization to homosexuality,” he said.[18] It would take an awful lot of contributions from homosexual favoring organizations and corporations to pay for the litigation the Boy Scouts will have as a result of allowing "gay" scouts leaders. It will be tremendous. But the money damages will be small compared to the moral damage and psychological damage to the boys.

It appears that at least two powerful homosexualists have infiltrated the top leadership of the Boy Scouts. Two of them that have gotten on the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America are AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and Ernst & Young’s Jim Turley. Various family organizations have called for their removal.  Peter LaBerbera, President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, writes "Regrettably, these two advocates of homosexuality have undermined the organization they are supposed to be serving. Through their ongoing pro-LGBT advocacy, they have instigated a massive and unnecessary public controversy that has already damaged the reputation of the Scouts."[19]

The most powerful and effective homosexualist in America is President Obama. He got homosexuals (which includes lesbians) who admittedly engage in sodomy, into our armed forces. He supported the Senate bill repealing laws in the Uniform Code of Military Justice against sodomy, and sex with animals, so that the homosexuals who get into the military services can freely engage in all of their vile and filthy acts without fear of prosecution or discharge.  As President, he is also the Honorary President of the Boys Scouts, during his term of office.[20] He has called on the Boys scouts to allow homosexuals into the Scouts as members and as leaders.[21]

The sodomization of America has been going on for over fifty years now. Will the people of this country now stand quietly by while these influential homosexualists sodomize the Boy Scouts of America?


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