America’s Coming “Cultural Revolution”

By Alisa Craddock

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Recently, our leadership decided to shroud the Empire State Building, symbol of American free enterprise and achievement, in red and yellow, to celebrate the Communist Chinese "Cultural Revolution".  This on the heels of the decision, due to Communist China's objections, to name the new building on the site of the World Trade Center One World Trade Center, instead of Freedom Tower, as originally planned.  The fact that China is holding the lion's share of America's debt may have something to do with it.  Or the fact that we have a communist president and a globalist agenda. 

Nevertheless, the sight of such a staple of American lore and symbolism being eclipsed in Red Chinese colors, and all the symbolism that goes with that, made a lot of people in the country angry. As our leaders try to foist an economic, political and social identity on us that is contrary to our deeply held and very American convictions, it might behoove us to remember some of the darker aspects of China's so called "cultural revolution."

As a Christian, when I think of China, my first thought is of forced abortions. The evils of China's barbaric one-child policy are abominable: Women strapped to tables and forcibly entered to have their "illegally conceived" or accidental pregnancy terminated, over the cries and pleadings of their mothers. I remember reading one account of a late term abortion in which the "doctor" injected a syringe of formaldehyde into the infant's skull as he emerged—a common method of late term abortion that is performed on born-alive infants-- usually resulting in near immediate death.  But this child came out screaming with the rage of all his dead predecessors written on his newborn infant's face.  Government workers have reported babies born alive, and the authorities instruct the abortionists that these babies must not be allowed to live, and often a four or five pound live infant is thrown into the waste can where the "family planning" official and others must listen to it crying the rest of the day. Though the government of China claims it does not use coercion, the facts are otherwise.

The Chinese government abides by its own Orwellian definition of voluntary, which is to say that you can fine the woman; you can lock her up; you can subject her to morning-to-night brainwashing sessions; you can cut off the electricity to her house; you can fire her from her job; you can fire her husband from his job; and you can fire her parents from their jobs. All of this psychological mauling, sleep deprivation, arrest, and grueling mistreatment is inflicted upon these women in order to break their will to resist. But as long as the pregnant women walk the last few steps to the local medical clinic under their own power, then the abortions that follow are said by the government to be "voluntary."  Scott Weinberg, "An End to the One-Child Policy."

Though such measures are forbidden in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the United States of America, by funding UNFPA and IPPF, supports and assists in this kind of "population control."  Under George W. Bush, the funding was discontinued, but under the current administration the dollars flow once more into the sewer of the UN's anti-life plans.

Perhaps we have become inured to such stories. Perhaps in our diversity-centered "all cultures are created equal" "all morals are equal" "all ideologies are equal" world, where animal life is elevated above human life, and humans are just vermin, human weeds, overrunning the planet, we have never learned of these kinds of atrocities simply because there is "a compelling state interest" to squelch the negative elements of these histories.  There is an effort by the Left (who controls our schools) to sanitize the histories and images of Leftist regimes.

But the forced abortions came later.  Before there was China’s infamous "One-Child Policy", there was the Revolution, and the Red Guard—school children who were brainwashed and became like the little savages in Lord of the Flies.  It would be a good idea for us to acquaint, or reacquaint ourselves with the brutality which took place as school aged kids wearing red armbands "enforced" the cultural revolution upon their teachers.  Like the youth of Nazi Germany, Chinese children of the revolution were taught to be ashamed of the humiliation of recent Chinese history, and like the Hitler youth, they became enthralled with what they saw as a godlike leader, and carried out his agenda to transform China into a Communist society, just as the Hitler Youth carried out attacks against Jews, believing they were creating a bold new future for Germany.  They were given an enemy to fight (class warfare) and Chairman Mao used his godlike status to "inspire" and "empower" the children to take up the revolution, and those who represented the old ideologies—the "rightists", the religious, the wealthy or anyone who did not conform to the "progressive" (yes, that is the term they used) ideas of the Cultural Revolution" were to be exposed and deposed.  They did much more than that, and with the tacit approval of the government.

During several months in 1966, children, middle school kids mostly, set upon their teachers (among others, but what follows is just about educators).  Any who taught counter-revolutionary ideas, any who were of the old way of thinking (those who had been considered "good teachers" before the revolution), school administrators and those in charge, those considered to have "political problems" (such as people with political connections to Taiwan), having a "bad family background", being a "rightist" or "religious", and some who had just offended a student, such as a custodian or a pretty teacher who made others jealous of her—such were the targets of the violence that followed.  The violence perpetrated by these kids, the Red Guard, has been glossed over in history and writings, but the testimonials are myriad and monstrous.  These teachers were subjected to torture at the hands of these children to such a degree, many died, many were left maimed and/or permanently handicapped, many committed suicide. They enclosed teachers in "prisons" within the schools and routinely tortured and abused them with nail-spiked clubs, scalding water, punching and kicking them, or forcing them to physically abuse each other, forcing them to eat excrement, to assume a painful and awkward position for hours at a time. Another frequent type of beating was perpetrated by the youth removing the leather belts they wore, with the heavy metal buckle, and beating their prisoners with the buckle end of the belt, discussing with each other the most effective way of striking with the buckle end of the belt for the maximum effect.  Humiliation included making them wear a high hat (symbolizing someone who is haughty, perhaps someone who is deemed to be elitist) or a placard around their necks with insults written on them.  Many of them had half their hair shaved off.

Although high school and college age kids were involved in Red Guard activities, it is the middle school kids who perpetrated the most barbaric behavior toward the educational establishment.  A detailed account of many of the atrocities committed against Mao's political opponents can be found in "Student Attacks Against Teachers: The Revolution of 1966", by Youquin Wang.

The face China wishes to present to the world is one of achievement, patriotism, and humanity, a successful society, vibrant with color and joy. The underbelly of this culture is anything but joyous.  There are still persecutions of dissidents, religious figures, "rightists", etc. Tiananmen Square lingers in the minds of most Americans old enough to remember and be shocked by it. So why are we celebrating China's "Cultural Revolution"?  Perhaps because our leaders want us to get used to the idea of their model of government, because we are perhaps intended to go the same way.

It is not unreasonable for us to question the direction that the current administration is taking us, or the threat that such barbarity could happen here. There is evidence of it already.  Obama has appointed people with radical, Communist and secular humanist ideology and given them unprecedented power to reshape our country.  He has taken control of industries.  His appointees have begun tracking American citizens with "rightist" and religious views as "potential terrorists" (enemies). He has sent people into colleges to recruit “volunteers” to "build support for President Obama's agenda". Even liberals as far left as Gore Vidal are recognizing the framework for a dictatorship. And those who are against the globalist elite and their anti-life, collectivist agenda are in the cross-hairs.

It is not a “breakdown of the vetting process” that permitted the selection of men like John Holdren and Cass Sunstein to hold key positions in this administration. On the contrary, Obama chose Holdren precisely for his views that, for example, welfare recipients should be sterilized, or that the Constitution of the United States permits compulsory abortion. Dawn Johnsen, nominated to head the office of Legal Counsel, and Chai Feldblum, nominated to join the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, have both exhibited a strong animus to religious institutions. Johnsen is a pro-abortion zealot, and Feldblum is a pro-homosexual rights extremist (one of several homosexual appointments Obama has chosen, including the “safe-school czar”, Kevin Jennings.)  Both Johnsen and Feldblum are profoundly opposed to religious liberty.  People like these with such godless ideologies can be relied on to gleefully implement the agenda they have long believed was the “answer” to the world’s looming catastrophe, and deal with anyone who gets in the way. It is hard for Americans to imagine their government being so hostile to them. It’s not in our nature. But there is much the people do not know about our government’s plans for us, and those who do know are often called “paranoid”, “wingnuts”, “conspiracy theorists.”

Pundits on the Right are quick to denounce any comparison to Hitler.  But scenes like this and this of children singing of Obama the way they used to sing of Jesus, and this recent story of a gang of thirty to fifty black youths attacking a white family in Ohio, with some of them shouting "This is OUR world.  This is a BLACK WORLD", one of a growing number of such stories, hint at troubles to come. Our government's own demonization of people with right wing sentiments (predictably breaking out the racism charge as people oppose the President’s policies); people who are "single issue" voters (pro-lifers and 2nd Amendment advocates);  people of faith, especially Catholics, and the tacit disapproval of Israel (adding to the growing anti-semitism in the rest of the world)—these things bear a disturbing parallel to other countries where violent Leftist Revolutions have occurred, including Nazi Germany. Violence perpetrated against peaceful pro-life protesters and against people who worked in the campaign to keep marriage between a man and woman have gone largely unreported in the mainstream press, though the coverage of the murder of the late term abortionist George Tiller made him seem a hero and martyr. The mounting evidence of increasing hostility and propaganda against conservatives and people of faith by the government and, with their approval, nearly every "public opinion" shaping corner of society, must be taken seriously.  We must look to the examples of history and not assume it couldn't happen here. It has been building for some time, slowly, carefully.  

It is likely that the average German in Weimar Germany did not believe that a Christian country, a country of laws, could become Hitler’s Germany. But Germany was also the most sexually depraved country in Europe at that time, as well, and it is not generally known (or perhaps this history, too, has been repressed) that the Nazi Party was begun in a gay bar, and many of its most powerful leaders (including Ernst Rohm, Hitler’s closest advisor) were well-known boy lovers. Depravity begets depravity. There are too many parallels between what happened there, and what is happening here. The Weimar Republic failed to stop Hitler and the Nazi Party (National Socialism) from seizing power. Now it is we who are faced with a “cultural revolution.”

This is the generation that must find the strength and the faith to draw the line, or we lose our freedom forever.

Alisa Craddock is a columnist and activist in the culture war, a convert to Catholicism, and describes herself as a Christian Libertarian. She may be contacted at