Book Review of

Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie

Bruce Walker

by Judith Reisman


As citizens prepare to vote for President and Vice President, a good book to read would be Bruce Walker’s 2007 edition of Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie. Political maven Bruce Walker wants us to separate political myth from reality. The thugs we call the far “right” or “left,” he says, “believe exactly the same things.” He marries the “far” left and right as “Sinisterists,” and mounts the evidence to prove it.

  Walker spins an historical tale of power lust that we need to understand, especially as we cast our ballots for those whose spiritual faith we hope will help them do what is right, moral, good, and honorable.

 The political labels we have been taught to use like, "Bolsheviks," "Nazis” "Fascists," “Marxists,” Communists,” “Radical Moslems” are meaningless he says. All are “Sinisterists,” all share in common, hate of the Judeo-Christian God. “They hate Christians. They hate Jews. They hate America . They hate Israel . They hate truth.”

 Sinisterism’s 2007 edition, elegantly documents Far Left/Right and Radical Islamists as one belief. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Walker’s fastidious use of out of print books and reports from the early 1900s.

 Lenin railed against “Left Wing Communism.” The author asks, what is Left of Communism?

 He also reminds us that people who gave us the terror of the French revolution, also gave us the supposed “Right” and “Left” political ideologies. Yet, a list of the Chamber of Deputies 13 French political parties in 1930 and the 15 German political parties in 1934, finds not a single “right” or “conservative” party.

 Remember, Hitler headed the National Socialist German Workers Party! “Socialist” hardly conjures up far “right” in the modern mind.

 “If a French Right existed, then it must have had leaders?” Walker details the history of French leaders as mix n’ match Socialist Nazis and Communists. Even the Socialist French President Francois Mitterrand, was charged by other Socialists with being “right.”

 The discussion of “book burning” by Russian Bolsheviks followed by Hitler’s Socialists is fascinating. Walker ’s discussion of the leftist Italian party under Mussolini is spellbinding. His frank coverage of the role of early “Jewish Fascist” support of Mussolini is more unknown and valuable history.

 Above all, these anti human groups are traditionally secular atheists. The antagonisms between Hitler and Mussolini, Nazism and Fascism, unfolding especially in conflicts of interest in Ethiopia and Spain , are mesmerizing. Also, for this aging red diaper baby, is the welcoming of Aryan Communists into the Nazi party.

  Walker quotes eyewitness of Nazism and Communism, defining Hitler as “a German form of Stalinism.”  A common joke in the 1930s was that Nazis were “underdone beefsteaks: brown on the outside but red on the inside.”

 We are given extensive documentation of the complex battles raging in Europe over whose leftist ideology would dominate the world. “Karl Marx was not just a National Socialist, but a German National Socialist, and Hitler was one of his followers.” Remarkably cogent.

 That “Nazis were the chick New Age Leftists” is known somewhat (Hitler as a vegetarian, non smoker, dog lover, etc). However, as he does so well, Walker reports on the huge pubic funds for Nazi arts, the elimination of all private schools, establishing uniform “politically correct” books and libraries throughout all education levels, government support for animal rights, the ban on tobacco in all public transport, campaigns against alcohol and food additives, and of course, total gun control.

 The support of feminism, women as workers, even judges, Hannah Reicht, “perhaps the greatest female pilot in history,” and the data on natural childbirth, breast feeding, etc., may explain why a new kind of “equality” for women resulted in higher female vote “for the Nazis than male voters.”

 I found the discussion of the role of scientists and academe in supporting Nazism (and Communism in Russia ) especially reminiscent of our own chic new left.

  Walker ’s data refutes the charge that Jews caused Bolshevism or that Christians caused Nazism. Of course here we understand that Jewish born atheists like Marx and Trotsky were actually Sinisterists who hated traditional G-d fearing Judaism.

  Walker ’s conclusion is especially powerful in its simplicity: “morality is the decision of each individual to be good.” He explains that Biblical Judaism and Christianity are hated by Sinisterists.

Walker defines Sinisterism as power-lust and atheism at war with true faith. “We cannot make Heaven but we can make Hell.” The means justifies the end, according to the sinisterists.

  Walker argues that “What offends Sinisterists is that the Jewish people have survived. What offends Sinisterists is that Christians believe in Christ and have survived their own many holocausts. What offends Sinisterists is that Israel thrives as the only free, democracy which honors the rule of law. What offends Sinisterists is that America is the only nation which, as Fred Thompson has said, has spent more blood and treasure liberating people than any nation in history.

That is why people have come to America by the millions for a longer period of time than any other nation in human history.”

 A thoughtful read as are all of Walker ’s words.

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