By O. R. Adams Jr.

Ó O. R. Adams Jr., 2006  


The term, "Latent Homosexuality," was apparently originated long ago by Sigmund Freud. It is currently used as a tool of the homosexual movement. It is loosely defined as conscious or subconscious homosexual urges not acted upon.

In the 1960's, homosexuals began trying to take over the direction of homosexual classification in both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association. By the 1980's they were successful in taking over and controlling matters relating to homosexuality in both of those organizations. Up until this time, homosexuality had always been recognized as a pathological disease. But now, as a result of the extreme pressure, and sometimes physical violence brought about by activist homosexuals, both in and outside these organizations, these organizations have now declared homosexuality to be normal. Then began the drive for the public acceptance of sodomy as a normal way of life. They gained the help of the American Education Association, which helps them get access to the children of the country.

A part of the propaganda of the homosexualists was trying to make the public believe that homosexuality was widespread, using the often repeated, but false statement that 10% of the people were homosexual; when many valid studies indicated less that 2%. They tried to make the public falsely believe that many famous and well respected people were homosexual. Specific examples, are Jesus Christ, his Apostles, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and innumerable others. They have also used the term, "latent homosexuality," to try to increase the number further.

As Jason Park said in "Gay Identity and the Gay Rights Movement," 2006:

Gay advocates would like you to think that there is latent homosexuality in all men because it gives credence to their position that homosexuality is natural and occurs to some degree in everyone. What they call latent homosexuality is nothing more than the natural, right desires for companionship, acceptance, and healthy relationships. The only thing potentially homosexual about it is that if not fulfilled through healthy relationships, it could lead to homosexuality.

The homosexualists have developed another insidious use of "latent homosexuality." That is to intimidate those who would oppose homosexuality or the homosexual movement. They now say that such opposition indicates that one who strongly opposes these things shows the symptoms of latent homosexuality.

This goes along with certain words the homosexualists have successfully invented. Gay is the new word they use instead of the more descriptive word, homosexual. Homophobic is a word they have invented to tack on to anyone who is against homosexuality or the homosexual movement. They have been amazingly successful in convincing the gullible segment of the public that those who are homophobic are the ones who are in the wrong, and that sodomy is an acceptable "lifestyle." Now, homophobia is considered, even in professional circles, as a symptom of latent homosexuality.

The object of this intimidation of those who are against homosexuality, a word which I use interchangeably with sodomy, is of course to stop any criticism of it. They have been successful in all of our colleges and universities, and in our public schools. In our schools, generally, criticism of sodomy is prohibited, and young people and children are taught that it is an "acceptable lifestyle." "Hate crime" laws have been passed for the same purpose.

The push is now on in both psychiatry and psychology, and already with some success, to make homophobia a pathological disease. This is really turning the tables. The insane are now in charge of the asylum.

The homosexualists also want to eliminate our constitutional freedom of speech, and make criticizing homosexuality a crime. As stated above, they have been successful in prohibiting such criticism in our schools in this country. They have been successful in doing this in Canada and in other countries, as laws of the country.

Throughout the history of Western civilization, until very modern times, homosexuality has not only been condemned, but it was continually made a crime both in statutory law and at common law. The punishment in some instances, including in England , has been death. What homophobic people! What latent homosexuals!

When this country was formed, homosexuality was a crime in all of the states, as the received common law from England , and generally by statutory law. Prior to 1960, sodomy was a crime in every state in this country. My, what latent homosexuals!

The founders of this country advocated strict sodomy laws. Thomas Jefferson, in his revision of the criminal code of Virginia , prescribed penalties for rape and sodomy. A male was to be castrated. A female was to have a hole, no less than a quarter of an inch in diameter, bored through the cartilage of her nose.  What a latent homosexual Thomas Jefferson must have been!

Although made in a different context, a statement of U. S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is equally applicable here:

A society that does not hold someone accountable for harmful behavior can be viewed as condoning it—or even worse, endorsing—such conduct. (From a speech by Justice Clarence Thomas reported in Human Events, 6-10-94 )

The homosexuals well know that the best way for the homosexual movement to be defeated is to have the American people informed as to the actual filthy behavior that homosexuals engage in, and by which they get their classification. They prefer to talk of it in the abstract, and to use such words as bigotry and discrimination for any opposition to homosexuality. As the homosexuals, Kirk and Madsen, said:

And when we say TALK about homosexuality, we mean just that.  In the early stages of any campaign to reach straight America , the masses should not be shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself.  Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible.  First let the camel get his nose inside the tent -- and only later his unsightly derriere! ("Overhauling Straight America ," Guide Magazine, November 1987)

The homosexualists attack those who would write and inform people about the dark and filthy side of homosexuality as homophobes and latent homosexuals. However, my approach to this problem is that it is impossible for one to make an informed decision about a matter without being informed. 

I also believe that the homosexual movement could be stopped, and in fact reversed, if the people were fully informed as to these vile and depraved acts, along with the goals of the homosexual movement, including the acceptance of homosexual marriage.

I will not go into all of the distasteful details in this paper, because it is on another subject. But briefly, some of these acts are oral sex, anal intercourse, rimming (licking and putting their tongues in another's anus), golden showers (urinating on one another, and actually drinking urine in some cases), fisting or handballing (one person putting his or her fist and part of the arm into the anis of another), scat – fudge sports – mud rolling (rubbing feces on partners, rolling in it, and even eating feces), toys (putting foreign objects and even small animals in one's rectum), sadomasochism – bondage – brutality, and sex with animals. Not only are such things vile and unnatural, but they are also very dangerous activities from many standpoints.

There was a Reuters news article in July, 2005, about a Seattle man who died from having anal sex with a stud horse, resulting in perforation of the man's colon. It is certainly hard for a sane person to imagine such depravity.

Although it is hard for a normal person to imagine the vileness of the acts in which these people engage, the information is readily available for anyone who is interested in researching it. And we all should be fully informed, although such gross things do make for depressive reading.  

At the present, however, the people of our country have allowed themselves to be ground under by the steamroller of the homosexual movement, and its successes have been amazing. Who would have ever believed that our school children would now be taught that such homosexual acts are not only acceptable, but that they are commendable? This is the sad situation in which we find ourselves today.