By O. R. Adams Jr.

O. R. Adams Jr., 2007


I have watched our society change for many years, and its moral decline is amazing to me. I am glad that I am old enough to have experienced our country when things were much different. The liberal element cannot deny the shift in values, but they fail to recognize the root cause, which is the abandoning of true religious values. Instead they blame it on everything but the truth. They blame it on such things as poverty and guns. That has not been my experience.

I grew up in the 1920's and 1930's, and the area where I lived, the panhandle of Texas, was plagued by an extreme drought, the "dust bowl", and unemployment that I would estimate was as high as 40%. Yet during this time, we did not have the crime that we have had later in our most prosperous years. People worked together and helped one another. We never locked our doors, and in the country, if someone came to visit you when no one was at the house, they would feel free to go in and make themselves at home until you got there. We did not have barred doors and burglar alarms in our homes I never heard of them back then. So don't tell me that the terrible problems that we have with violent crime today, even in our schools, is caused by poverty. From a material standpoint, people are better off today than they ever have been.

Wikipedia has an interesting article about the Dust Bowl and surviving it, with a number of interesting pictures. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_Bowl . Following is one of the pictures:

Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas, in 1935.

Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas, in 1935.

Stratford was near Dalhart, Texas, the area where I was living at the time. When one of these storms rolled in, it would get pitch dark, and you often could not see your hand in front of your face in the middle of the day. Tumble weeds would blow up against barbed wire fences, and sand would build up and completely cover the fences. I have ridden horses right across the fences. North of Dalhart, sand hills built up that were never there before, and I would estimate that some of them were more than a hundred feet -- higher than many multi-story buildings. The area became known as the "Sand Hills" and people would go there for picnics years later. In northern Texas, Oklahoma, and parts of Kansas, as well as a number of other places, people were forced to leave their farms and their homes, because they could no longer raise crops or feed their stock, and make a living; and there was no work available. Many fleeing to California became known as the "Okies." There were few times in the history of our country when times were as hard. We who went through it have little patience with those who blame our problems today on "poverty."

As to guns, I used guns as young as about eight years old and old enough to carry one. My dad taught me to hunt and firearms safety when I was a child. And all of my friends hunted and used guns. During the years I went to grammar school and high school, I never knew of a school child assaulting another with a deadly weapon, and such an assault on a teacher was unheard of. We did not need to have armed guards or unarmed guards at our schools. Boys had plenty of fist fights, but they did not use knives and guns on one another.

I never knew a school girl who became pregnant. I never personally knew a person that used drugs until long after I moved to Albuquerque in 1957, and by then I had been in the service in foreign countries, and all over our country. In fact, our real decline in morality began in the era of the hippies, drug users, and anti-war protesters of the 1960's and 1970's. To our great misfortune, many of those young people later became our college professors and news journalists. Some became lawyers and judges, and some were elected to high offices. These are the true reasons for our precipitous moral decline since then. Until after that era, and its resulting impact on our society, we did not need guards on airplanes, we did not need to be screened by metal detectors before boarding an airplane. In fact, if a person was going hunting or to a rifle or pistol match in another part of the country, there was no problem with him taking his firearms on the airplane with him. How times have changed! Now you have to be checked and screened to go into a courthouse, a public building, and even on TV and radio shows. And remember, all of this screening had become necessary before the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001.

When I researched and wrote the book, As we Sodomize America, some of the most striking, and to me some of the most telling things were the following statistics, found on pages 206-207 of that book. They were the results of surveys of the American public schools on the top disciplinary problems of public school teachers for the years 1940 and 1990, published in the Congressional Quarterly. They were  ranked in order of importance:

1940                                                                                                 1990

Talking out of turn.                                                                         Drug Abuse.

Chewing gum.                                                                                  Alcohol Abuse.

Making noise.                                                                                   Pregnancy.

Running in the halls.                                                                         Suicide.

Cutting in line.                                                                                   Rape.

Dress-code violations.                                                                       Robbery.

Littering.                                                                                             Assault.

Please note that not one of the minor things listed in 1940 were even listed for 1990, and vice-versa. The statistics are consistent with my own experiences and observations over the years. These things show, above all, our serious moral degeneration. When children have no morality when they enter school, or turn bad before they even leave school, our country is in serious trouble. We should give these things some serious thought.

Things have grown even worse since 1990. In 1999, we had the Columbine high school massacre, killing 12 students and a teacher, and wounding 24 others; and many lesser such incidents, since 1990. To me, having lived through much different times, this is not a healthy society. We have lost our moral mooring, and that is the true cause of our problems.

First we are tolerant toward certain immoral things going on in our society we say everyone is doing it, and before long they become completely acceptable. The range goes from homosexuality, to living together out of wedlock, having children out of wedlock, and drug use. It is a precipitous downward spiral.

Our churches have largely failed us. Many have caved in to the homosexual movement and to the immoral sexuality of our society. I would say the two that have done the most to stand their ground on moral issues are the Southern Baptist Church and the Mormon Church (Church of Latter Day Saints). The current Pope of the Catholic Church and its prior Pope fought to hold the ground on these moral issues, but the Catholic Church had its own problems of homosexuals and homosexual pedophiles infiltrating and controlling segments of the church. The Anglican or Episcopal church is splitting up over the homosexual marriage issue and is in general turmoil. Many protestant churches have completely given in, and others like the Methodist and Presbyterian churches seem to have a difficult time deciding anything.  They seem to think that if they are quite enough and ignore the problems they will go away. They will only get worse. When churches fail to support the primary teachings of the Bible, the only basis for their religion, they are on the way down themselves. Even the music in many of the churches now has a rock and modern beat to it. It is not the classic music and hymns of old. They need some renewed courage and a renewed commitment to our Judeo-Christian principles.  

We also need to consider some other factors that contribute to and are a part of this downward spiral.

Living Together (a.k.a. cohabitation, or unmarried partner households):

The number of unmarried couples living together has increased tenfold between 1960 and 2000.
U.S. Census Bureau, 2000.


Since 1970, out-of-wedlock birth rates have soared. In 1965, 24 percent of black infants and 3.1 percent of white infants were born to single mothers. By 1990 the rates had risen to 64 percent for black infants, 18 percent for whites. Every year about one million more children are born into fatherless families. If we have learned any policy lesson well over the past 25 years, it is that for children living in single-parent homes, the odds of living in poverty are great. The policy implications of the increase in out-of-wedlock births are staggering.

The Brookings Institution.


An Associated Press article, November 21, 2006. states:

Out-of-wedlock births in the United States have climbed to an all-time high, accounting for nearly four in 10 babies born last year, government health officials said Tuesday.


The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy, February 2002, Volume 5, Number 1, states that " Even though teen childbearing overall has declined steeply over the last half-century, the proportion of all teen births that are nonmarital has increased equally dramatically, from 13% in 1950 to 79% in 2000"


Many studies have shown the harm to society from the toleration of young people having children out of wedlock. The resulting atmosphere and tolerance leads to more of the same, such children are much more apt to live in poverty, and they are much more likely to engage in criminal conduct.

Such things are not the fault of the children, but neither should they and the rest of our society be led into the fallacious belief that there is nothing wrong with such things. We need to balance our kindness and compassion with the hard facts of life, and a true realization of what is right and what is wrong.

When the liberals gain control of both the media and academia, as they have generally had for more than forty years now, the result can be devastating to our society. Their continual hammering on a subject can convince a gullible public that right is wrong and wrong is right. There can be no better example than the success of the homosexual movement. But it does not stop there. They have been almost as effective in selling Darwinian evolution. They caused us to pull out of Vietnam and shamefully betray and ally for the first time in the history of this country, resulting in the communist takeover of South Vietnam, and many thousands of deaths to those that had been fighting against the communist takeover. We had the ability to win that war within a matter of months, but public opinion formed by the incessant efforts of the media and academia prevented it. The same thing is going on today with Iraq and Afghanistan. I am firmly convinced that there are a number of liberal news journalists, and Democrat office holders, who actually do not want us to have victory over the terrorists in those countries, anymore than they wanted us to have victory in Vietnam. The media and the politicians do not have the guts to admit the truth, but it is interesting that many in academia do. These attitudes have been devastating to our society, and it is eventually reflected in the children of the country. 

There is no substitute for courage and the moral fiber to do what is right in the face of adversity and current popular opinion. Our President, George W. Bush, has certainly been demonstrating these qualities. He has had the courage to continually buck adverse public opinion generated by the media and academia.  

Certainly, today we do have some fine young people, in spite of the adverse influences they face. Some of our young service men and women, volunteering to serve their country, are examples.

But when we observe many of the young people on the street today boys with their baggy pants dragging down below their shoes and their unkempt look girls showing as much of their midriff and behind as possible we should realize that there are many things wrong. It is primarily the fault of the parents, but the deterioration in moral values in the schools is also a large factor. And the continual immoral impact of the media takes its toll.

We reap what we sow!