The Depraved Excesses of Homosexual Lifestyles

© O. R. Adams Jr., 2009


Why should homosexual lifestyles be anymore depraved or immoral than heterosexual? There are a number of answers to this, but they all come back to the fact that homosexuality is against nature. It has also been condemned by all major religions for centuries. Our sexual organs are designed for a male to have sex with a female. That is how the human and animal species continue their existence. The evidence makes it clear that homosexual sex cannot give the satisfaction of natural sex, and that the resulting frustration and lack of true satisfaction results in many and extreme depraved excesses. Later in the article, an explanation will be given on the progression (or regression), with reasons, from the less extreme to the more extreme activities. 

Homosexuality and Pedophilia are Closely Connected

Research shows that homosexuals are 20 to 30 times more likely to molest children, based upon statistics weighted by the percentage homosexuals are of the total population. Activist homosexuals continually work to lower the age of consent for having sex, so that they can more easily prey on young people without being subject to criminal prosecution. They also keep their members posted on the age of consent laws around the world for the same reasons. Many of their publications keep them informed on this information. What is the cause of this phenomenon? No one really knows all of the full answers to this, but it appears that there are several contributing factors. The dissatisfaction in not having natural sex that contributes to their other excesses is undoubtedly a part of it. A serious lack of self control, or will power, is also indicated; which is also true with the other excesses of the homosexual lifestyle. Another obvious factor is lack of conventional morality. Another thing is the fact that homosexual child abuse appears to have led many young people into becoming homosexuals; and they in turn, when they get older, have a tendency to engage in molesting children. A more comprehensive explanation all of this is given in the article on this website, How Homosexualists Redefine Homosexual Child Molesting[1], and in parts of the book on this website, As We Sodomize America[2].

There are a few things that people should keep in mind about statistics on homosexual child molesting, and about statistics about homosexual acts of any kind. The first is that the general news media as a rule continually falsely promote homosexuality as something that is good and acceptable to society. They either downplay or completely ignore wrongful conduct of any kind by homosexuals. This is especially true on things that are very detrimental to the homosexual movement, such as child molesting. They seldom mention that the perpetrator of a wrongful act is homosexual, regardless of how obvious or well known that fact may be. Often they do not even give the sex of a molested child or children, so that it may not be determined if it was a same sex molestation – or if they do give the sex the article must be carefully read to discover it. It is never in the heading. I have often had to go to sources other than the regular news to get necessary details to determine whether or not the act was homosexual.

Another important factor is that in most homosexual child molesting the victims are boys, and boys tend to be reluctant to go through the embarrassment of reporting that they were a victim of such a thing. Because of this many cases of homosexual child molesting never come to light.[3] Many of the cases where Catholic priests molested boys never came to light until many years later, after the victims became men, and the statute of limitations for criminal persecution had run on the cases. Many came forward years later to join with others in exposing some of the priests, and some joined in civil lawsuits against the church.

For these reasons statistics on criminal acts involving homosexuals tend to be conservative – favoring homosexuals – especially as to child molesting. 


The promiscuity of homosexuals is unbelievable to those uninformed on the subject.

The book, After the Ball, by Kirk and Madsen, was a thoughtful and well written book by two homosexuals. Although they are preaching to homosexuals to clean up their act, to try to help their agenda to gain public acceptance, even they seem compelled to use vile and profane language. Nevertheless, the book gives us valuable insight into the homosexual "lifestyle." In commenting on the promiscuity of homosexuals, and attempts by many "gays" to have more permanent relationships, they state (p. 330):

... Sooner or later, the roving penis rears its ugly head.

... And no matter how happy a gay man may be with his lover, he's likely eventually, to go dowsing for dick.

... the cheating ratio of 'married' gay males, given enough time, approaches 100%. ...

Many gay lovers, bowing to the inevitable, agree to an 'open relationship,' for which there are as many sets of ground rules as there are couples. ...

Paul Cameron, Ph.D., refers to a diary study for his statistics on the average number of partners per year for gays, and the nature of the acts committed. He tabulates that on the average, in one year, they: fellated 106 different men, and swallowed fifty of their seminal discharges; experienced seventy-two penile penetrations of the anus; and ingested the fecal material of twenty-three different men. "Many of these encounters involved activities in which the partners neither knew one another nor exchanged words, and occurred in restrooms, bathhouses, and other public places."[5]

Stanley Monteith, M.D., states:

Studies show that male homosexuals average between 20 and 106 partners every year. The average homosexual has 300 to 500 partners in his lifetime. Thirty-seven percent engage in sadomasochism, at least 28% have engaged in sodomy with more than a thousand men.  Compared to heterosexuals, male homosexuals are 8 times more likely to have had hepatitis, 14 times more likely to have had syphilis, and 5,000 times more likely to have contracted AIDS.[6]

Concerned Women for America, The Homosexual Deception: Making Sin A Civil Right, pp. 14-16, states:

AIDS research released in 1982 by the U. S. Center For Disease Control reported that the typical homosexual interviewed claimed to have had over 500 different sexual partners in a lifetime.  Considered by themselves, the AIDS victims in this study averaged more than 1,100 lifetime sexual partners.  Some reported as many as 20,000.  A psychologist we interviewed tells of counseling a homosexual clergyman who claimed more than 900 sexual partners to date.

In perhaps the most thorough study of homosexual behavior ever undertaken, published by the Kinsey Institute in Bell and Weinberg's book, Homosexualities, a Study of Diversity Among Men and Women (New York, Simon and Schuster, 1978, pp. 308-309), we learn that:

43% of white male homosexuals estimated they had sex with 500 or more different partners.  75% had 100 or more.  28% (the largest subcategory) reported more than 1000 partners.

79% said more than half their partners were strangers.

70% said more than half their sexual partners were men with whom they had sex only once. 

Evidence also exists of high levels of lesbian promiscuity, with high disease-incidence statistics among lesbians, as well. Jay and Young's Gay Report [7] revealed that 38% of lesbians surveyed had between 11 and more than 300 lifetime sexual partners – far beyond the norm for heterosexual women.  In Homosexualities[8], Bell and Weinberg reported that 41% of white lesbians admitted to having between 10 and 500 sexual partners.

"Sodomy Laws," Colorado for Family Values, 1993, p. 3-7, as to male homosexuals, states:

The detrimental consequences of this behavior is exploded when the amount of sexual partners with whom homosexuals copulate are examined. Most homosexual exchange occurs between strangers, 70 percent admitting that they had had sex only once with over half of their partners.  Homosexuals average somewhere between 20 and 106 different partners per year. The average homosexual has had 300 to 500 partners during a lifetime.  Twenty-eight percent of homosexuals have had sodomy with 1000 or more partners, 70 percent with 50 or more partners, and only 2 percent have had what could be described as monogamous or semi-monogamous relationships.  Of these monogamous relationships, however, still 5 percent drank urine, 7 percent incorporated fisting, 33 percent ingested feces, 53 percent swallowed semen, and 59 percent received sperm up their rectum during the previous month of study,  Still other studies indicate that "monogamy" for homosexuals lasts between 9 and 60 months.[9] [For complete references supporting these statistics, see As We Sodomize America. pp. 12, 51-52]

It is somewhat of a puzzle to ordinary people how homosexuals can even engage in so much sex. The key seems to be in that they engage in so many different kinds of sex, going from one to another; and in their group activities. The public and group sexual activities of homosexuals are also beyond the comprehension of normal people who have not studied these sordid things. They take place in parks, public parades, public restrooms, college and university restrooms, "bathhouses," and wherever people may gather. An example was at Harvard University.

Harvard University used to be one of our most respected universities, and still is considered so by some who remain on the far left of the political spectrum. The authors of the book, After the Ball, were homosexuals, and both were graduates of Harvard. In that book, pp. 309-310, they explain some of the goings on at Harvard, and other places, such as accosting students in the men's room, passing obscene notes, invitations on the wall, and other homosexual sex displays:

It apparently amazed a goodly number of others, as well—including staff and students who, less titillated than scandalized, left notes of their own ('Why can't a Harvard boy go to the john in this dump without being groped by a seedy queer?') in library suggestion boxes, taking violent exception to the ongoing lavatorial passion play—because reportedly, the Harvard Police, accompanied by maintenance personnel, eventually elbowed their way into the dramatis personae.

Abruptly—and to the great dismay of those who need privacy to do their business—the doors disappeared from every toilet stall in the main Harvard Science Center men's room, and uniformed policemen were periodically observed patrolling the premises for perverts.  Predictably, a protest— at once sardonically amused and annoyed—by one Scott Long appeared in the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Newsletter mocking the straight staff, students, and police who had whipped up a "tempest in a tearoom."

Despite their high visibility, and attempts by authorities to squelch them, however, a coterie of gay men continues, daily and nightly, to perform the play before what is, all too often, an S.R.O. straight audience—in the men's rooms of Ivy League Colleges, and in the public lavatories, parks, and alleyways of every major city in the United States. Theirs is the wretchedest of all gay excesses.

Such men make no attempt to secure privacy for their intercourse, whether by locating a disused utility closet or waiting for a lull in the pedestrian traffic in and out of the lavatory; indeed, for many the dangerous possibility of being apprehended entr'acte is three fourths of the thrill.  They masturbate at the urinals, wander totally naked up and down the length of the facility, and fellate one another in acrobatic positions in the open doorways of the stalls. When they ejaculate—and they do—on the seats, walls, or floors, they leave it there to congeal into a nasty, highly identifiable puddle. One can imagine the effect such a charming tableau has upon a young, sheltered, or uptight straight man, when he comes upon it suddenly and unexpectedly in a place in which he is accustomed to do his embarrassing but necessary business in peace and quiet. 

"Gay" publications publish lists of places where they can find sex partners, such as certain parks, restrooms, and other public places. They also publish information about places and countries where they can go and have sex with those that would be under the age of consent in the United States. This paper is not of sufficient length to go into all of these things in detail, but two examples are the following[10]:

I examined several publications of Steam, a quarterly published in San Francisco. Again, I found nothing but oral and pictorial homosexual pornography. An example was an article entitled "MY FAVORITE GLORYHOLE - In the Temple of Brotherly Love," at page 348, in the Autumn, 1995, issue of Steam. “Gloryhole” is a term common to homosexuals meaning a hole in the partition between two stalls in a restroom through which two men, one in each of the adjoining stalls, engage in acts of sodomy, both anal and oral. The "Temple" referred to was Temple University. The writer named six "glory" holes with their exact locations, where he engaged in such acts. Two on Temple University campuses, one at Strawbridge and Clothier (a store, I suppose), two in parks, and one in an open area where he committed such acts in the bushes in the daytime, preying on high school boys in the area, and apparently on any man that came along.  Graphic descriptions were given of the acts, along with a very graphic drawing.  He states that in this open area, in one evening, he had sex with six drunk high school boys and ten men.  The back of this issue includes a graphic poem about sodomy of all kinds "in restrooms at rest-stops, libraries, universities, parks, bus stations."  The two issues of Steam averaged over 300 pages each, and they amount to pure filth.

"Sexplorers - the guide to doing it on the road," published by PDA Press, Inc., 1995, San Francisco, Ca., is a 96 page booklet of names and addresses of places for homosexuals to have sex, in various cities and towns,  in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.,  and a large number of foreign countries. The places listed are bathhouses, clubs, bookstores, video stores, colleges, universities, parks, etc., and even includes places like public restrooms in an airport, with "gloryholes."  

Examples of what homosexuals have done to some of our public parks are detailed in the August 1995 Baltimore Alternative, p. 21, This used to be my playground, by Scott Giordano. He states:

If anyone criticizes these fellows for ruining the park for anyone but themselves it's a result of "homophobia!"  How convenient.  "Homophobia" fits anyone or any institution that is not 100% for homosexuality. 

Periodically, every gay paper runs a story about how gays are being discriminated against because they can't have public sex. Such a story invariably follows a roundup of gay malefactors by the police in one or two public parks. Further the police are usually there because a citizen complained – that her child was molested (usually in the men's room), or that as they were sitting down for a picnic, they had to watch men having sex just behind some bushes or right out in the open.

Even though the homosexuals long ago spread the HIV virus and AIDS to both homosexuals and heterosexuals around the world, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a United States Government Agency, has reported that homosexual men (including bisexuals) are still 50 times more likely to have the HIV virus than heterosexuals.[11]

The propensity of so many in the "gay" community to engage in promiscuous, anonymous, and public sex shows severe mental and emotional problems that are in serious need of treatment, rather than promoting and promulgating these destructive tendencies. Yet the majority of them, instead of realizing this, think it is some kind of a civil right to do these things. 

The physical danger, danger of disease, and emotional harm of this kind of behavior is obviously enormous. 

Spreading AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Homosexuals introduced the deadly AIDS virus into this country and spread it among themselves and to innocent people. They have done a terrible damage to themselves, and to innocent people who are not homosexuals. They contaminated blood supplies, sometimes intentionally, and were the cause of many completely innocent people dying of AIDS. Thousands of their victims were innocent children with hemophilia, who had to have blood transfusions to live, and who had done nothing to deserve the terrible death inflicted upon them. I know of no other time in history when such devastation has been caused by such intentional vile and despicable acts. Yet, instead of being given the condemnation they deserve, they have been praised by our liberal news media and politicians.

In the early days of AIDS, when little was known of its cause, and it was considered some kind of "gay cancer," the homosexual movement had already taken its hold on the country. Politicians and public officials, giving in to the homosexualists, did not take the precautions that should have been taken to stop the spread of this disease.


A Time of Aids - The Zero Factor, is a sixty-minute color video produced by Films for the Humanities, Inc., in 1993, and was shown on public television.  It is an excellent history of the spread of the AIDS virus, its commencement in this country, and traces it back to Gaetan Dugas, referred to as Patient Zero, who introduced it and spread it widely in this country by his typical promiscuous homosexual behavior.  

The description on the VCR tape states:

This program takes us from the bath houses of San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles to Fire Island. We meet the physicians who first saw the symptoms of Kaposi’s sarcoma and pneumonia in their gay patients; we meet men whose friends have died of AIDS and who themselves have AIDS now; we meet a woman from CDC (Center for Disease Control) who did her own check on patient histories and discovered that all had one thing in common: Gaetan Dugas or Patient Zero.

The following is a summary of the substance of the film, including quotes from the narrators, a number of whom were homosexuals. 

The events go back to 1979, when the medical community was searching desperately for the causes of the many deaths and infections among homosexuals, which was later determined to be AIDS. It is the story of a deadly disease – now turned into a plague. 

Laws which made sodomy a crime were being repealed. Homosexuals were rejoicing. They were "coming out of the closet" and showing their true colors of depraved sexual acts and promiscuity. 

The film then shows parades and pictures of homosexuals in their activity. The scenes were filthy and disgusting, and it is amazing that people in this country would engage in such acts in public, or that they would be allowed to. The scenes were similar to those on the tapes, The Gay Agenda, The March on Washington, and Stonewall. 

Speaking of Fire Island, one homosexual stated: 

...All of us had grown up, being told everything we thought and wanted was evil and sick, and suddenly there is this island of beautiful, intelligent and incredibly sexy men, all available to each other 24 hours a day.  It was truly the linchpin of our sexual liberation and sexual oppressiveness. 

Various speakers, taking turns:

I felt part of the most extraordinary sexual experiment in human history. I honestly believe that never before in human history had so many men had so much sex with so many other men who were having sex. ...

Fire Island in New York was a small coastal community that exploded with party-loving vacationers during the summer months. It became the Mecca of gay liberation. ...

Jerry Rosenbaum was a Wall Street stock broker with a six-figure income. At work, in his gray suit, no one knew he was gay. On Fire Island , he could shed his disguise and be himself. ...

...People came in from everywhere to find out why we really liked Fire Island. It was seductive. It was intoxicating. And the glue that held it all together was sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.  That was our story. ...

It was a brief bit of time that was about to end. It was a sexual smorgasbord like the world had never seen and a very heady experience from a liberation point of view, very thrilling to be among all those beautiful men and it was a very short time before that all came crashing to an end. Just as we had discovered it and tasted it, it took this very sinister historical turn. ...

The tape then goes back to the mid-seventies and describes how the AIDS symptoms and related diseases were showing up to an epidemic degree among the homosexuals, especially in San Francisco, and describes the search to find what it was and what was causing it. The search started out in the bathhouses of San Francisco. The researchers describe the goings on in the bathhouses in the Castro District of San Francisco, and vile sexual behavior going on among great numbers of people. ...

Various speakers:

Michael Callin was 20 when he left home. In the small Ohio town he grew up in, homosexuality was viewed as immoral.  His new lifestyle in the big city soon brought its first mild inconvenience, a case of gonorrhea. ...

I was still so very much a small town boy from the Midwest, I felt unclean, and I just felt really creepy. But all of my friends said, "Oh, please, the clap, no problem, you just get your shot and go back out. It's a risk you take, it's not a big deal, it's not fatal." By the end of my sexual career in 1980, every single time I had sex I got something. So at the age of 26, I had to face the fact that I'd had sex with about 3,000 men, and I'd had Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis non A, Hepatitis non B, herpes, Simplex 1 & 2, shigella and amebic histolytica, giardia, syphilis, gonorrhea, non-specific urethritis, C & V, E. B. V., venereal warts ... . ....

The effects of this disease on the homosexuals is depressing to look at in the video, with sores in various places on their skin, and their faces, and other body parts. A lot of these things were just considered as cancerous sores. It was then explained how the disease was tied to the breakdown of the immune system. Originally the disease was found only in "gay" men. It is then described how the homosexuals were flying around the world and it then broke out in Denmark and in various other European countries. The first case in Britain was contracted from a man in San Francisco. 

A British commentator refers to people as homophobics who were concerned about being around the people who had the disease. He obviously had already very foolishly accepted the political propaganda of the "Gay" movement. Any decent person with any sanity would have been afraid of being around them. No one knew then, and because of the political intrusion into the problem, we still don't know all of the ways that the disease may be contracted. Grown people as well as children have contracted the disease in ways that have not yet been determined or explained. The politics of AIDS and the homosexual movement are a shame and a disgrace to the country. Prior to our country contracting this political sickness, venereal diseases were reported and traced.  Reasonable precautions were taken to prevent the spread. This has never been done with AIDS and homosexuals.

As explained by the video, the investigators did trace the beginning of the disease in this country to Gaetan Dugas, a Canadian Airline steward, who traveled extensively.  He gave the disease to a large number of men in this country and probably to a lot of men in other countries, too. "His job took him all over the United States, as well as the rest of the world." 

The video describes the ingenious methods used by various doctors over the country to trace the AIDS cases, and the cooperation between them and the patients. [Much of this was done before they actually knew what the virus was and that it was incurable by current medical science. This was before it became so politicized by the homosexual activists and their liberal supporters.  Under today's conditions, with the legally imposed secrecy, they probably could not have traced AIDS to the source in this country.]

One of the investigators located Dugas and sent word to him that an interview was requested. Two months later he showed up and was interviewed by the research team.  The investigator described him as, "one of the most handsome, seductive individuals I've ever known."  Dugas visited the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, and was able to give them the names of seventy-three different people that he had sexual contacts with in the past five years. He had Kaposi’s sarcoma [which was undoubtedly AIDS related]. The investigators set out to track them down. Dugas had had contact with a group at Fire Island who had first become ill with the AIDS virus. He was involved with nine AIDS patients in the Los Angeles area. They linked him to cases throughout the world.  Altogether they linked him to forty surviving AIDS patients. Although Dugas was warned and the investigators tried to stop him, he refused to change his "lifestyle." He continued to visit the bathhouses and such places. He said: "Nobody is going to stop me, it's my civil right." [From the evidence, this man is just one of many who had the same attitude. They knowingly and intentionally exposed many individuals over the country to this deadly disease. Yet our liberal news media have never criticized them nor blamed them for the awful plague they inflicted on this country. Instead, many were held up as some kind of heroes. Such absurd thinking is common of the liberal media, even today.]

A narrator on the film makes the statement that doctors were hesitant to let people know about this disease, because they did not want to cause "homophobia."  [It is difficult to believe that the politics were taking hold this early, in the beginning of the 1980s, and that people who had the duty to protect others could take such an utterly stupid attitude.]

One of the narrators who had advocated warning people makes the statement in the video: 

The main message ... a gay men's health crisis, was not given out at all, it was to spread information, which they refused to do, because to tell gay people to stop having sex or "to cool it," was such a controversial thing in those days, that no organization was prepared to make that statement. And I became a pariah, basically, for making that statement. And for many years, people wouldn't talk to me.  I was thrown off the board at GMAC, because I said these things. 

The film then describes how "gays" spread the virus to others, how they were giving blood, and how drug users and needle users (many of whom were homosexual) sold their blood.  It describes how the AIDS virus was spread to hemophiliacs, who required blood transfusions to live, and to other innocent people by blood transfusions of tainted blood. 


Lorraine Day, M. D. was an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and lecturer, was on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, for 15 years. She was Chief of Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, and finally resigned because of the liberal, political, and false information being conveyed to the public, as well as those professionals at risk, by the federal and local governments, and by the hospitals and medical associations; and because of the dangers resulting from the way matters concerning AIDS were being handled. She relates how the secrecy and failure to disclose the identity of those with AIDS posed an extreme and deadly danger to those who treated them and to the public. To warn the public of these dangers, she wrote the book, Aids – What the Government Isn't Telling You.[12]

Dr. Day explains in Chapters 2 and 3 how she unsuccessfully tried to keep the medical community in San Francisco from taking contaminated blood from members of the homosexual community, and the sharp criticism and abuse she incurred. Blood drives were organized and directed by homosexuals. Blood drives with such names as "Arm in Arm" and "The Harvey Milk Club" blood drive. Harvey Milk was a well-known San Francisco homosexual activist. Blood drives were held in the Castro District in San Francisco, and "gays" were invited to "come to the party" and bring their partners. "The Castro district in San Francisco has the highest per capita rate of AIDS-infected individuals of any place in the nation." (p. 30)

We would have to divorce ourselves from common sense to believe that there were not many "gays," knowing they had AIDS, intentionally giving blood with the purpose of contaminating the blood supply and spreading it to innocent people. They could not all have been so stupid as not to know the effect of what they were doing.

Dr. Day states (pp. 64-66):

When the Senate investigators several years ago were sent to investigate the safety of the blood supply at the Irwin Memorial Blood Bank, they also came to talk to me. I told them of my futile struggle to stop the blood drives in an area where AIDS was prevalent.

One of the investigators said to me: "Gay terrorism was involved."

According to this official, Irwin Memorial received a threat that if the Castro district was excluded from the blood drives, there would be a concerted effort on the part of disaffected gays to contaminate the Irwin Memorial blood supply with AIDS on purpose.

When I think back on all the furor of that summer, this explanation makes a lot of sense to me.  What doesn't make much sense is that the government did nothing, after knowing what had occurred. What makes even less sense is that Irwin Memorial caved in. Those two incidents show that we are polarizing. When it comes to AIDS, both sides are willing to let violence speak. 

Resorting to violence is not a novel idea.

As long ago as 1983, Robert Schwab, former president of the Texas Human Rights Foundation and a homosexual activist dying of AIDS, had this to bestow on the rest of the world:

There has come the idea that if research money (for AIDS) is not forthcoming at a certain level by a certain date, all gay males should give blood.... What ever action is required to get national attention is valid. If that includes blood terrorism, so be it.

       Dallas Gay News, May 20, 1983

There have been ugly threats like distant thunder, verbally as well as in print. Often the homosexuals' attitudes have been, "I am going to die anyway. I might as well take somebody with me."

It was not a pretty picture.

Dr. Day, at page 73, states:

From 1978 through 1985, virtually all hemophiliacs who required the clotting factor were infected (with AIDS) through blood bank inventory blood and now face certain death.

Dr. Day explains on page 74 that the type of transfusion referred to is of a particular kind for which it takes many donors to make one routine transfusion.

Also, on page 74 of Dr. Day's book, is a graph taken from the Stockton Record, April 15, 1990 , which appears to have come from the Gannett News Service, and shows the source: Centers for Disease Control. It is entitled: "Hemophiliacs Stricken by AIDS.” It contains the statement: “An estimated 20,000 Americans have hemophilia, and 55% of them are believed to be infected with the AIDS virus. ...” [Emphasis added.]


Dr. Stanley Monteith, a retired orthopedist and publisher of the newsletter HIV Watch, said that AIDS should never have reached epidemic proportions. "At every stage that this epidemic has progressed, there has been an organized effort from the gay community to block doctors from doing what's been logical to save the very lives of the members of the gay and homosexual community," Monteith said.  As examples, he cited resistance by homosexual leaders at the onset of the AIDS crisis to closing down gay bathhouses in San Francisco and gay activist opposition to testing for Hepatitis B in blood transfusions, which has led to the deaths of 3,000 hemophiliacs.[13] This essentially amounts to mass murder by those homosexuals responsible for giving this tainted blood.

There is also another important fact to consider. Dr. Day explains on page 30 of her book referred to above that there was no commercially available test for the AIDS (HIV) virus itself, and that the tests used by the blood banks tested only for the antibody to AIDS, and that it usually takes at least three months and it sometimes takes as long as three years for an infected person to develop the antibodies. Because of this "negative window," the AIDS tests are far from reliable for the protection of the blood supply. This negative window Dr. Day speaks of was well known to the public and to the officials in San Francisco. Dr. Day states at page 48:

 ...In June of 1989, the San Francisco Chronicle reported the findings first documented in the New England Journal of Medicine on page 1458:

The AIDS virus may lurk undetected for as long as three years in the blood cells of some infected men, even though standard antibody tests indicate that the men are uninfected. . . .

There is no way that the homosexual activists who were insisting that homosexuals give blood to the blood banks could not have known all of this. It was plainly told to them.

Even now there is no test that can positively detect the HIV (AIDS) virus. The Federal Food and Drug Administration states: "Blood donor testing using current advanced technologies has greatly reduced the risk of HIV transmission but cannot yet detect all infected donors or prevent all transmission by transfusions." For that reason, under federal regulation, homosexuals are prohibited from donating blood.[14] However, the homosexuals are continually fighting to have that regulation removed. All you have to do is do a Google search (use: homosexual +blood donor), and you will find many articles by homosexuals advocating that this be changed, and calling it "discrimination." The intent of these people is criminal. They want to drag everyone down to their level, including having everyone as disease contaminated as they are. Homosexuals who want to do things that they know will give AIDS to innocent people are worse than just mentally sick – they are evil and criminal.

Never before in our history was a dangerous plague or epidemic of this nature handled in such disregard for the citizens of this country. Death and destruction was visited on many thousands, and perhaps millions of innocent people, including innocent children, because of the intentional acts and disregard by the homosexual activists, and by the gutless government officials and members of the medical community. 

Excesses of Bizarre Behavior

As explained above, the bizarre behavior of homosexuals in public places, parades, restrooms, parks, and "bathhouses" is unique to that lifestyle. Any kind of same-sex intercourse is bizarre, because of it is unnatural and perverted. The two most common and well known are oral and anal sex. Many do some even more strange things. They urinate on one another, roll in and eat excrement, and engage in sadomasochism. They put strange things in their rectums such as carrots, cucumbers, light bulbs, and even small animals.[15]

However, it can get even more gross and dangerous than the above. There was a Reuters news article in July, 2005, about a Seattle man who died from having anal sex with a stud horse, resulting in perforation of the man's colon and other internal damage. I believe that such depravity can only come from an extremely sick mind. A later article on the matter may now be found on the internet. This last article explains that the farm where it happened was being used by a bestiality ring. It states: "A cache of hundreds of hours of videotaped man-on-beast sex sessions was found hidden in a field. ... The animals kept at the farm included ponies, horses, goats, sheep and dogs, according to the police commander. Images of the flock of offerings on the bestial dude ranch were relayed over the internet and records indicate men had come from throughout the United States, according to police."[16] This is not only extreme sexual depravity, but it is also heartless cruelty to animals.

Many bizarre and extremely depraved things have been exhibited in their "gay pride" parades. Examples are from observations of a video tape of a parade in San Francisco[17]:

It is unbelievable that such a vile and base display could go on in this country in public. Since Bible times, Sodom and Gomorrah have been considered the ultimate examples of depravity. But ... there is nothing described in the Biblical accounts of Sodom and Gomorrah that is as evil and filthy as what was shown being done in the daytime, in public, before the police, in this parade and on the streets. There were also children in the parade. 

Both men and women are involved and it is full of displays of gross nudity and partial nudity, such as bare-breasted women. Both men and women are acting out [or actually engaging in] homosexual sex acts. The scenes are indescribably loathsome, offensive, and disgusting. 

One man has a bare behind, and a leather harness on that extended around his waist and between his legs, and had on some kind of a red dildo which appears to be a penis sticking out in front of him. Men are dressed up as and heavily painted up as women, acting out sex acts with others. 

There were displays of various kinds of displays of sadomasochism. Some of them were in harnesses and chains of different kinds, with collars around their necks, crawling on their hands and knees, and being led by chains by their "masters," who were in leather shirts and clothing. One man was striking another man, who was in chains, with a whip. 

One man appears to be marching stark naked, except for a strap around his waist and what appears to be a yellow condom on his erect penis.

Nude and almost naked men are lying on the sidewalk and pavement and appear to be engaging in oral sexual intercourse. 

Many participants are leading their little children with them through these activities. They appear proud to have them taking part in it. 

A huge sign is displayed stating "GOD IS GAY."

Sexual perversion is the entire theme of their many parades. This is the only group of people who clearly and proudly exhibit their many perversions. There is no counterpart in the heterosexual community.

In my writing, when I use the word, homosexuals, I include "bisexuals," because both engage in homosexual acts and come within the general definition of "homosexual." The sexual perversions of sadomasochism and bondage seem to be an important part of the homosexual lifestyle. As explained above, they make it a part of their parades. This is also supported by a 1977 study referred to on the website of The Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory, University of Texas, of 245 male sadomasochists. It found that 30% were heterosexual, 31% were bisexual, and 38% were homosexual. If we divide the 69% by the 2% usually used for the percentage homosexuals are of the population, we find that those who engage in homosexuality are 34 ½ times more likely to engage in sadomasochism than heterosexuals.

There are commercial websites that cater to these perversions of both lesbian and men homosexuals. One is Toys for Lesbians.[18] This website also has a section for "toys for gay men." You can get a bit of an education about the strange things and contraptions these people use for their "sex." There are many things related to their sadomasochism and bondage perversions, such as whips, handcuffs, and blindfolds. In a "beginners bondage kit" they have one that I haven't been able to figure out, which is "four bedpost extensions." 

Dr. Paul Cameron gave the following information about the regression of the more common homosexual acts:

On average, gays report having their genitals manipulated by another male at about age 13. It takes about another two years before the first oral/genital contact (and it's almost always done first to the newcomer, reciprocity comes later). Around 16 or 17 is when the anus is used for sex; and it takes about another two years before the neophyte is using his mouth on the anus of others. By age 21 most gays have adopted most of these practices.[19]

[In the same section, Dr. Cameron also lists the more bizarre and violent things that homosexuals do as they regress, such as urinating on one another, playing in and eating feces [coprophilia], fisting (having someone's fist put in their rectum), having other strange things put in their rectum, and sadomasochism (including violent acts such as being trussed up and beaten). Dr. Cameron states that this order listed is important, "because that's generally the developmental order in which the acts are adopted by individual homosexuals."]

Two homosexual writers, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, both of whom are Harvard graduates, wrote the book, After the Ball.[20] On the regression of homosexuals into these more bizarre and violent activities, they say at pages 304-305:

The course is much the same regarding sexual practices. When one is young and inexperienced, the tamest, most vanilla-flavored gay sex—mere cuddling and mutual masturbation—is more than enough to do the trick: it's new, forbidden, 'dirty,' and exciting. As one gains experience, vanilla sex with one partner becomes familiar, tame, and boring, and loses its capacity to arouse. At first, the increasingly jaded gay man seeks novelty in partners, rather than practices, and becomes massively promiscuous; eventually, all bodies become boring, and only new practices will thrill. Two major avenues diverge in this yellow wood, two nerves upon which to press: that of raunch, and that of aggression.

The pursuit of sexual happiness via raunch—fetishism, water sports and coprophilia, and so forth—seeks, essentially, to restore erectile thrills by restoring the 'dirty,' hence forbidden, aspect of sex—thereby providing, as C. A. Tripp called it in The Homosexual Matrix, a new barrier of "resistance" to be overcome. Unfortunately, this, as with all attempts to sustain the furor sexualis of youth by sheer intensification of some peripheral aspect of the experience, is doomed to failure: mere amplification of 'dirtiness' results, finally, in mere wallowing in filth—which, however far the ante is upped, eventually fails to satisfy, or even to arouse. (Next stop, impotence.)  Not all sleaze addicts choose to advertise the fact in newspapers, but those who do simultaneously entertain, turn the stomach, and demonstrate the futility of the endeavor better than anything we could invent.  Consider the following personal ad: 

Feet First Ripe dirty nasty feet, Hot muscular smelly feet. Toe Jam. Uncut cheesy meat, Stink ... Heavy, funky male sweat. Who? Rex:  unwashed, unshaven ... dude, ... 30's, ... hung, filthy, uncut, loaded with cheese, ripe pits sourballs, J/O games with nasty feet, pit sniffin' ... Get dirty and check out the pigpen ...

Aggressive sex is worse than a mere dead end: in extreme cases, it's dangerous.  Typically, fast-lane gays who buy a (one-way) ticket on this express first get interested in bondage and discipline, then in sadomasochism in their thirties and forties; the really jaded run rapidly through the milder versions (and perversions) of this scene and graduate to whips, executioner's masks, and fist-fucking.  So much does it take to stay excited.  By the age of fifty, these unfortunates are in real trouble.

Murder and Brutality

Some homosexuals go even further than the whips, executioner's masks, and other such violent activity referred to by Kirk and Madsen, above – they engage in criminal brutality and murder – even mass murder.

Unless the reader particularly follows such things, you will read of some things in this section you have probably never heard of, even though terrible murders were involved. The reason is that the murderers were homosexuals – a group the media continually tries to protect and promote, as previously explained.


An article that should be read in full by everyone is Homosexual Rape and Murder of Children, by Dr. Paul Cameron.[21] The following are excerpts from the article:

The homosexual historical footprint is large when it comes to the rape and murder of children. The most notorious child killer might be Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard), remembered for raping, torturing, and killing perhaps 800 boys in 15th century France. Gilles often raped the boy as he hung from a hook by the neck. Before he died, Gilles took him down, comforted him, repeated the act and either killed him himself or had him slain. In his confession, Gilles testified that "when the children were dead he kissed them and those who had the most handsome limbs and heads he held up to admire them, and had their bodies cut open and took delight at the sight of their inner organs; and very often when the said children were dying he sat on their stomachs and took pleasure in seeing them die and laughed..." (

... As of July 23, 2001 , the Associated Press list of the worst serial killers in the United States was topped by Donald Harvey, followed by John Wayne Gacy, Patrick Kearney, Bruce Davis and Dean Corll in descending number of victims ( All these perpetrators of serial crimes in the 1970s and 1980s engaged in homosexuality, and the majority of the victims for the last four killers were boys.

[The article then gives the details of a comprehensive search made for such murders for the period 1989 through 2002.]

... Of the 90 news stories where the child was raped and murdered ... 40% involved homosexual molestation.

In the most unusual case, an "educated and relatively wealthy" leader recruited two other men and a boy. This team raped and murdered precisely 100 boys ... . The leader had had prior arrests for suspicion of sodomizing boys, but his social status kept him from being convicted for many years. In another case, a man molested and killed 9 children of unreported sex.

Of the 95 perpetrators in these 90 stories, at least 43% engaged in homosexuality. These included 39 men, a boy, and a woman who all engaged in homosexuality, and 47 men and 7 boys who engaged in heterosexuality with victims. Of the 217 victims, at least 68% were victimized by homosexual perpetrators, and at least 67% were boys. Boys were also mutilated in the two stories involving mutilation. Furthermore, both multiple perpetrators and multiple victims were associated with homosexuality. In the three stories where two or more killers were implicated, the rapes were homosexual. In 69% of the 13 stories involving more than one victim, the perpetrator engaged in homosexuality. Another 11 stories involved a charge of attempted murder. In 64% of those cases, the perpetrator engaged in homosexuality.

When all other cases of child molestation from the Lexis-Nexis search are added to these stories, there were 2,181 perpetrators in the 1,914 distinct events whose sexual proclivities could be characterized by the sex of their victim: 41% engaged in sex with their own sex, the remaining 59% with the opposite sex (another 118 perpetrators violated at least 190 children whose sex was not given). Of the 5,630 underage victims of these molestations, 61% were victimized by individuals who engaged in homosexuality. And those who performed homosexual seductions were quite one-sided: 3,386 of their victims were boys, only 60 were girls.

Overall, there was a slightly higher rate of homosexuality among perpetrators who raped and killed than among those who "merely" raped or molested (43% vs. 41%). In addition, the proportion of victims attributed to homosexual perpetrators who raped and murdered was higher than the proportion attributed to homosexuals who only raped or molested (68% vs. 61%). All of the cases involving eating or torturing the victim were committed by homosexual practitioners.

[The article goes on to describe the consistency of the above recent statistics to historical data on the degree that homosexuals have been involved in the rape and murder of children, with child molestation.]


Another important article is Violence and Homosexuality, by Dr. Paul Cameron.[22] The following are excerpts from it:

In 1992 two Jeffersonville, Indiana lesbians, aged 17 and 16, abducted a 12-year-old girl whom they accused of trying to “steal a girlfriend.” The little girl was pushed into the trunk of a car, stabbed repeatedly, and beaten with a heavy metal bar. While still struggling, they poured gasoline on her and set her ablaze. Later that year a Fort Lauderdale, Florida 14-year-old was convicted of first-degree murder for helping to kill his 40-year-old father. The father “was stabbed 45 times and beaten so badly with an iron skillet that the skillet shattered.” The boy confessed that he helped his father’s former homosexual lover and roommate kill him so he and the 31-year-old “could live together.”

These murders fit traditional psychiatric opinion: excessive violence is naturally associated with other forms of social pathology. ...

Murder and Mass Murder

Although the total number of victims dispatched by a given killer is often in doubt, (e.g., homosexual Henry Lucas claimed that he killed 350), it appears that the modern world record for serial killing is held by a Russian homosexual, Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted in 1992 of raping, murdering and eating parts of at least 21 boys, 17 women and 14 girls. The pathology of eating one’s sexual victims also characterized Milwaukee’s Jeffrey Dahmer in 1992. He not only killed 17 young men and boys, but cooked and ate their body parts.

The top six U.S. male serial killers were all gay:

• Donald Harvey claimed 37 victims in Kentucky;

• John Wayne Gacy raped and killed 33 boys in Chicago, burying them under his house and in his yard;

• Patrick Kearney accounted for 32, cutting his victims into small pieces after sex and leaving them in trash bags along the Los Angeles freeways;

• Bruce Davis molested and killed 27 young men and boys in Illinois;

• A gay sex-murder-torture ring (Corll-Henley-Brooks) sent 27 Texas men and boys to their grave; and

• Juan Corona was convicted of murdering 25 migrant workers (he “made love” with their corpses).

Lesbian Aileen Wuornos laid claim in 1992 to “worst female killer” with at least 7 middle-aged male victims. She singlehandedly topped the lesbian nurse team of Catherine Wood and Gwen Graham, who had killed 6 convalescent patients in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The association between serial murder and homosexuality isn’t recent. Two gays compete for the spot of “world’s worst murderer.” During the Nazi reign of terror, Auschwitz executioner Ludwig Tiene strangled, crushed, and gnawed boys and young men to death while he raped them. Though his grand total is uncertain, he often murdered as many as 100 a day. [As explained above] Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard) brutally destroyed the lives of 800 boys. …

A study of 518 sexually-tinged mass murders in the U.S. from 1966 to 1983 determined that 350 (68%) of the victims were killed by those who practiced homosexuality and that 19 (44%) of the 43 murderers were bisexuals or homosexuals.


The Pink Swastika,[23] pp. 174-176, lists the following as the eleven top homosexual serial murderers in the United States, all but one of which was in the top serial killers (heterosexual and homosexual), as of 1992:

Donald Harvey: 37 Murders ... [a] nurse's aide [who] was convicted of 37 murders in Kentucky and Ohio. Psychologists testified that "Harvey said he was a homosexual."  The New York Times, August 20, and August 17th 1991 ...

John Wayne Gacy: 33 Murders ... [a] professed homosexual ... who killed 33 young men and boys and buried them in his basement. The New York Times, February 22, 1980 .

Patrick Wayne Kearney: 32 Murders ... "an acknowledged homosexual" and "... perpetrator of the 'homosexual trash bag murders.' " The New York Times, July 27, 1977 .

Bruce Davis: 28 Murders ...killed 28 young men and boys after having sex with them.  The New York Times, January 21, 1984

Corll, Henley and Brooks (error in spelling of names is corrected): 27 Murders. Dean Corll, Elmer Wayne Henley, and David Owen Brooks were members of a Texas homosexual torture/murder ring that captured and mutilated 27 young men. The New York Times, July 27, 1972 .

Juan Corona: 25 Murders ... an admitted homosexual, killed 25 male migrant workers.  The New York Times, October 4, 1972 .

Jeffrey Dahmer:  17 Murders ... a convicted child molester and practicing and admitted homosexual lured 17 young men and boys to his apartment, had sex with them, then killed them and dismembered them.  He ate parts of his victims bodies ... Dahmer was active in "gay rights" organizations and had participated in "gay pride" parades. Michael C. Buelow.  "Police Believe Suspect Killed 17." The Oregonian, July 26, 1991, pages A1 and A24. Also: "Relative in Dahmer Case Sues." USA Today, August 6, 1991, page 3A. Also October 1991 Focus on the Family letter.

Stephen Kraft:  16 Murders ... killed at least 16 young men after drugging, sodomizing and torturing.  Robert L. Mauro. "The Nation's Leading Serial Killers."  The Wanderer, October 31, 1991 .

William Bonin:  14 Murders ... tortured and killed 14 young men ... had sex with his victims before and after they died. Robert L. Mauro. "The Nations Leading Serial Killers." The Wanderer, October 31, 1991 .

The first eight of the above (including the group of Corll, Henry and Brooks as three) were the same as those listed by Dr. Cameron.

At least two more recent crimes which show what the pathology of homosexuality can lead to should be added to the above lists of extreme brutality and murder.

The brutal homosexual rape and murder of little 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising, in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, was on September 26, 1999, by two homosexual "partners," David Don Carpenter and Joshua Brown, in their home.[24] He "was brutally raped, tortured and murdered -- for fun, for thrills, for the hell of it." He was raped at least six times by these men over a period of several hours.

A recent similar case involving the homosexual rape of a child was reported in Media Blackout Homosexual Attack, Register of Opinion (Official Publication of Public Advocate), August, 2009. The article states:

On June 27, 2009, police arrested Frank Lombard, the associate director of Duke University's Center for Health Policy for attempting to sell the body of his 5-year-old adopted son to an undercover FBI agent posing as another child molester. An open homosexual, Lombard lived with his "partner" Kenneth Shipp in Durham, North Carolina, where the two homosexuals allegedly "raised" two adopted boys.

The federal sting operation that led to the arrest revealed that Lombard ... had broadcast live video of himself on the internet molesting a child on four separate occasions. Investigators believe the boy to be his adopted son.

In conversations with undercover agents leading up to the arrest, Lombard admitted to abusing the child since infancy, allowing several others to do so as well, and sedating the child with Benadryl to make the abuse "easier." ...

Even with such a high profile case and sensational crime, however, all major media networks have suppressed the story. ...

"... We're looking at a child scarred for life. There are no words for such wickedness."

Lombard, a striking example of the very real correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia, awaits trial in Washington, D.C.

For an online story of the above homosexual rapes by Lombard, see the NewsBusters story.[25]

Both of these last incidents are good examples of where the homosexual pathology can lead. In the first case, both homosexual partners were clearly involved. In the last case, it is beyond reason to think that both "partners" would not have been involved with this child they had adopted and were supposed to be raising. Also, both cases are stark examples of the danger of allowing homosexuals to adopt children, or even be around them. This danger has also been shown by the many established cases of homosexual child abuse by Catholic priests, and by scoutmasters and assistant scoutmasters in the Boy Scouts of America.

The articles cited for these last two cases also show how the general media fail to report such cases the way they would if homosexuals were not involved.


It is clear that homosexuality is a serious mental disease that can regress into many strange and bizarre excesses, and into very violent and dangerous criminal acts. Certainly not all homosexuals engage in the more extreme activities. But this lifestyle often degenerates into acts that are violent and criminal. And it cannot be mere coincidence that the eight people topping the list of mass murderers in the United States were all homosexuals. Homosexuals are all individuals who should be undergoing treatment for their perversions. With treatment many have been able to overcome homosexuality and become productive heterosexuals. Many more have overcome this perversion through religion.[26]

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