The Sodomizing of Our Churches

© O. R. Adams Jr., 2009


After the advent of Christianity gained its influence in Europe more than a thousand years ago, sodomy (sexual activity between persons of the same sex) was generally condemned by Western societies, until the last forty years. At times, some of them even had the penalty of death for sodomy. The moral bases of those Western cultures were Judeo-Christian principles. Their primary religion was Christianity, and their churches were the backbone of their society. Their laws were based on Christian principles. This included the United States from the time of its first settlements. One of the primary reasons for the first settlements in this country was the wish of many people to find a place where they could practice their Christian religions free of government coercion as to its form and content. Freedom of conscience was a Christian concept, and our Constitution, in its Bill of Rights, provided for freedom of religion, and prohibited the establishment of a government supported religion, like England had. For more than two hundred years after the formation of the United States of America, and its Constitution, this was considered a Christian nation.[1]

Just as there have been crimes of all kinds against society, throughout history, there have also been homosexuals, and their contending for acceptance. Sodomy was a criminal offense at common law and was forbidden by the laws of the original 13 States when they ratified the Bill of Rights. In 1868, when the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified, all but 5 of the 37 States in the Union had criminal sodomy laws. The sodomy laws in this country increased, and just prior to the early 1960s, all 50 states had laws making sodomy a criminal offense.[2] This was because of the vile and depraved acts that constitute sodomy. The greatest authority on English common law, which became the common law of this country, was Sir William Blackstone. His Commentaries are still cited by our courts. He thought this about sodomy: "the infamous crime against nature" [is] an offense of "deeper malignity" than rape, a heinous act "the very mention of which is a disgrace to human nature," and "a crime not fit to be named."[3] To fully understand how vile and filthy the acts of sodomy are, and why Blackstone would describe them as he did, a person should know just what the most common homosexual acts actually are.[4] 

In 1942, Alfred Kinsey, a biologist, formed the Institute for Sex Research, Inc., for the purported purpose of studying human sexuality. His book, Sexual Behavior of the Human Male, was published in 1948, and his book, Sexual Behavior of the Human Female, was published in 1953. These books, together with the invention of the "pill," by which women could help avoid pregnancy, added to the decline in morality and the "sexual revolution" that took place in this country and around the world, beginning primarily in the 1960s. However, many of Kinsey's "findings" were fraudulent and were highly influenced by sexual perversions of various kinds. Kinsey himself was a homosexual pervert. To understand what a sick and perverted mind Alfred Kinsey actually had, see what Dr. James H. Jones, who served on the scientific board of advisers of the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research, had to say about him.[5] Kinsey's perversions also seemed to include self inflicted sadomasochism. An example reported from the same source was the following:

"One evening in August, 1954, Kinsey, dejected and bitter, stood in his offices in the basement of Wylie Hall looking up at some exposed pipes just below the ceiling.  On this evening, he told a close friend, he threw a rope over the pipe, tied a knot around his scrotum and wrapped the other end around his hand.  Then, he climbed onto a chair and jumped off."  Shortly after this episode, Kinsey .... traveled to Peru to photograph a collection of erotic pottery.  There Kinsey took to his bed, suffering from an infection in his pelvic region ... A physician friend ... labeled Kinsey's illness orchitis, pinpointing the testicles as the site of the infection."[6]

Dr. Paul Cameron, Psychologist, and head of the Family Research Institute, had this to say about Kinsey and his work:

Talk about a nit-wit whose whacked-out ideas dominate Hollywood and academia![7]

Much harm was done to this country by the academic acceptance of Kinsey's perverted work and research. Also it appears from information obtained later that Kinsey participated in the sexual molesting of small children, and even babies, under his perverted acts called research. A comprehensive book on this is Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences (2d Ed.), by Judith A. Reisman, PhD. Also, even more information is available in other publications of Dr. Reisman, and on her website.[8] The following is from the book, Sex and Fraud --The Indoctrination of a People, by Dr. Judith Reisman and Edward W. Eichel, 1990:

It is quite clear, for example, that, without any factual foundation upon which to base his case, Kinsey was advocating pedophilia. (p. 204)

The most precipitous moral decline that there has ever been in this country began in the 1960s. It was fueled by a number of things, combined, including the sexual revolution, the advent of the hippies and their drug culture, and the war protesters. The unkempt, long-haired, drugged-out look became the norm for many of our young people. Sadly, and unfortunately for our country, many became teachers and professors in our schools and universities, newsmen, journalists, famous entertainers; and one, William Jefferson Clinton, even became President of the United States. Our present president, Barack Hussein Obama, appears to be further to the left and with more socialist ideas than even Clinton . He also admits to having been a former drug user.

Without the moral decline in this country, the homosexual movement could have made no progress, but the sexual revolution and the 1960s moral decline paved the way for the success of that movement. The leftist liberals had infiltrated and pretty well taken over our schools, universities and professional organizations by the 1980s.  Opposition to the movement was met by propaganda, lawsuits (aided by the American Civil Liberties Union), violence, destruction of property, and even destruction of careers. A good example was the singer Anita Bryant, who was forced out of her work advertising orange juice on national TV because she stuck by her Christian views and publicly opposed the homosexual movement.[9] One professional organization after another caved in to the movement, including the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, and even the American Bar Association. Academia, the news media, and the entertainment media were among the first to fall.   The largest teachers' union, the National Education Association (NEA), became an arm of the homosexualists, and became involved in the indoctrinating of school children with propaganda that acts of sodomy were acceptable conduct, under the guise of sex education.[10] Such "sex education" has always been an important tool of the homosexual movement.

Churches and their members who stuck by the Bible and its condemnation of sodomy were met with derision and abuse from academia and the media, and by personal abuse and attacks by homosexualists. Their services were disrupted, property destroyed, and even murderous attacks made on them. One example was the First Orthodox Presbyterian Church in San Francisco , its Pastor, Chuck McIlhenny and his family, and the congregation. Pastor McIlhenny co-authored a book about it. The book was entitled, When the Wicked Seize a City.[11] The following is taken from this book.

 Homosexuals threw rocks, beer bottles, and beer cans through the church windows on many occasions.  They carved swastikas in the church doors and drew them on McIlhenny's house next door. A window in their car was smashed.  Homosexuals sprayed graffiti all over the church, house, and sidewalk.  Anti-Christian, pro-homosexual leaflets were scattered around the neighborhood calling the McIlhennys Nazis, anti-gay, etc.  Demonstrators often came in and disrupted Sunday worship services, vocally and by writing protests in the hymn books.  They made death threats against the family.  They made phone calls to them at all times of the night and day, screaming obscenities.  Sometimes callers described their children by name, where they attended school, and when they got out of school.  Homosexuals described the sexually deviant behavior they would practice on the children before killing them.  At least three times the death threats became so severe that the  McIlhennys flew their children down to Los Angeles to stay with relatives.  The threats to kill were not idle threats. An attempt was made to murder Pastor McIlhenny and his family by setting fire to the parsonage while they were in it.  (pp. 109-112)

The attacks on Pastor McIlhenny's church and family were the worst I have read of, but it certainly was not isolated. Attacks on churches and their congregations were made around the country, but the law enforcement authorities in most places had not caved in to the activist homosexuals to the extent that San Francisco had. The incidents related above in San Francisco were never prosecuted.

In various ways, churches around the country caved in to the demands of the homosexuals. But the worst harm was probably done by the infiltration of the churches by homosexuals. Some became ministers in Protestant Churches, and a great many became Catholic Priests. Hundreds, if not thousands, of alter boys and young men in the churches were sexually assaulted by homosexual Priests, resulting in a terrible destruction and cost of money to the Catholic Church. A recent news article reported that one homosexual priest, Father Lawrence Murphy, may have sexually assaulted and molested as many of 200 boys.[12] However, one thing should be said in favor of the Catholic Church. Although there has been great pressure from the homosexualists, both within and without the Catholic Church, its last two Popes have stood by Christian scripture condemning homosexuality, and have tried to enforce church policy against practicing homosexuals becoming priests.

From my reading, it appears that the two churches that have so far best withstood the homosexual pressure are the Southern Baptist and the Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) churches.

The Methodist and Presbyterian churches have continually struggled with the homosexual contentions at their national conventions, and have so far stood by the teaching of the Bible that sodomy was a sin. But the activities in the individual churches have worked out differently. For example, in a Methodist church a lesbian woman became a minister, and even performed homosexual weddings, but the national administration and church court failed to remove her. The national leaderships of these churches have always tended to be leftist liberals – much more so than the average members.

The Anglican and Episcopal churches of the United States and Canada are at odds with one another, and with their counterparts in other countries, particularly Africa, on the acceptance of sodomy, and of sodomites as ministers; and on the question of homosexual marriage. It is presently in the process of breaking up along the lines of those who believe in sticking to the teachings of the Scripture, and those who do not. Some Anglicans even want to rewrite the Bible to remove the proscriptions against sodomy.[13]

The homosexualists got the rather bright idea of churches becoming "Welcoming Congregations." These words had a high sounding Christian like tone, and became a very effective tool of the homosexual movement.

Although all of their churches are not bound, the General Synod of the United Church of Christ, has caved in to the homosexualists and encouraged its churches to become welcoming and affirming congregations.[14]

It is impossible to cover all of the churches or even denominations in this short paper. Some churches forsook the teachings of the Bible, and even declared their opposition to relying on the scripture as a base for their church. They accepted sodomy as commendable behavior, and all perverted sexual activity as normal.  And consistent with such logic, they no longer considered any kind of heterosexual sexual misbehavior of any kind as sinful. This would include fornication and adultery. A specific example of this is the Unitarian Universalist Association of churches. They have all abandoned all basic teachings of the Bible, and make up their own "religious" dogma. I think it is wrong to even call them churches.

A terrible thing that has happened is United Churches of Christ and Unitarian Universalist Churches joining together and teaching the SIECUS sex education programs to their children. This has been going on for a long time in our public schools, but for a church to sponsor such a thing is unforgivable.

The Sex Information and Education Council of the United States is a high sounding name chosen by the Kinsey group to indoctrinate children and young people with their perverted ideas on sexuality. It is not an institution of our federal government. "In 1964, the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) was launched by the Kinsey Institute. Its objective was to teach Kinseyan ideology as sex education in our schools. SIECUS (which now calls itself the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States ) imprinted the new Kinsey variant standard on almost all sex education curricula."[15] Wardell Pomeroy was a coauthor with Kinsey on sexual publications, was Kinsey's biographer, and worked with him on the "sexual research" with small children.[16] "The SIECUS Sex Education Curriculum Board was led by Pomeroy, Bell, Calderwood, Calderone, and McIlvenna – all Kinseyans and all committed to Kinsey's research findings, deviant standards and pedophile promotions."[17]

A PDF on SIECUS sex education can be downloaded from its website. It is very subtle and misleading, but even in this publication, it advocates homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and presents many kinds of perverted sexual activity as normal, and without censor as being wrong – even between small children. It presents "masturbation, either alone or with a partner," as an acceptable practice for children. (Page 52, of PDF) The SIECUS sex education material is designed for presentation to all children, from kindergarten to grade 12. The actual workings of this organization and the sex education programs are far worse than even the PDF guidelines. They bring in lesbians and "gays" to indoctrinate the children with every kind of perversion there is. Much of the material and activity is vile and pornographic. Many lawsuits have resulted from parents who try to keep their children from being subjected to this vile trash. 

We should ask ourselves why anyone would want to give sex education to small children – even as young as those in kindergarten. I believe that there are two primary reasons. One is that they want to brainwash children into the acceptance of homosexuality at an early age. This will pave the way for the selling of the homosexual agenda later, including same-sex marriage. Also, more of them may become homosexuals. The other reason is that SIECUS is still a Kinsey type organization. Kinsey and his associates seemed to have an obsession with sexual abuse of small children – only they did not consider it abuse. They argue that it was beneficial to the child. The same argument is made by the pedophile organization, the North American Man/Boy Love Association. (NAMBLA).

Dr. Wardell B. Pomeroy's sexual research with Kinsey on small children included the infamous "Table 34", which lists sexual responses in babies as young as four months old—data that could only have come from child molesters, or people lying about it.[18]

Pomeroy's books for children "ten and up," "Boys and Sex" (henceforth, BAS) and "Girls and Sex," consistently encourage kids to experiment with sex and ignore parental teaching.[19] He also promoted vile and bizarre sadomasochism and brutality as being "loving and sexually exciting."[20]

Both Kinsey and Pomeroy seemed obsessed with "pre-adolescent eroticism and orgasm" and stimulating babies, some so young they couldn't even talk, to try to get them to have orgasms.[21] It has never been clear to me to what extent they actually participated in this criminal behavior of molesting such small children, but it would appear that there had to be at least some hands on participation, as well as cooperating with other pedophiles in this criminal behavior.

Pomeroy has noted that the Kinsey team tested for motility of sperm, obtained from masturbation of small boys, with microscopic examinations.[22] Now just how close would that participation necessarily be? The opinion of Dr. Lester Caplan, a Baltimore physician and member of the American Board of Pediatrics, was that children of that age would not have willingly submitted to such abuse.[23]

Kinsey publicly claimed that his "scientific" findings showed children "derived definite pleasure" from their experiences.[24]

"Pomeroy recommended sex with animals 'potentially joyous,' unless one is discovered by the inhibited and sexually repressive 'Mrs. Grundys' of the world."[25]

"Like Kinsey, the SIECUS Report (1996) urged the use of 'sexually explicit visual, printed, or online materials for school children ... ."[26]

In actual practice, this so-called sex education in public schools has turned out to be extremely vile, filthy and bizarre. It has included such things as having children put condoms on such things as bananas and cucumbers; instructing them graphically about the engaging in oral and anal sex – both homosexual and heterosexual. And such things are always presented as normal and acceptable conduct. Homosexual marriage is promoted to the children with special books for that purpose. All of this is covered at length in As We Sodomize America, under books, on this website, and can easily be found from looking at the table of contents. Also, material may be quickly found by doing word searches using the words, sex education, and SIECUS, in the book.

The homosexualists plan to sell pedophilia to us in the same manner that they have homosexuality, generally:

The classification of pedophilia as normal sexual orientation is not the final step of the Kinseyesque agenda.  Another sex theorist has attempted to advance the status of the pedophile to that of Good Samaritan, dedicated to helping children learn about, and develop, their sexuality.  In other words, pedophiles could be viewed as natural helpers of children, with special gifts—much as John Money views homosexuals as special People ... .

In her article "Intergenerational Sexual Contact: A Continuum Model of Participants and Experience" (Journal of Sex Education & Therapy 15(1):3-12, 1989), Joan A. Nelson, Ed.D., advocates a model of adult-child sexuality in which sex acts with children are to be viewed as acceptable and even essential to the healthy development of the child.  She minimizes the harmful effect of what has generally been perceived as child sexual abuse; and she emphasizes the harmful effect of "society's condemnation" of adult-child sex—an approach straight out of the pages of Kinsey et al. *** [27]

Kinsey's research contains the only body of experimental data purporting to demonstrate that children from a very young age are sexual and have sexual needs.  This wisdom is part of the "scientific" foundation of modern sex education, allowing Lester Kirkendall, a sex education pioneer and Kinsey colleague, to predict in a profession journal in 1985, that once our sense of guilt diminishes, cross-generational (adult-child) sex and other forms of sexual expression "will become legitimate."[28] [Emphasis added.]

So, we see how this sex education is a part of the homosexual-pedophile agenda.

Many of these things remind me of the following from a part of a homosexual activist's fantasy that has now become true:

We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies.  We will seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together.[29]

When churches and their members can be convinced that sodomy is moral, they have been convinced that wrong is right and right is wrong. It shows that people, generally, can be convinced of anything with enough incessant pressure and propaganda.

Now the affirming United Churches of Christ, and the Unitarian Universalist Churches, who have declared sodomy and homosexual marriage to be acceptable things, are embracing the SIECUS sex educations programs for their children, from kindergarten on up. There is no record that even Sodom and Gomorrah advocated homosexual marriage – much less the indoctrinating of children that sodomy and homosexual marriage are acceptable things. The sodomizing of these churches is now complete. It would be much better for a decent family to belong to no church at all, or even be atheists. 

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