Turning Our Country into a Socialist Welfare State

O. R. Adams Jr., 2009


Most of us are already aware of the major programs planned by Obama and the radical liberals to turn this country into a welfare state, such as universal health care where the government can control the kind of healthcare we can get; and the controls proposed for banks, lending institutions, and automobile companies. For example, they want to make automakers that get "bailout money" start doing impractical things, such as making electrical automobiles. These automobiles can run 50 to 100 miles, and then have to be parked and recharged for several hours. And it takes another energy source of some kind to produce the electricity.

They want to eliminate individualism and freedom. They particularly want to eliminate capitalism and free enterprise.

However, there are many insidious programs planned that may not be so well known to those who have not studied them.

ACORN is a radical organization that Obama was a part of and is being investigated for election fraud in several states, now. Obama and that organization took an active part in pressuring banks and lending institutions into making the bad loans that are primarily behind our present financial crisis. They both want our lending institutions to continue making such loans. They want legislation to allow people who got loans to buy houses they could not afford to be able to keep the houses. Who will pay for all of this? The burden will be on the productive members of our society. Money will be taken from them to give to the unproductive. ACORN was a major factor in getting Obama elected. This socialist organization will be even more of a factor in turning our elections, if Obama has his way.

ACORN will get more government money to continue its nefarious affairs under present proposals by Obama and his liberal legislators. ACORN will be in line for a major part of the $5.2 billion dollars in Obama's stimulus bill for "foreclosure relief through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program." For details see: ACORN'S Stimulus, by Matthew Vadum, American Spectator, http://spectator.org/archives/2009/01/27/acorns-stimulus.

Under the guise of what he calls "volunteerism," Obama wants to force our youth into working in government approved community projects. Our young people could be forced into working for such organizations as ACORN. In my opinion, the primary object is the further indoctrinating of our youth with liberal socialist ideas. For some of Obama's specific ideas, see: Obama to Force America's Youth to "Volunteer,"  http://headinthegame.newsvine.com/_news/2008/07/20/1680082-obama-to-force-americas-youth-to-volunteer. And this is not just idle talk from Obama. Legislation is currently underway in Congress to put these goals into law.

As to the above-referred to legislation (HR 1388), the original intention was that volunteer work in Church or religions organizations would not qualify; but outrage over those restrictions "appear to have yielded a strategic withdrawal." In regard to the House bill, Dr. Judith Reisman, who has studied and written on these issues extensively, states that it is still analogous to the Hitler Youth Movement. This is especially true when considered with the existing and planned brainwashing of our youth and our students. She explains that under the legislation, youth would be recruited into the "AmeriCorps," and would undoubtedly be brainwashed with liberal socialist ideas. Dr. Reisman states:

Any statist Youth Brigade carries within it a dangerous threat, like that of National Socialism when teachers were recruiters. Again, it could be argued that if not for the National Socialist Teachers Association's seduction of German youth, World War II would have been impossible. (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=93528)

Obama, and liberals with his socialist persuasion, do not want charitable work to be done by Churches and conventional charitable organizations. They want it done by the federal government. They think that we ordinary citizens should not be allowed to determine what charitable purposes our contributions should go for. They want it done by the government, with our money taken from us by taxation. This makes more people dependent on the government and subject to its control. To further these goals, Senator John Cornyn (R. Tex.) states in his email newsletter of April 2, 2009 , that Obama wants to reduce what can be deducted for charitable contributions. Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich says: "I think there's a clear to desire to replace the church with a bureaucracy, and to replace people's right to worship together with a government-dominated system," (Obama's "war against churches and charities," http://www.onenewsnow.com/Politics/Default.aspx?id=473430)

I wonder if the people in this country fully realize the basic God given freedoms they will be giving up to get the care and benefits they hope to get from a socialistic government. Our last national election was a total disaster.