Update on Global Warming or Global Cooling

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Professor Don J. Easterbrook of Western Washington University, whose writings on global climate change have been published extensively, predicted global cooling for a 30-year period in 2008. His 2008 article, Global Cooling Is Here,[1] has some interesting graphs on critical information about which the public has been greatly misled. It has a comprehensive explanation, with supporting data. One of the graphs in Professor Easterbrook's article shows the much relied on and erroneous prediction for global warming, instead of global cooling, of the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC):

We see that the graph is quite the opposite of what has been taking place in the years since the warming period from 1977 to 1998, as shown in the data in the article. The IPCC computer model prediction shows a continuous trend of increased global warming, when the trend is the opposite since 1998.

Let us look at the United States, where we have much more industry, many more power plants, and more automobiles by far than the average of the rest of the world. A WorldNet Daily article, December 8, 2009, Global Cooling Documented in Last Decade,[2] by Jerome R. Corsi, shows the following graph:

                                                                                    Source: U.S. National Climate Data Center and c3headlines.com

A Fox News article, January 11, 2010, reveals that Professor Mojib Latif, at the Leibniz Institute of Germany's Kiel University, and an author of the IPCC report, has done an about face, and predicted  that we are in for a 30-year cooling period, that might be classified as a "mini ice age."[3] This now agrees with Professor Easterbrook insofar as Easterbrook's declaration that global cooling is here, and his prediction for the following thirty years. It is also corroboration for the following statement of Professor Easterbrook in his article referred to above:

Global warming (i.e, the warming since 1977) is over. The minute increase of anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere (0.008%) was not the cause of the warming—it was a continuation of natural cycles that occurred over the past 500 years.

The Fox News article, referred to above, notes:

The U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSICD) agrees that the cold temperatures are unusual, and that the world's oceans may play a part in temperatures on land. 

"Has ocean variability contributed to variations in surface temperature? Absolutely, no one's denying that," said Mark Serreze, senior research scientist with NSIDC. But the Center disagrees with Latif's conclusions, instead arguing that the cold snap is still another sign of global warming.

"We are indeed starting to see the effects of the rise in greenhouse gases," he said. 

Many parts of the world have been suffering through record-setting snowfalls and arctic temperatures. The Midwest saw wind chills as low as 49 degrees below zero last week, while Europe saw snows so heavy that Eurostar train service and air travel were canceled across much of the continent. In Asia, Beijing was hit by its heaviest snowfall in 60 years.

The above article also shows the absurdity to which many of the "man-made" global warmers will go to cover up their errors, even arguing that "global cooling is a sign of global warming." No matter how contradictory the actual weather is to their forecasts based on their erroneous theories, they cannot bring themselves to admitting the truth. The facts are contrary to all of their predictions and computer models.

The liberal media, entertainers, and politicians join in the man-made global warming absurdities. Global warmer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., writing a column in The Los Angeles Times on Sept. 24, 2008, recalled, almost bursting into written tears, sledding down a suburban D.C. hill as a child and how there will never be that kind of snow again.[4] The goofy David Letterman joined in the chorus on September 3, 2009, saying that “Coal is the culprit,” and fretted that “My son might not have a chance to see snow!”[5] Every year since each of those stupid statements, the northeastern United States has been having record and near record snowfalls.

Atlanta, Georgia, on December 25, 2010, had its first white Christmas since 1882.[6] On January 12, 2011, the United States had snow in 49 of its 50 states, including Hawaii. This was a very rare winter event.[7] All of this follows record snowfall and winter weather in many parts of the United States last winter.[8] In Canada, in January of this year (2011), Alberta had record breaking snowfalls; and St. John's, Newfoundland, had its biggest snow of record for January 13, breaking the prior record set in 1946.[9] As this article is being written (the end of January, 2011), news around the country is reporting how Manhattan, New York City, places in Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and other parts of the Northeast, are digging out of extreme if not record snow falls, with extremely cold weather along with it. The Albuquerque (New Mexico) Journal, February 3, 2011, reported that the prior day high of 9 degrees was the coldest February day on record in Albuquerque history – with our records going back to 1891. The morning of February 3 was predicted to be even colder, with temperatures getting as low as -10 Fahrenheit. I looked at our thermometer in a suburb of Albuquerque, in the morning of February 3, and the temperature was under -5 after the sun had been up for more than an hour. What we need now is some global warming!     

Gripped in a winter of snow and icy weather, December of 2010 was the coldest December for 100 years in Great Britain.[10] Other scientists, and now even British Broadcasting Company (BBC) are coming on board with Professor Easterbrook's predictions on the thirty-year cooling period. They are also belatedly recognizing the effect of solar changes as well as ocean changes in climate change.[11] Such things as man-made "greenhouse gasses" are insignificant when compared to the enormous forces of nature that affect our climate. Important and powerful forces of nature that affect the global climate are solar changes such as sunspots and changes in the sun, changes in the relative positions of the sun and the earth, and changes in the ocean and ocean currents.

In a January 8, 2011, story about ships and fishing vessels being unexpectedly trapped in arctic ice, the following further deceit is revealed about some of the "man-made global warming" proponents:

Let us begin with last week’s astonishing claim that, far from failing to predict the coldest November and December since records began, the Met Office had secretly warned the Cabinet Office in October that Britain was facing an early and extremely cold winter. In what looked like a concerted effort at damage limitation, this was revealed by the BBC’s environmental correspondent, Roger Harrabin, a leading evangelist for man-made climate change. But the Met Office website – as reported by the blog Autonomous Mind – still contains a chart it published in October, predicting that UK temperatures between December and February would be up to 2C warmer than average.[12] [Emphasis added.]

Although it obviously knew the prediction for warm weather was wrong, the Met Office (Meteorological Office – United Kingdom's national weather service) did not change it, knowingly letting all of the damage from its erroneous prediction take place. Giving a valid prediction would have put the lie to their "politically correct" prediction of more global warming. 

Looking at all of these things together should have some meaning to a person with an open mind, and that is that we are not in any "dangerous period of man-made global warming" as the "global warmers" would have us believe, to further their agenda.

It is all consistent with the article on this website, The Make-Believe World of Global Warming.[13] This comprehensive article shows in detail the many fallacies in the propaganda that has been fed the American people, and people around the world, about "man-made global warming." Some of it was clearly fraudulent, and it has all done great economic harm to the United States and all other countries that were influenced by the false information.

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