American Traditions Magazine is a project of American Traditions, LLC. The purposes of the magazine, as stated on the Home Page, are to  promote Christian values, traditional American values, and the upholding and protecting of our United States Constitution. 

    The editor and manager of the magazines is O. R. Adams Jr.

    Ora Ray Adams Jr. was born in Dalhart, Texas, in 1923. Near the end of the period of the drought, dust-bowl, and depression of the 1930's, which plagued that area of the country, he dropped out of high school at age sixteen, and worked as a cowboy in northern Texas and western Oklahoma, until entering the armed forces during World War II. Adams served in combat as a tail-gunner on a B-24 bomber in the European theatre.

    After the War, he received degrees in business administration and law from Southern Methodist University. He  served as a federal criminal investigator as a Special Agent in the Intelligence Division of the U.S. Treasury Department for over seven years, before resigning and moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1957, to practice law.  Adams practiced  as a trial and appellate  attorney in Albuquerque for more than forty-five years. He handled a number of cases involving rights under our Constitution, and has practiced before the United States Supreme Court. He has devoted considerable study and time over the years to constitutional law, and to history on the founders and the forming of our Constitution and our country.   

    A number of the articles and books planned for the magazine were written by Adams. All of the initial publications are by him. Other authors are invited to submit writings for the magazine, as explained on the Submissions page.