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February 15, 2016

Under Articles, an article, Our Disgraceful Judicial System, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title.

October 20, 2015

Under Articles, an article, Cows Help Form Clouds and Cool the Climate, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title.

September 15. 2015

Under Articles, an article, Birthright Citizenship, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title. 

August 15, 2015

Under Articles, an article, Corruption of Science by our Federal Government, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title.

January 31, 2015

Under Articles, an article, A Short Reminder of How Utterly Ridiculous, Deceitful, and Wrong the "Global Warmers" Have Been, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title. 

June 25, 2014

Under Articles, an article, Positive Proof That Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Is Not a Driver of Global Warming, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title.

  November 15. 2013

Under Articles, an article, A Challenge to Scientists on Whether Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Causes Global Warming, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title. 

June 25. 2013

Under Articles, an article, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Does Not Cause Global Warming -- Update, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title.

February 19, 2013

Under Articles, an article, A Record of Sexual Abuse of Boy Scouts by Homosexuals, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You will be amazed by the horrendous extent of this abuse. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title.

February 1, 2013

Under Articles, an article, Terrible Destruction is Being Done to Our Armed Forces, and to Our Country by Modern Liberalism, by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title.

January 25, 2013

The article, The Curse: What Jesus said about homosexuality, by Billy Rojas has been added to articles. You may go to the article by clicking on the foregoing title.

Billy Rojas is a lifelong student and teacher of history, and has an exceptional knowledge of biblical history.

 December 22, 2012

An article has been added to the website, under Articles. It is The Real Cause of the Sandy Hook Massacre, by O. R. Adams Jr.

You may go to it by clicking on the title.

January 15, 2012

A book review has been added in Articles: Book Review of As We Sodomize America - The Homosexual Movement and the Decline of Morality in America (by O. R. Adams Jr.), by Billy Rojas. It may be accessed by clicking on the title.

Rojas is a writer and historian. 

I have also added some brief reply comments at the end of the article.

December, 2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, Causes of and Remedies for Our Economic Problems, under Articles. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

After five years, this will be the last month of the regular publications. The website with all of its contents will be left online indefinitely; and when the editor or others write acceptable articles, or books, they will be published and notice given at that time. 

November, 2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, New Evidence That Man-Made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Does Not Cause Global Warming, under Articles. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

October, 2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, Our Colleges and Universities Produce Educated Fools. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

September, 2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, Are Coal, Natural Gas, and Crude Oil Really "Fossil Fuels"? and Is There Any Real Shortage of Oil?  You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

August, 2011

When you corrupt the children in a country, you strike at its very heart and soul. The brainwashing and homosexual indoctrination being forced upon the youth and school children in this country, and now on the young men and women in our military services,  is a shame and a disgrace to a country that still bears the name of America. It is all being done with the support and assistance of our President, who is quite obviously in the pocket of extreme homosexual activists. This month's magazine is an article on the subject that should be read by everyone in the country. It is Our "Gay Pride" President, by Dr. David A. Noebel. It may be read by clicking on the foregoing title. 

Dr. Noebel is the President and founder of Summit Ministries. He is a well known speaker and author. His excellent qualifications and background are noted at the end of the article. 

I have looked into the mission of Summit Ministries and consider it an organization that supports the same Christian and American values as American Traditions Magazine. It has therefore been listed under Organizations on this website. 

July,  2011

The Power of and Destruction Wrought by Homosexual Activists

This month's article is a reference to a World Magazine article of June 18, 2011, which presents further information about the influence and control homosexualists have over the large corporations in this country, and how they attempt to destroy the careers and livelihoods of anyone who actively opposes same-sex-marriage. Among the examples given in the article are the pressure put on the U. S. Olympic Committee when Peter Vidmar was appointed as the Chief of Mission for next year's Olympics in London, resulting in his resignation; and the pressure and intimidation put on the large and respected law firm of King and Spalding, resulting in its "decision to renege on its contract to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and drop the United States House of Representatives as a client." That law firm was chosen to defend the Act, because the Justice Department, under the influence of President Obama was refusing to do its duty and present a defense in court on the constitutionality of the Act. The article is They know where you work: 'gay marriage' supporters target employers, employees, by Megan Basham. It may be read in full, without subscribing or signing in, by going to the web address: 

June,  2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, The Make-Believe World of Homosexualists. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

May,  2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, President Obama's Use of Our Military Forces in Libya is Unconstitutional. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

April,  2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, The World's Most Successful Brainwashing -- Selling Sodomy. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

March, 2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, Update on Global Warming or Global Cooling. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

February, 2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, A President Who Promotes Sodomy. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

January, 2011

The Magazine for this month is the article, Charles Darwin and Alfred Kinsey -- Destroyers of Judeo-Christian Morality. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

December, 2010

Sexologist Authority Alfred Kinsey Was a

Homosexual Pervert and a Criminal Pedophile

Alfred Kinsey joined the faculty of Indiana University in 1920, and engaged in various research projects, including research on sexuality.[1] In 1947, he formed the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University. Kinsey's book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, was published in 1948, and his book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, was published in 1953. Although these works presented information that was contrary to conventional wisdom, and very contrary to Judeo-Christian values, they were widely acclaimed by academia and the liberal media. They became their Bibles of sexuality. They paved the way for sexual perversions and sexual misconduct to be accepted as normal and "moral," from sodomy to adultery. Kinsey has rightly been called the "father of the sexual revolution," which began in earnest in the nineteen sixties. Even now, after Kinsey has been fully exposed as the homosexual pervert and criminal pedophile that he was, and it has been shown that much of his "research" and many of his claims were completely fraudulent, academia and the general media still embrace his perverted teaching.[2] Our schools and universities, and the liberal media support and promote sexual perversions of all kinds, following the teachings of Kinsey.

One thing that has recently come to light is a woman in her late seventies has come forward and told of Kinsey's part in her sexual abuse when she was a child, beginning at seven years of age. She states that Kinsey paid her father to rape her, keep records on it, and report the information to Kinsey. This is only one of the many pedophiles with which Kinsey was connected in this criminal activity called research. I recommend that you read the following three World Net Daily articles on the matter:

Stunner! Kinsey paid my father to rape me, (Part 1),

How a Kinsey victim lives with molestation trauma, (Part 2 of above),

Child-rape victims story prompts probe for more (on possible legal action on the matter),

[1] Indiana University Biographical Material on Alfred Kinsey,

[2] Judith A. Reisman, PhD, has done a tremendous amount of work on Kinsey and his fraudulent and criminal "research," and has published two important books on the subject: Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, 1998, 2000, and Sexual Sabotage, 2010. She also has a number of other articles and information on Kinsey, his institute, and collaborators, on her website,

November, 2010

The magazine for this month is the article, Liberalism is Destroying Christian Churches.  You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

October,  2010 

The magazine for this month is a follow up on the sexual abuse of children going on in this country, by reference to the Spring, 2002 Regent University Law Review Article of Dr. Judith Reisman, Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth. The online article may be read at:

This very informative law review article details the role the mainstream media and academia have played in this joint brainwashing of America and its children. The article reveals the dark side of what has been and is going on in this country. These things are worse now than when the article was written. It is something on which every person in America, and the world, should fully inform themselves; and then do something about it. 

September, 2010

The magazine for this month is the article, Abusing Children and Calling It Sex Education and Research .  You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

August,  2010 

The magazine for this month is the article, The Shameful Disgrace of Our Highest Judicial System.  You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

July,  2010 

The magazine for this month is the article, Destroying Morale and Morality in Our Armed Forces and Exposing Our Troops to AIDS.  You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

June, 2010 

The magazine for this month is the article, The Make-Believe World of Darwinian Evolution.  You may go to it by clicking on the title.

May, 2010

We now have signed into law the Obama monstrosity called the Health Care Reform Act. If this bill is allowed to stand, it will do more to turn America into a socialist welfare state than any other legislation there has previously been in this country. It will make the people more subjugated to the government than they have ever been before.

No country that has become this socialistic has retained the basic individual freedoms that we have in our Constitution. A good example is Canada, our neighbor to the north, and the European countries. For example, in not one of those countries do the people have our four most basic constitutional freedoms which are freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and right to bear arms. In those countries, including Canada and Britain, the people do not even have the basic human right of self defense. What is strange about this is that the ideas of the natural and God given rights of self preservation and self defense were recognized as the rights of Englishmen before there was a United States. John Locke wrote about the natural right of self preservation; and the great common law and legal writers, Sir Edward Coke, and Sir William Blackstone wrote about the rights of the people to defend themselves, their families, and their property, and the right to be armed to do so, and explained them in English law. All of the basic human rights in our Constitution were ideas that our founders gathered primarily from English writers, the English Assize of Arms (1181), the Magna Carta (1215), and the English Bill of Rights (1662). Now the British have let their governments take away those basic rights.

Socialism and freedom are inherently contradictory. Why is it that people in these countries have allowed the government to remove their basic God given freedoms? It appears to me that as people become more dependent on the government, they become more complacent and apathetic, and allow the government to take away those basic human rights. They would rather have their government benefits and peacefully submit. Individual responsibility and accountability are destroyed. And so are drive and initiative to get ahead, accomplish things, and do well in the world. Also, disarming the people so that they must peacefully submit to government control of their lives has always been a requisite for communist and socialist governments.

I also believe that President Obama and the other Democrats have misinformed the people about the health care bill. They say that it is not the taking over of health care by the government. This is blatantly false. The government will have control over all aspects of health care. They also say that there is no "death panel." That name may not be used but I believe that the statement is false. I recommend that you read the article, 'Death panel' is not in the bill ... it already exists, by Joseph Ashby. (

There are also grave doubts about the constitutionality of the health care bill. Many provisions of it appear to me to be unconstitutional, but liberal Supreme Court justices have been inching in this direction for some time. They have no respect for our Constitution, and what the Court will do in this case remains to be seen. We have only four real conservatives presently on the United States Supreme Court. A good short article on the constitutionality of the bill is Health Care and the Constitution, by a top-notch constitutional scholar (who incidentally isn't even a lawyer), David Barton. (

April, 2010 

The magazine for this month is the article, The Make-Believe World of Global Warming. You may go to it by clicking on the title. 

March, 2010

The magazine for this month is the article, Homosexuals are Destructive to Our Military Forces, under Articles. You may go to it by clicking on the foregoing title. 

February, 2010

The magazine for this month is the article, The Make-Believe World of Modern Liberals, under Articles. You may go to it by clicking on the foregoing title. 

January, 2010

The magazine for this month is the article, America's Trojan Horse -- Government Run Health Care, under Articles. To go to the article, click on the foregoing title. 

December, 2009

First, we wish all of you a very merry Christmas, and a great New Year. 

The magazine for this month is a powerful article by Alisa Craddock: America's Coming "Cultural Revolution." The article may be read by clicking on the forgoing title. We Americans are far too apathetic about the tearing down of our American culture and values, and the threat to our basic freedoms, going on in this country under the Obama administration.

There is something that I would add in light of the recent massacre of a number of our military personnel at Fort Hood, Texas, by a radical Islamist. The government and the media continually try to cover up the fact that persecution and violence against "non-believers" is a natural result of the Islamic religion. The Koran, "the sacred text of Islam," and the basis of the Islamic and Muslim religions, supports the intolerance, violence, and terrorism of Muslims toward other religions, and the people who follow them. It is the basis of the killing and stoning of Muslims, themselves, who have strayed from Islamic teachings, and particularly if they have become "Christianized." These things have gone on ever since there was a Muslim religion. All religions are not the same, and entitled to equal respect, as our liberal government and the general media try to teach us. Such ideas are ridiculous to any thinking person, and only those who keep their heads in the sand do not recognize that which is obvious. 

November, 2009

The magazine for this month is the article, The Depraved Excesses of Homosexual Lifestyles, in the Articles section. To read the article, click on the foregoing title to the article. There are some extremely peculiar, bizarre, and depraved things about many homosexual lifestyles that are unbelievable to people who have not previously studied them. 

October, 2009

The magazine for this month is the article, How Homosexualists Redefine Homosexual Child Molesting, by O. R. Adams Jr., under Articles. To read the article, click on the forgoing title. Those promoting the homosexual agenda have come up with a new way to make the people believe the opposite of the truth about the strikingly high percentage of homosexuals that are child molesters. They know how knowledge of the truth about this hurts their efforts to sell homosexuality and same-sex marriage to the public. 

September, 2009

The magazine for September, 2009, is the article, Liebensunwerten Lebens, by writer Alisa Craddock, under Articles. To read the article, click on the foregoing title. The article is about the healthcare bill now before Congress, HR 3200. It details some terrible and immoral aspects of the bill -- comparing some of them to similar things enacted by Hitler in Nazi Germany. 

"The phrase 'life unworthy of life' (in German: 'Lebensunwertes Leben') was a Nazi designation for the segments of populace that, according to the racial policy of the Third Reich, had no right to live and thus, were to be 'exterminated.' This concept formed an important component of the ideology of Nazism and eventually led to the Holocaust."  (

August, 2009

The magazine for this month consists of the article, Should We or Government Bureaucrats Determine Our Healthcare Needs. It may be read by clicking on the title.

July, 2009 

The magazine for this month consists of the article, The Sodomizing of Our Churches, in Articles. To read it, click on the foregoing title.  

It is hard to believe that these churches would give up Judeo-Christian principles, and adopt worse than pagan practices. Not only have some of our churches accepted sodomy and homosexual marriage as commendable things, they have adopted SIECUS sex education programs to brainwash their children into the acceptance of these things. Children as young as those in kindergarten are to be given this "sex-education." In practice, in public schools, this kind of "sex education" takes up some very gross pornographic illustrations of sex acts -- both homosexual and heterosexual. It is all treated as acceptable for children to engage in such things. I am sure it will work the same in the churches. The sodomizing of these churches is now complete. 

June, 2009

The magazine for this month consists of a short article, Obama Would Have the Supreme Court Redistribute the Wealth in this Country, in Articles. To read it, click on the foregoing title.  

May, 2009

The magazine for this month consists of an article, Turning Our Country into a Socialist Welfare State, in Articles. To read it, click on the foregoing title.  

April, 2009

A Socialist Radical Has Been Elected President

 Barack Hussein Obama could well turn out to be the very worst president this country has ever had or will have. His policies and proposed legislation follow very closely the ideas of his radical communist friends and associates, William Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn.

His stated plans and proposed legislation include socializing our health care system; and redistributing the wealth by taxing the more productive in our society and giving their lawfully earned money to the "less fortunate." This is particularly destructive when we are in a deep recession. Taking money away from the productive, who use their capital to run businesses that supply jobs, goods, and services, and giving that money to those who are producing nothing, will turn us into a weak third world type country. It is exactly how a country becomes a welfare state. A strong productive America may be a thing of the past.   

Obama has been making a lot of speeches lately, and every time he does the stock market takes another trip downward. His socialist ideas do not sit well with the people who invest the money that runs the businesses in this country.

In the two articles, Our 2008 Financial Crisis Was Caused by the Democrats, and Obama and ACORN Directly Contributed to Our 2008 Economic Crisis, facts were presented showing how the democrats, in limiting our oil production and bringing about high gasoline prices; and more importantly in pressuring banks and lending agencies into making housing loans to "poor people" who could not afford them, primarily brought about our present recession. In the second article, Obama's personal activities in this regard, along with his radical long-time associate, ACORN, are explained.

Worse yet, now that he is President, Obama's stated policies and proposed legislation are aimed at helping those who could not afford the bad loans keep the homes they could not afford by reducing their mortgages, or having the government pay part of them. And the federal agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who were at the root of these bad loans, and went broke making and guaranteeing the loans, are being "bailed out" and allowed to keep up their destructive practices. Tremendous amounts of government funds will be needed for such policies, and it will all be capital used for unproductive purposes that could be, if not taken away from those who earned it, used to create jobs and produce badly needed goods and services.

All of this will also lead to inflation, and there can be nothing worse than inflated prices for goods and services during a deep recession.

Obama is supporting a change in the law on labor unions that would eliminate the secret ballot. Union "goons" have long been known for their "leaning" on workers to unionize. Many times physical abuse and even murder has been resorted to. If union organizers can threaten and pressure a majority of the workers in a business into signing a card that they want a union, the business will have to accept union representation, and all workers will have to pay union dues. It is hard for workers to resist this "pressure," when applied to each of them individually, in private, one at a time. There will be no secret ballot that protects the workers from both the unions and management, as there is now.  

The primary reason our automobile companies and many other industries are in danger of bankruptcy is because of oppressive union contracts. It is also the reason that many companies have either gone broke or moved their operations to foreign countries.

It is not just Obama's economic policies that are so radical – his social policies and ideas are equally radical. In the article, Barack Hussein Obama is a Fraud, I related facts showing what a hypocrite he is. He professes to be a Christian. His actions and policies show that he is the opposite. When he was in the Illinois legislature, he continually opposed legislation that would have protected babies from being left to die that survived an abortion and were born alive. He supports the heinous procedure of partial birth abortion. Although sodomy is one of the most condemned things in the Bible, Obama expressed his belief that sodomy is moral.

Obama plans to reverse President Bush's "conscience rule" that provided that healthcare workers may refuse to conduct or participate in performing abortions, without repercussions, when against moral views. People will be forced to do things which they consider extremely wrong and sinful.

As Dr. James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, states in his news letter of February, 2009, on Obama's social programs: "He has taken dead-aim at the institution of the family and the moral principles on which it is based." He plans to try to extend even further the rights for abortions on all fronts. He plans to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act which provides that a same-sex relationship shall not be considered a marriage under federal law, even if recognized as such by a state; and that no state shall be compelled to recognize same-sex marriages of another state. There is no clearer support for homosexual marriage, although Obama falsely told us when he was running for President that he was against homosexual marriage.

A good article on Obama's radical views on children and sexuality is Obama ripped on 'sex agenda' – Scholar says president following Kinsey's plan of sexual anarchy, by Bob Unruh. The scholar referred to in the title is Dr. Judith Reisman.    

 Obama even supports teaching sex education to small children, even those in kindergarten. And such a "sex education" would include teaching children that there is nothing wrong with unmarried young people engaging in sexual activity – even sodomy – just don't get pregnant – and if you do, have an abortion. That very teaching is going on in many schools now.

Godlessness and Socialism always go together.

March, 2009 

For this month, an informative book review by Dr. Judith Reisman was added to Articles. The review is of the book, Sinisterism: The Secular Religion of the Lie, by Bruce Walker. You may go to the review by clicking on the book title, above. There is little difference in the radicals commonly called Nazis, fascists, communists, Marxists, radical atheists, or radical Moslems. They all hate Judaism, Christianity, Israel, and America. And they all loathe our Judeo-Christian values. Walker considers them all "sinisterists."

February, 2009

For this month, the article, THE SODOMIZING OF NEWSWEEK, has been added to the Articles section. It may be accessed by clicking on the title, above. 

January, 2009

The magazine section this month is brief. 

I pray that our new leaders will surprise me and make the right decisions for our country in this precarious coming year.

We wish all of you a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. 


December, 2008

To say that the November, 2008, election disappointed me is a gross understatement. I am sorely afraid that we are fast moving toward a socialistic welfare state, with a loss of our basic constitutional freedoms. 

In older times, unscrupulous politicians offered citizens a dollar to vote for them, and the dollar either came out of their own pocket or from their political contributions. Barack Obama took this misbehavior to a point that was heretofore unheard of. He promised the majority of Americans that if they would elect him the government would give them each $1,000, and that it would be taken away from the more productive Americans by increasing their income tax. The $1,000 is clearly a handout to people who did nothing whatsoever to earn the money, and many of whom have paid no income tax at all; and it is to be taken away from those who honestly earned it. The gifts are not even restricted to those who are in need of charity. It is contrary to any concept of fairness and justice. 

This "Robin Hood" and Marxist approach to government -- robbing the rich and giving to the poor -- is the thing that was most feared about a democracy by our Founders, as explained more fully by the article on this website, Why Our Founders Feared a Democracy. The following is a historical quote of long standing from the article that is worth repeating:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: "From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage." (Emphasis added)

Certainly there has never before in our history been a presidential candidate promising as much "largesse from the public treasury" as Barack Obama.

When the people become so devoid of principles that they vote for someone who promises to give them the most money, property, or government services, rather than for what is good for the country as a whole, democracy does not work as a government that our Founders wanted for us. They very much hoped that when people voted they would be guided by the Christian principle of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

Noah Webster, one of our great Forefathers,  a well known educator, as well as author of our first American dictionary, said:

When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers just men who will rule in the fear of God.  The preservation of a republican government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; if the citizens neglect their duty, and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good, so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded. 

For more than forty years, since the 1960s, there has been a steep decline in morality in this country. A Godless country and socialism, or Marxism, go together. There never has been, and I don't believe there ever will be a socialist country or a welfare state where the people have the basic human freedoms that we have under our Constitution. If we continue in our present direction, we can expect the further, and fast, erosion of the rights our Founders gave us in our Constitution. And Barack Obama has explicitly stated that it is his intention to appoint typical liberal judges. These will be judges that have no respect for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and will change them to fit their own personal views and biases. Each such change they make destroys some of our Constitution.

November, 2008

For the magazine this month, an article, Our 2008 Financial Crisis Was Caused by the Democrats, was added to the Articles section. The article may be accessed by clicking on the forgoing title. (This article was amended on October 5, 2008, to correct an error about the makeup of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and the handling of the reform bill before it.)

Due to outright false information being given out by the Democrats, and by the liberal media, people have been led to believe the opposite of the truth. Our current economic crisis was caused by two major factors. One was the oil, gasoline, and energy crisis. The other and more important was the mortgage failures and resulting reduction in real estate values, causing the failure of various financial institutions, including the two quasi government entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. All is the result of a Democrat controlled congress, and certain actions taken by the Clinton administration.  Read the documented facts supporting the article, including the dates of what was done, and who was involved. Read the exact words, from the Congressional Record, said by Senator John McCain, on May 26, 2006, on the Senate Floor, in trying to get these organizations reformed; and how the bill he cosponsored was defeated by the Democrats. 

On October 12, 2008, I added another article, Obama and ACORN Directly Contributed to Our 2008 Economic Crisis. It may be accessed by clicking on the foregoing title.

The October, 2008, article, Barack Hussein Obama is a Fraud, may be accessed by clicking on the foregoing title.          

October, 2008

For this month an article, Barack Hussein Obama is a Fraud, has been added to the Articles section. The article may be accessed by clicking on the title, above. 

Anyone who is going to vote in the presidential election in November should be aware of the critical information in this article.  

September, 2008

An article, MUSLIM NATIONS DENY BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, has been added to the Articles section. (To access the article, click on the above title.)

We seem to take for granted the basic freedoms enjoyed in this country. Prior to the one on September 11, 2002 , we all but ignored deadly attacks on this country and its citizens by Muslim extremists. Even after 9/11, when President George W. Bush has tried to fight back against such terrorism, many of our politicians have opposed him at every move. All over the world, Muslims are trying to impose their oppressive ways on others.

The three most important of our basic freedoms are freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of press. When Muslims get control of a country, these basic freedoms are not allowed. "Unbelievers" in the religion of Islam have been subjected to inconceivable murder and brutality, including frequent beheadings, by Muslim terrorists.  

Liberals in this country loudly cry about the "brutality" and "torture" of terrorist prisoners at our base in Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba. The closest thing to physical torture that I heard of was "waterboarding," which we also use to train our own troops. It injured no one. The Muslims can teach these liberals something about real torture and brutality. They capture innocent people, torture them, and then behead them. They even make videos of their gruesome procedures. This beheading of "unbelievers" has been common throughout all of Muslim history. It did not start with our invasion of Iraq as many liberals would like us to believe.

August, 2008

This month, the article, Why We Are Losing Our God Given Rights, has been added to the Articles section. (To access the article, click on the title, above.)

The liberalism and socialism into which we are being led by our Democrat representatives, and imposed upon us by our liberal judges, is not compatible with our "inalienable rights" "endowed by our Creator" as declared by our Declaration of Independence.  

If Barack Hussein Obama is elected President of this country, we can expect to have a country in which the removal of our God given freedoms will be completed. Besides the legislation that will be imposed by a Democrat legislature, along with a Democrat President, the next President will probably appoint at least three new justices to the Supreme Court. The liberal justices that Obama would appoint would be devastating to our Constitution, and to our inherent rights we have enjoyed in America.  

July, 2008

Cultural  Destruction Caused by Socialism and Welfare States

As explained in the article, Why Our Founders Feared a Democracy, the very thing they feared is happening today. The people are beginning to vote for the candidate that promises them the most. President John F. Kennedy said: "Ask not what your country can do for you – but what you can do for your country." This principle has now been completely reversed, and it is fast leading us into socialism and a welfare state. The people who support our government by paying more in taxes than they get from the government are getting fewer and fewer.

Democrats increase their constituency by getting more people dependent on the government, and they continue to promise them more and more. Now the primary constituencies of the Democrats are those dependent on the government, generational welfare recipients, abortionists, atheists and anti-Christian groups, and homosexual groups. Another constituency is the labor unions. However, I believe that a labor union which has an interest in good workmanship and efficient production, as well as the welfare of its employees is a good thing. This would lead to less of our production being done outside of our country. But the working class with this outlook is not likely to support the present Democratic party.

Human initiative is stifled – it is too easy for people to survive without working. We get generations of families on welfare. We get generations of children born to unwed mothers, and all cared for by the government. These people seem to lose any ability to find work, make their own living, and contribute to their country. This is of course brought about by the Democrats – these welfare families are an important part of their constituency – and they work hard to get these people to the polls on election day. Such people contribute nothing to the country, and should not even be voting.

As people become more dependent on the government they become apathetic as the government takes from them their basic rights. Communism, socialism, and welfare states are all incompatible with both Christianity and basic human rights. In the end, they are all Godless societies that subjugate the people to the wishes of those in government. Such governments try to remove all semblances of Christianity and religion from the country's culture. This is going on at a fast rate today, with our liberal leaning courts taking an active part in it. Laws are passed and schools take action to try to force people into the "political correctness" of the liberal views. False history is taught in the schools, and students are brainwashed with the liberal viewpoint, even though its factual basis is false.

The Democrats today embrace not only abortion, but killing babies while they are being delivered (partial birth abortion), and even killing babies after they are born when abortion fails to kill them. The Democrats' nominee for President, Barack Hussein Obama, supports all of these inhuman things. (See the article, Facts, Truth and Morals are Irrelevant to Democrats, in the Articles section of this website.)

The Democrats now support immorality from beginning to end, and continue to try to remove all of our Christian heritages. This goes with socialism, as does the removal of our constitutional rights.

One of the most important parts of our Constitution is the exclusive right in the people to change the Constitution. This, with our republic form of government, makes it a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. By judicial fiat, liberal judges, such as a Democrat President will appoint, destroy this right of the people to pass their own laws and govern themselves. There are many examples of this when it comes to religion. A couple relate to saying the pledge of allegiance, and displaying the Ten Commandments. A recent example is in California where the people and their representatives passed a law prohibiting homosexual marriage, and their Supreme Court struck it down – falsely creating a constitutional right not only to sodomy, but to homosexual marriage. Our United States Supreme Court did a similar thing when it struck down numerous state laws prohibiting sodomy and falsely declared that there is a constitutional right to engage in sodomy.

If Barack Hussein Obama is elected President, we can look forward to a Godless socialistic society, and the further loss of our rights under our Constitution.

June, 2008



 Judicial decisions, many of which effect and bind our whole country, should not be based upon politics, or personal biases of judges. I think that all reasonable people should be able to agree on this basic and fundamental principle.

There is only one way that a judge's personal biases can be kept from effecting a decision. That is to use correct principles and rules to arrive at a decision. And the only correct principle for interpreting a provision of our Constitution is to arrive at the intent and purpose for which the provision was enacted. This same principle applies to the interpretation of all written documents. It is a matter of common sense and logic. Examples in the legal field are provisions of a constitution, statutes, wills, and contracts. Unfortunately, this basic principle is most violated when interpreting the most important of all legal documents – our Constitution.

If a judge can be depended upon to follow correct principles in deciding a matter, then we do not need to worry over what his politics and personal biases are.  And all have them. Consider what an improvement that would be to what we now have. The President appoints federal judges, and no matter what the political persuasions of the President at the time, there are continual delays and obstructions to appointments, as each side jockeys and maneuvers to get a favorable judge and block an unfavorable judge. What a blessing to our country it would be if this could be eliminated. And it easily can be eliminated.

We need to understand what I mean by a conservative judge. I mean a judge that sets aside all of his personal views when deciding a constitutional provision, and decides it according to the intent and purpose of those who enacted it. I do not mean a judge who is influenced by his conservative political views, and I do not mean a judge that is influenced by his liberal political views. Both conservatives and liberals have made erroneous and harmful decisions, when influenced by their political views; although it is my studied opinion that liberals are much more bent in that direction.

You may wonder how you determine the intent and purpose of a constitutional provision that was enacted more than 200 years ago. Actually it is easy. The records are many and voluminous. They are such things as the Federalist papers, published statements made by our Founders who worked on framing the provisions, and on getting them ratified. Reliable history of our country prior to the enactment can also have a bearing on such things as what was meant at that time by the phrase, "establishment of religion", as used in the First Amendment, and "Militia", as used in the Second Amendment. The existing federal and state laws at the time of enactment of a provision can have a bearing.

I have written a book, A Way To Save Our Constitution From Judges, that explains in detail the ease with which the intent and purpose behind provisions of our Constitution can be determined. The complete book is made available on this website. It also explains in detail the destruction that has been done to our Constitution by judicial activism in particular cases, where decisions are based on the political and personal views of United States Supreme Court justices. Also included at the end of the book is the recommendation for a simple constitutional amendment that would cure all of these problems and would prevent activist judges from deciding constitutional matters according their own personal political views and other personal biases. 

Erroneous decisions have been made by the Supreme Court in what could be classified both to the left and to the right in the political spectrums. During the last fifty years the greatest harm has been done to our Constitution by liberal leftist decisions. One of the most basic rights in our Constitution – a government of the people, by the people and for the people, has been usurped by activist judges. They are turning it into a government of the judges, by the judges, and for the judges, according to their political and social views. The rights under our Constitution that were given to the people, and solely to the people, have been maliciously and purposefully taken from them by the judges, and wrongfully given to themselves. Very numerous specific examples and cases of this are detailed in the book referred to. The people have put up with this usurpation of their rights far too long.

Under Article V of our United States Constitution, only the people and their representatives have the right to change our Constitution. And this right is federally weighted by states. Sometime, our country will put a stop to the ability of judges to overstep their authority and usurp this basic right of the people; but until then, the people should elect conservative presidents that will appoint conservative judges. Of course, the liberals fight this vigorously; because they want judges that will unlawfully do what the people will not do, and that is change the Constitution to what they want it to be.   

May, 2008

Do We Have Global Warming or Global Cooling?

When the liberals adopt a position, views to the contrary are either killed or severely censored. This is done by both the media and academia. It does not matter whether or not the question is a scientific one that should be objectively explored from all sides. To the liberal, there can be but one side. One small example is the question of Global Warming.

Global warming crusader Al Gore repeatedly claims the climate change “debate’s over.” It isn’t, but the news media clearly agree with him. Global warming skeptics rarely get any say on the networks, and when their opinions are mentioned it is often with barbs like “cynics” or “deniers” thrown in to undermine them.  

Consistently viewers are being sent only one message from ABC, CBS and NBC: global warming is an environmental catastrophe and it’s mankind’s fault. Skepticism is all but shut out of reports through several tactics – omission, name-calling, the hype of frightening images like polar bears scavenging for food near towns and a barrage of terrifying predictions. ("Global Warming Censored – How the Major Networks Silence the Debate on Climate Change," by Julia A. Seymour and Dan Gainor, Business and Media Institute.

Prominent hurricane forecaster Dr. William M. Gray, a professor at Colorado State University, and founder of the Weather Channel, predicts we will have global cooling within ten years.

Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin, Merited Scientist of Russia and fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and staff researcher of the Oceanology Institute, also predicts that within ten years we will have global cooling, and gives some very interesting information to back up his prediction. Dr. Sorokhtin states:

The real reasons for climate changes are uneven solar radiation, terrestrial precession (that is, axis gyration), instability of oceanic currents, regular salinity fluctuations of the Arctic Ocean surface waters, etc. There is another, principal reason—solar activity and luminosity. The greater they are the warmer is our climate.

Astrophysics knows two solar activity cycles, of 11 and 200 years. Both are caused by changes in the radius and area of the irradiating solar surface. The latest data, obtained by Habibullah Abdusamatov, head of the Pulkovo Observatory space research laboratory, say that Earth has passed the peak of its warmer period, and a fairly cold spell will set in quite soon, by 2012. Real cold will come when solar activity reaches its minimum, by 2041, and will last for 50-60 years or even longer.

Others say that we are already into the period of global cooling.

A Fox News report states ( 2-28-2008 ):

Tuesday we told you about several areas around the planet experiencing record cold and snowpack — in the face of all the predictions of global warming.

Now there is word that all four major global temperature tracking outlets have released data showing that temperatures have dropped significantly over the last year. California meteorologist Anthony Watts says the amount of cooling ranges from 65-hundredths of a degree Centigrade to 75-hundreds of a degree.

That is said to be a value large enough to erase nearly all the global warming recorded over the past 100 years. It is reportedly the single fastest temperature change ever recorded — up or down.

Some scientists contend the cooling is the result of reduced solar activity — which they say is a larger driver of climate change than man-made greenhouse gases.,2933,333328,00.html

An interesting article, Global Cooling?, by Dennis Avery,  American Conservative Union, gives information indicating that we have been in global cooling since 1998.

Australian News also report that scientists, including the head of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), have also acknowledged that, taking 1998 as a reference point, we are also in global cooling. Jennifer Marohasy, a biologist and senior fellow of Melbourne-based think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs, states:

It's not only that it's not discussed. We never hear it, do we? Whenever there's any sort of weather event that can be linked into the global warming orthodoxy, it's put on the front page. But a fact like that, which is that global warming stopped a decade ago, is virtually never reported, which is extraordinary.,25197,23411799-7583,00.html

Global warming or global cooling is a subject that is critically important to the world, and its economy. What we need is for the scientists, academia, and the news media to move from political correctness back to true objective science.  

Your Freedom to Practice Your Religion is Being Taken From You 

by Homosexualists

In New Mexico last week the state "Human Rights Commission" held that a woman violated the state civil rights laws when she refused to photograph a  same-sex "commitment" ceremony by two lesbians. The woman's uncontradicted statements were that her refusal was based on her religious beliefs, which would be violated by her participation. Certainly there were other photographers that could have been obtained, and apparently were, because no damages were awarded. But it was ordered that the lesbians would be reimbursed $6,637.94 in attorney fees by the photographer. The message is that not only must we forsake our religious beliefs and accept sodomy, but that we must help those who engage in sodomy celebrate it. This is clear violation of a person's right under the First Amendment of our United States Constitution to practice his or her religion. 

The Alliance Defense Fund has stated that it will appeal the decision for the woman. I hope that the organization and the parties persist in appealing the case all the way to the United States Supreme Court, if necessary, to uphold this woman's rights and establish that the first (and some consider the most important) of our basic constitutional rights, in the Bill of Rights, which is that our right to the free exercise of our religion shall not be abridged, is not meaningless. Freedom to practice the Christian religion without government coercion was a primary factor in establishing America. It was the reason many of our forefathers, such as the Pilgrims and the Puritans,  came to this country. 

The Alliance Defense Fund is a fine organization that has valiantly and successfully fought for our religions rights over the years. This organization has been added to the Organizations section of this website as an organization worthy of support. 

April, 2008

Because of the age and health of the justices of the United States Supreme Court, the next President has a good probability of the replacement of five of them. Either of the two Democratic front runners for the presidential nomination of their party would appoint liberal judges that would continue the destruction of our Constitution. This is a critical matter for those who understand our constitutional law. It was never intended by our founders that the country would have to worry about the political and social views of judicial appointees, as it was intended that they would interpret the meaning of laws, including our Constitution, according to what was intended by those who formed and enacted them. Instead, liberal justices are guided by their own political and social views.

A new book, A Way to Save Our Constitution From Judges,  by O. R. Adams Jr., has been added to the Books section. (Click on the Title to go to the book.)

This is a book that is first being published on this website. It is a comprehensive book that covers in detail particular cases that have been decided by our Courts -- particularly the United States Supreme Court, and the damage done to our Constitution by some of these decisions.  

Article V of our Constitution, provides that our Constitution may be changed only by the people and their representatives. It takes two thirds of both houses of our federal legislature, or two thirds of the legislatures of the states, to commence an amendment. It then must be approved by three fourths of the legislatures  of the states or by conventions in three fourths of the states -- thus providing for strong federal weighting. Yet liberal Supreme Court justices have often usurped this sole right of the people and their representatives, and unlawfully changed our Constitution to their own liking -- often by bare majorities of the Court. This is indeed a disgraceful situation. 

The basic problem is that our Constitution has no curb for activist judges, except impeachment, which they obviously do not fear. There is nothing in our Constitution that states how a law or a constitutional provision should be interpreted by the courts. The courts, and particularly the United States Supreme Court, make their own rules for interpretation. Although our early Supreme Court justices developed rules for interpretation that determined the meaning for a provision of our Constitution to be that which was intended by those who formed and ratified it, later liberal justices left those long accepted rules, and began substituting their own personal views thereby clanging our Constitution from what was intended by those forming and enacting it to what these particular liberal judges thought it should be. 

This judicial misbehavior by liberal judges has imposed completely erroneous meanings that must now be followed because by the Court's own interpretations these decisions are now controlling. The article on this website, Saving Our Constitution From Judges, is a concise summary of this book. 

The book contains an easy way that this damage can be prevented by a simple Constitutional amendment requiring that judges construe the meaning of a provision to be that which was intended by those responsible for enacting it, as it should be, and as it was long ago recognized by our early courts. This would also take judges out of politics and put them back into being judges as was intended by our Constitution. 

The proposed amendment would not only prevent such future damage to our Constitution, but, in time, would tend to correct all erroneous decisions that have been made in the past. 

March, 2008

An article, Why Our Founders Feared a Democracy, was  added to the Articles section. (Click the Title to go to the article.) The demise of prior democracies has been brought about primarily by the belief of the people that the government should take care of their various needs and wishes. They have developed a Robin Hood mentality to soak the rich and give to the poor, which eventually destroys the government, and the individual freedoms of the people. While they receive their government benefits, they do not have the will and energy to resist the destruction of their God given Freedoms. Our Founders tried to guard against that very problem, knowing why all prior tries at democracy had miserably failed.

One of the great historical and political writings of our times was the two volume book, Democracy in America, by Alexis de Tocqueville (1838). The University of Virginia has done a great service to America by making both volumes of this important writing available to the public.  Also, Yale University has made available to the public the entire Federalist Papers. Both are available online, at the web addresses given in the article, Why Our Founders Feared a Democracy. These are two of the most important writings there have been on our Constitution and our early American history relating to the nature of and formation of our government. 

Today, all of the leading Democratic candidates are preying on the desires of the people for healthcare and other benefits. The idea of President John F. Kennedy, "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country," has now been completely reversed. Apparently the Democratic candidates of today think that the person who can get elected is the person who can promise the most government benefits to the people. This is the exact thing that our Founders feared. It leads to a socialized welfare state, the loss of individual freedom and of individual initiative. It will lead to the demise of America as the great bastion of freedom, and to the end of its status as a world power. It will eventually destroy our form of government, as it has in all past democratic experiments.

February, 2008

Who is the Real Barack Hussein Obama?

Allegations about Obama's Muslim background. I have recently received a number of emails making derogatory claims about Obama's Muslim background, which appears to be a bit murky. Some of the allegations do not appear to be well-founded.

One email in particular says that the information was checked out in One of the allegations is that Obama conceals the fact he is now a Muslim. Certainly, does not support that statement. Another was that when he was sworn in (sworn in to what?) he used the Koran instead of the Bible. This appears to be erroneous. From my research, when he was sworn in as a United States Senator, the Bible was used. The information can be found at However, this also should be taken with a grain of salt. The Snopes information seems biased in favor of Obama, in that it takes as support statements made by Obama and his campaign managers, which I do not consider objective.

One interesting thing that the Snopes information has is the picture of Obama , Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and another woman on the stage during the playing of the National Anthem while displaying the flag. The other three stand there respectfully at attention, with their hands over their hearts, while Obama slouches there with his hands folded down by his crotch, showing complete disrespect for both our National Anthem and the American Flag. It is no wonder people are suspicious of him. The Snopes bunch, further showing their leftist bias, make the statement:

Although the custom is sometimes more honored in the breach than in the observance, the U. S. Flag Code states that:

During the rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed all present except those in uniform shall stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.

The Flag was apparently being displayed out in front of the stage, and a large flag was behind the stage making the Flag rather clearly displayed. How the custom can be honored in the breach, is a rather peculiar statement that Snopes does not attempt to explain. They then try to cover it up by supplying other pictures of Obama with his hand over his heart, furnished by the Obama campaign. They do not explain when or why the other pictures were made, which may have been merely for the purpose of trying to make it appear that Obama just made an inadvertent mistake at the time in question. I saw the scene on television of Barack and the others made at the time it happened, as I am sure that a great many other people in the country did. He displayed obvious disrespect for our National Anthem and our Flag, and I do not believe that he is so stupid that it could have been inadvertent. I hope that if Obama gets the Democratic nomination, that the Republicans get out advertisements showing the scene and play it over and over, asking the people if this is the kind of person we want to be President of our Country, and Commander in Chief of our armed forces.  

Many leftists, generally, have little respect for our American institutions such as our National Anthem, our Flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and all of our statements and symbols that include the word, God. Many of them, because of their evolutionary brainwashing in our schools, do not believe in God; and deceitfully want God eliminated from our national history and American heritage. Truth and morality mean nothing to them.

As to whether or not Obama was ever a Muslim and worshipped that faith, I think an article that is much more balanced than the Snopes information is a recent FrontPage article, "Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam," by Daniel Pipes, which states in part: "Obama was an irregularly practicing Muslim who rarely or occasionally prayed with his step-father in a mosque." (

I do not believe that what a child does in deference to the religious teachings of his parents should be held against him.

Obama claims that he is now a Christian, and has been a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ for about twenty years (, and I think we should take him at his word. However, this presents another problem for him – Does it make him a hypocrite? As is shown below, his acts and ideas are very much contrary to Christian tenets, and these are the things by which he should be judged.

Obama is a typical leftist liberal, who even voted against a bill to require schools [receiving federal money] to install software on public computers accessible to children that would block sexually explicit material. See p. 9,  Barack Obama Exposed! This is a 33 page booklet published by Human Events that may be obtained free at It contains a number of articles by recognized political writers, with comprehensive information about Obama and his voting record. He is truly a leftist liberal.

Obama not only supports abortion at will, but he also supports the killing of babies that have been born, alive, after surviving attempted abortion. The following is from my article, Facts, Truth, and Morals are Irrelevant to Democrats, in the Articles section of this magazine:

Let's look at a vote of Barack Hussein Obama when he was a State Senator in Illinois . The following is from "Obama More Pro-Choice Than Naral," by Amanda Carpenter, Human Events, December 25, 2005 . The following are some short excerpts from the article:

In 2002, as an Illinois legislator, Obama voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act, which would have protected babies that survived late-term abortions. That same year a similar federal law, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, was signed by President Bush. Only 15 members of the U.S. House opposed it, and it passed the Senate unanimously on a voice vote. ...

Jill Stanek, a registered delivery-ward nurse who was the prime mover behind the legislation after she witnessed aborted babies being born alive and left to die, testified twice before Obama in support of the Induced Infant Liability Act bills. She also testified before the U.S. Congress in support of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Stanek told me her testimony "did not faze" Obama. (

The people who kill babies, born and unborn, and who support it, like to call the babies "fetuses" to salve their guilty consciences, but humans who have been born and are alive are human babies – they are not fetuses.

 Obama voted against barring the hideous procedure of partial birth abortion. (

Obama supports the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage. ( ) Obama claims that his is not for homosexual marriage, but for their civil unions. "Civil union" is merely another form of homosexual marriage, and both honor and legitimize the vile acts of sodomy. He voted against the federal Defense of Marriage Act, as well as the Marriage Amendment to prevent homosexual marriage.

He believes that "gays" who admittedly are actively engaged in pursuing sodomy should be allowed in the military. This would not only include changing the present policy, but would necessitate repealing the part of the Code of Military Justice that makes acts of sodomy by service members a crime. This would have a tremendous adverse effect on not only the morality of the military, but on their morale. In the book, As We Sodomize America (available under Books on this website), I go at length into this matter, and into the hideous and criminal acts homosexuals have committed against other service members, after lying to get into the service.

He also wants to make employers hire openly homosexual and cross-dressing perverts of different kinds, even though the employer may have religious convictions against such things, thereby violating a person's right of freedom to practice his religion, and the basic right to determine with whom one associates.

He supports the "hate crimes" laws, the primary purpose of which is to mold our very thinking to that of the perverted elements of our society. We must all be "politically correct" – not only in our speech, but in our very thoughts. This is pure thought control.  

Obama has no regard for our Second Amendment and is for controlling and prohibiting our right to bear arms provided by that amendment. ( Like most liberals, instead of strictly enforcing our laws against criminals, they want to eliminate our right to have the means of protecting ourselves from them. Also, as the old communists well knew, when you take enough rights away from the people, while you feed them "government benefits" to appease them, you need to disarm them so that they can do nothing about it if they ever attempt to regain their freedom. The referenced article shows in detail the many ways by which Obama wants to take our Second Amendment rights from us.

Obama works for our withdrawal and resulting defeat in Iraq . Like all of the front running Democrat presidential candidates, Obama would have us withdraw from Iraq without accomplishing our present mission, which is to allow the formation of a democratic government that would be a friend, instead of another dangerous enemy. This would undoubtedly result in a dangerous Islamic-Fascist government.

Conclusion.  Obama makes high sounding statements about change, which have no substance whatsoever. He doesn't mention the changes planned. The change that Obama and the other front-running Democrats want to bring about is a socialized welfare state that will take our money from us and dribble part of it back to us in ways that it thinks best for us, to buy our votes. Our Christian heritages will be removed, and a Godless society that honors pornography and perversion is the lot they wish for us.

These Democrats wish and work for our defeat in Iraq ; and they want our country weakened to where it is not the most powerful country in the world. They have continually fought against us even having a missile defense system to protect us from nuclear warheads that might be sent to destroy us. When President Ronald Reagan first proposed a missile defense system, they denigrated it as "star wars," and have continually fought it ever since.

 Barack Hussein Obama is certainly not a person that I would want to be our President and the Commander in Chief of our armed forces.  And neither are any of the other Democrats.

 January, 2008

Converting Us to Atheism

        Both the media and academia are engaged in an all out push to convert us to atheism. They are even more effective than the organization bearing the misnomer, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The most hated thing there is to these ilk is Christianity – their exact opposite and the greatest danger to their religion of atheism. Unlike many of the forthright atheists and evolutionists, such as Richard Dawkins, the media and academia seldom candidly admit their true purpose.

        The convenience of atheism is that one has no conscience to be bothered by sinful acts – because to them there is no such thing as the Biblical concept of sin. Progress is made in that direction when "tolerance" leads us to accept things that we once well knew were sinful.  However, those who are members of the religions of Atheism and Evolution  would have us believe otherwise. They would have us believe that they have a set of morals that even surpass those of the Christian religion. Really?

        Try to find the written moral code of the atheists. I have unsuccessfully tried. Who has the authority to make such a moral code? Is it an immutable moral code, such as we have in various religions, or is it subject to change by those who would take it upon themselves to design it? It is of course meaningless. No human has anymore right to say what is moral than the next. It would have to be something continually changing as ideas change. What is considered immoral today could be considered perfectly moral, tomorrow. We have that very thing happening in the secular elements of our society today. Examples are the acceptance as moral of living together out of wedlock, having children out of wedlock, and sodomy. It indeed takes a confused mind to accept such sins as "moral."  

        One of the most liberal publications today is Time Magazine. A good example of some of its efforts to promote atheism is the December 3, 2007 , issue of Time, with its cover story, "What Makes Us Good/Evil." (,9171,1686832,00.html) This Time article is severely criticized by Joel Belz in his article, "Practical atheism," in World magazine, December 8, 2007 . ( As Belz says:

        For the truest and most effective proponents of godlessness are almost never those who are most blatant about their mission. They are instead those who purport to pick up any topic at all for further discussion—and then leave God out of that conversation. Do that with a dozen such discussions, or maybe 20 or 100, and you don't have to do much more. You've implicitly made your case. God doesn't exist—or if He does, He doesn't matter.

        No example could be more telling than Time's Dec. 3 issue, whose cover brashly announces the main article: "What Makes Us Good/Evil."

        The Time article referred to tries to make sense out of nonsense. The gist of the article, by Jeffrey Kluger, is the Darwinian evolutionist approach of trying to put humans on the same plane as animals such as apes, gorillas, and others, and of course eliminating God from the equation. Kluger argues that all of us animals are equipped with "moral programming." I would suggest that what some animals are equipped with is survival programming. And that this survival programming leads to very immoral behavior in many animals, such as lions, in destroying (murdering?) their competition, including newborn cubs. But assuming for the sake of argument that Kluger is right, and I am wrong, I ask: From where does this moral programming come? No explanation as to this problem is given. This kind of person would of course necessarily try to explain that it came about by evolution – but he would utterly fail in the attempt. Such programming would necessarily be of "intelligent design," and this cannot be considered by the evolutionist and atheist, because he finds it impossible to explain intelligent design without a "designer."

        As Belz says:

        The possibility that a meaningful God—or even a meaningless god, for that matter—is part of such a discussion gets not a single mention. In more than 3,000 words, the broad topic of "religion" is never suggested. There's not a hint that anybody has ever talked about something called the "Fall." It's breathtaking, in fact, that Time could take on a cover story like "What Makes Us Good/Evil?" and leave out so much that seems so basic.

        Certainly I agree that animals show the ability to love, show empathy, and reason intelligently. These abilities in humans are more intense and complex. They are very obviously a part of the many evidences of intelligent design in nature. It certainly takes a closed mind to argue that intelligence itself, which is all about us, is not evidence of intelligent design. But the atheist and the Darwinian evolutionist must take that position – otherwise he is put in a place that he is determined not to go. 

        The human brain has the intelligence to design, understand, and use such things as the game of chess. No one can deny that the complex game of chess is intelligently designed – even atheists and evolutionists must admit that. Yet these latter groups must deny that the brain itself shows evidence of intelligent design, even though it is enormously more complex and integrated in operation than the game of chess that it can design. One must check his brain at the door, and enter without it, to believe that there is no evidence that the brain is intelligently designed. In truth, every part of humans, animals, plants, trees, and every other living thing, exhibits evidence of intelligent design. And intelligent design is the death knell of atheism and Darwinian evolution. That is of course why they fight so hard to keep even consideration of it out of our schools.

December, 2007

When we lose our moral compass of the Christian and Judaic religions. we constantly go the wrong directions.  We can see the results all around us in our society. We should take a close look at what is going on around us today, and ponder this proposition. Some of the things we might consider are the following.

This is the month that we have traditionally celebrated Christmas. Now, due to liberal majority decisions by our Supreme Court, and other courts, Christmas is substantially barred from public places, and in our schools. Even some of our department stores are not using the word. But paganism is welcome – particularly in our schools.

Not many years ago, pornography was barred from the airways, from movies, and from the mail. Today, all of these are replete with filth and pornography; and the Supreme Court of the United States has even declared a constitutional right to pornography.

Not many years ago, abortion was against the law in many of our states, and except in exigent circumstances, in all states. Now because of our Supreme Court's ruling in Roe v. Wade, abortion on demand is legal in most states; and even the right of a state to bar late term abortions and partial birth abortions is in doubt.

Until recent years it would have been unthinkable to bar the Bible and prayer in schools, and now even saying the word, God, in school, or voluntary prayer of a student, can lead to severe punishment. But "sex education," which is actually promoting elicit sex, is prevalent, and condoms and birth control pills are handed out to very young students.

Prior to the 1960s, sodomy was a crime in every state. Now these vile acts that are a crime against nature and God are considered by many to be acceptable "alternative lifestyles." Our children are taught in schools that sodomy is a commendable practice, and encouraged to engage in it and try it out.

Gambling, and addiction to gambling, has had a tremendous upsurge in our country. Even many of our states are directly engaged in gambling, and advertise to attract people to it.

A by-product of our modern liberalism, is that today living together out of wedlock is common, and accepted by many, and a very large portion of our children born today are born out of wedlock.

These shifts in our culture began in the 1960s, with the drug and hippie era, and have continued rapidly since then.

Each of us should examine our own ideas, and consider whether or not we have allowed things which we once knew were wrong to become acceptable to us. We should consider the basis for our changes in our ideas of what is right and what is wrong. A society can change from Christian principles to paganism, and that which is wrong can become completely acceptable. We should each ask ourselves: Have I compromised my principles to please others, or to keep from offending others? If I have, then a part of the blame is on me. Some have accepted as moral that which is immoral in deference to what their own children are doing. That is actually a disservice to the children, who will be encouraged to further compromise what morals they may have left – all of which will then be handed down to their children.

We either have immutable moral principles, handed down to us by a higher authority, or we have no sound moral basis. If morality is to be based on the current prevailing ideas of the people, it can go in any direction at any time. Morality then becomes a meaningless word. There is none. Morals have been exchanged for mores.

 Also, we should each consider what we individually have done to make our country a better and more moral country, and what we may have done to take it in the opposite direction.

"To remain silent when one should speak out makes cowards out of men." – Abraham Lincoln.

November, 2007

Democrats Continue to Support Sodomy. The Democrats have always advanced the homosexual agenda. They have supported everything from special rights for homosexuals to "hate crime" bills designed to teach us that sodomy is an acceptable thing. 

They promote the teaching to school children around the country that sodomy, which is synonymous with homosexuality, is not only acceptable, but commendable.

Front-running Democratic presidential candidates have even endorsed the reading to second-grade school children a fairy tale about two princes who fell in love and were married. That is a real "fairy" tale. This story was also read to first-grade school children. The "picture book" story has a picture of the two "princes" kissing each other.

As I have said before, a country that would elect such ungodly people as these Democrats deserves the government it will get.

When a country becomes so degenerate that it presents this kind of propaganda and filth to small school children, it has ceased being a Christian country, as it was once known, and has sunk into to the filthy mire of paganism.

For more details on the children's homosexual story propaganda referred to above see:,2933,298307,00.html

October, 2007

Last month an article, Facts, Truth, and Morals are Irrelevant to Democrats, was posted in Articles. The Democrats are presently clearly demonstrating those words in regard to the war in Iraq . They set up a procedure requiring General David H. Petraeus and Ryan C. Crocker, Ambassador to Iraq , to report to Congress on the progress of our efforts in Iraq .

Earlier this year, General Petraeus was unanimously confirmed by the Senate (81-0) to be leader of the multinational forces in Iraq, and at that time both Democrats and Republicans praised both his ability and his integrity. His proven credentials for fighting terrorism were particularly noted.

As soon as they found out that the reports were going to be contrary to their agenda for our defeat in Iraq , the Democrats began attacking both the ability and the credibility of General Petraeus, as well as Ambassador Crocker. These congressional liberals would have us believe that they know more about the facts than those who are actually engaged and working with those facts every day, and obviously have superior knowledge.

If one is interested in thoughtful approaches by knowledgeable people on the situation in Iraq, the article,  Symposium: The Success of the Surge, by Jamie Glazov, is worthwhile reading. ( )

One mouthpiece of the liberal Democrats,, published an ad in the New York Times (it is reported that this leftist paper gave them a hefty discount) picturing General Petraeus with the words under it: "General Petraeus or General Betray Us."

What these attackers really want is our defeat in Iraq. They are truly a traitorous bunch. They are traitorous because they put politics above our country, and are actively working to bring about our defeat in Iraq . They do not want any successes of any kind to take place during the Bush administration. And several of them are campaigning to be president of this country. 

September, 2007

I have written an article and added it to the Articles section. It is entitled, Facts, Truth, and Morals are Irrelevant to Democrats. It deals primarily with certain issues embraced by current Democratic presidential candidates.

The campaigns for the 2008 presidential election is heating up, and it is interesting to see the radical and immoral things come to light that are supported by all of the major Democratic candidates. Some things they try to hide and to sidestep, but a close examination will bring out the truth. It appears that there is no extreme radical and immoral thing in issue that is not supported by the Democrats and their liberal cohorts.

They are pro-abortion, no matter how extreme and how cruel. They even believe in finishing off the killing of babies that have managed to survive abortions and have actually been born and are alive.

They would teach us that the vile and depraved acts of sodomy are an acceptable thing in our society. Although many sidestep the homosexual marriage issue, in public, they actually support it, and all support the recognition of legal unions of those engaging in sodomy.

The Democrats, and their cohort, the ACLU, continually work to promote and protect pornography – even child pornography. They of course are also aided greatly by liberal members of our courts – particularly those on the Untied States Supreme Court. Prior to the successes of the liberal movements, we did not have pornography in our movies, or on television, and it was illegal to send pornography through the mail. Now the movies, television, and the internet are laden with pornographic filth; and we cannot now even completely bar child pornography from the airways.

They support every environmental movement that anyone can dream up, no matter how radical or ill informed, from protecting the silvery minnow in New Mexico, the spotted owl in the Northwest, to their big thing now – Global warming – ignoring all evidence contrary to their views.

In the article, specific things and references are presented on each of these things. One thing covered is how foolish our Governor, Bill Richardson made himself look in his appearance before the homosexual community in Los Angeles the other day.  When asked whether he thought that homosexuality is by choice or biological, he said it was choice, which is probably true. His error was that it does not fit the homosexual agenda. It was his pathetic gyrations when they got after him that make him look so comical.

Something else that I think is interesting, and that informed citizens today should know is data showing that other planets are warming up, and that this could not be caused by anything going on earth. Also, some information is given on the many times in the past that the earth has undergone both ice ages and global warming – much more extreme than anything going on today. None of this was caused by our present day industry and automobiles.

August, 2007

BROADCASTER FREEDOM ACT – A Bill Worth Supporting. In the April, 2007 issue of this magazine, I put my article, The 'Fairness Doctrine' is Unconstitutional, in the articles section. The fermenting Democrat Party efforts to silence talk radio and Christian broadcasting has continued to be in the news.

To guard against the Federal Communications Commission, or any other agency, trying to revive the unconstitutional fairness doctrine, the Broadcaster Freedom Act was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Mike Pence and 111 co-sponsors. It passed 309 to 115. Quite unexpected from a Democrat controlled House!

We should now support that Bill in the Senate. An article July 3, 2007 , in Accuracy in the Media, "The Liberal Plan to Take Over Talk Radio," by Cliff Kincaid and Andy Selepak, states:

Three Republican Senators, John McCain, John Thune, and Norm Coleman have stepped forward to introduce the Broadcaster Freedom Act, as questions linger about comments attributed to Senators Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer regarding re-imposition of the so-called Fairness Doctrine on broadcasters. The Fairness Doctrine is viewed by many on the political left as a way to muzzle or silence conservative talk radio.  ( )

  The above article is worth reading in its entirety. Another good article to read, which is somewhat related in principle, is "Bill of Rights Aimed To Protect Political Speech," by Jonah Goldberg. ( ) This article was also published in the Albuquerque Journal on July 1, 2007 . Goldberg applauds recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court on Freedom of speech. Fortunately, the United States Supreme Court, with the four liberals dissenting, overturned the part of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Bill that barred certain criticisms of candidates and issues they supported by specified organizations and groups within 30 days of a primary election or caucus or 60 days of a general election.  

My study of our Constitutional History leads me to believe that the basic rights which were put in our bill of rights were listed chronologically according to what our Founders considered their relative importance. In this order of importance we have in the first two amendments:

        1. Freedom of Religion.

        2. Freedom of speech.

        3. Freedom of the press.

        4. Right of the people to peaceably assemble. 

        5.  Right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

        6.  Right to bear arms.

In the other amendments, which make up the Bill of Rights, we have a number of other basic freedoms, including the important right of not being deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. But a person can be deprived of life, liberty, and property with due process of law. Our Constitution recognizes no due process of law by which those first six basic rights may be eliminated, other than of course by an amendment to the Constitution. I believe that all of these things were carefully considered by our Founders, and that they considered the rights listed above, numbered 2 through 6, as basic to protecting all of our other Constitutional rights.

With freedom of speech and press, all ideas, and all sides of an issue may be presented. This leads to increased learning by everyone, and to a better society. The liberal idea of allowing only speech which they consider politically correct prohibits the exploring of other ideas. This is certainly detrimental to learning, and, sadly, it is practiced most in our schools which are supposed to be places of learning and exploring different ideas. As long as it is polite and dignified, no issue, and no side of any issue should be prohibited from discussion. This includes such current issues as global warming, evolution, intelligent design, racial issues such as affirmative action and diversity, and social issues such as abortion and homosexuality. Evidently liberals realize that many of their ideas cannot withstand objective examination, and that is why they want to prohibit discussion and presentation of opposing views. Truth and logic is considered by them to be irrelevant when it is contrary to their doctrines.  

The recently revived organization, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Peter LaBarbera, President, has been added to the Organizations section. Mr. LaBarbera has long and valiantly fought the homosexual movement in an effort to prevent some of the destruction it has done to our society. In As We Sodomize America, I referred at length to his work and writings. 

July, 2007

We again will celebrate Independence Day on July, 4th.

I think that we should reflect on the importance of Independence Day. By this declaration, representatives of the thirteen colonies came together and declared their independence from England. They became thirteen states. In effect, at that time they were thirteen separate countries – each of which, by itself, was rather an insignificant figure in the world, as a country.

Included in the Books section is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. At the end of the Declaration are the names of the courageous and farsighted individuals who signed it. It was rather literally remarked by one of them that "we can now either hang together or we will hang separately."

For purposes of conducting the resulting Revolutionary War, a loose Confederation of the States was formed. It was a difficult and unwieldy form of government during that war; and proved completely ineffective as a united government after the war. Delegates from the states met at Annapolis in 1786 to try to devise some answer to their problems, and the result was a recommendation for a convention of representatives of the states to meet in Philadelphia on the second Monday of May of the next year, for the purpose of devising a plan to remedy the defects of the Confederation. Congress accepted the recommendation and adopted a resolution calling a convention "for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation and reporting ... such alterations ... as shall ... render the Federal Constitution adequate to the exigencies of Government and the preservation of the Union." (The Fathers of the Constitution, by Max Farrand, 1921)

The states selected their leading men to send as delegates. The caliber of these men can be judged from history, and the ones who signed the Constitution are listed at the end of the Constitution, immediately before the Bill of Rights, in the copy of this document in the Books section of this website. In my opinion, there has never been such a competent group of leaders gathered to work on a plan of government – before or since. The delegates to the convention began arriving at Philadelphia on May 14, 1787, and, after ten days, a sufficient number hade arrived to begin work in the convention.

Although there were strong differences in ideas and opinions on such things as states rights, federalism as contrasted to more of a democracy, and slavery, finally, on September 17, 1787, these patriots finished the greatest document for government that there has ever been before or since – our United states Constitution. Congress adopted the Constitution and sent it to the states for ratification. In the first Congress, after ratification, James Madison, keeping his promise on the matter, moved for the addition of a Bill of Rights, which was worked out, sent to the states and ratified.

How was it that these strong minded men, with their divergent views, were able to produce such an enlightened document for government. Perhaps the way these men viewed their mission is the key, as witnessed by their own statements at the beginning of the convention. James Madison said, "Now to decide forever the fate of Republican government." Gouverneur Morris stated, "The whole human race will be affected by the proceedings of this convention." James Wilson said, "After the lapse of six thousand years since the creation of the world America now presents the first instance of a people assembled to weigh deliberately and calmly and to decide leisurely and peacefully upon the form of government by which they will bind themselves and their posterity." (The Fathers of the Constitution)

It would be wonderful if politicians of our time were possessed of such sincerity. But most of them today have become subservient to parties and to groups.

Our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, was for each and every free man and woman. And after the Civil War amendments (XIII, XIV, and XV), all people in America were free.

Our Bill of rights is for each and every person. It is not for certain people or certain groups. We should guard against destroying those rights by the granting of rights to certain groups. Each time a special right is given to a group – whether based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender – it cuts into our basic rights as individuals. The individualism and self reliance of our Forefathers has been rapidly fading. In its place we are installing "political correctness" and many aspects of socialism.

June, 2007

I have written a lengthy article, Liberal Revisionists Present False History and Moral Decay, and added it to the Articles section. For a long time this country and other countries have been undergoing continual brainwashing by various liberal groups, including feminists, homosexualists, and atheists. Their successes have been truly astounding.

"Gay", "homophobia" and the words derived from it, are words made up by the "gay" movement for their propaganda purposes. "Gay" is for the purpose of making sodomy seem less depraved than it is. Homophobic, homophobia and such are to intimidate and deride those who think and say that sodomy is wrong. Let's look at Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language – Unabridged, 1966. Homophobia, and such derivatives, were not in there at all. As to the word Gay, the first definition was "joyous and lively; merry; happy; lighthearted." The last definition was "wanton; licentious; as, a gay dog." Not one definition meant homosexual, as it is used today. But the media, academia, and the gullible segment of our society dutifully parrot these words, now, just as was intended by the homosexual movement to further its propaganda and thought control. And they find their way into our dictionaries.

These groups have also had great success in revising our dictionaries, history, and even the Bible in furtherance of their programs of brainwashing and thought control.

Words indicating gender and the differences between men and women must be eliminated from our vocabulary. We must realize that sodomy is not wrong, but a commendable activity in which to engage. The atheists and many of the homosexualists want to completely destroy Christianity, and falsely change history to eliminate the place it played in the founding of this country and its institutions. If this cannot be done, the feminists want to destroy the masculine concepts of God and Jesus. Would you believe a new bible containing scripture about "Judith Christ of Nazareth" and includes: "The Parable of the Prodigal Daughter," and "The Lady's Prayer"?

I was prompted to write this article by two recent events. One was an article in the Albuquerque Journal, April 29, 2007, "Remembering gay Holocaust victims," which is an article furthering the homosexualist project of rewriting history in this regard which has been going on for some time. The other was an email from students and one of their instructors in a Midwest high school, stating, "In reading your interesting presentations it seems your objectives are to sway rather than inform." They have been reading American Traditions Magazine articles for some time. They asked me to comment on an article by a Jim Taylor written for the clear purpose of falsely convincing readers that Religion, and particularly the Christian Religion, played no important parts in the founding and the forming of this country and its institutions. My article includes the information in my comments on the Walker article, and I decided to try to expand it enough to shed some light on that and related subjects.

The Iraq War. Our President continues to stand almost alone in his effort to fight terrorism and bring the Iraq war to a successful conclusion. The liberal media has had great success in selling to our citizens a pathway of cowardice, doom, and failure. A recent article, Defeat, Retreat Dooms U.S. to Failure in Mideast, by journalist Cal Thomas, came out in the Albuquerque Journal on May 1, 2007. I would recommend reading it. It can be found at: The last paragraph of the article states: "It is shameful that so many Democrats running for president appear ready to accept defeat and retreat if it advances their presidential prospects, no matter the prospects for the security of Iraq, the Middle East and the United States."

Now the liberals are gathering up all of the retired Generals they can find that will help their cause, and are running ads in the media to try to hasten our defeat, and make this country again one that its allies cannot depend on when the going gets tough. These liberals working so hard for our defeat are not lovers of America – they are the opposite.

May, 2007

The book, The Temple of Karnak -- How Rogue Judges Have Been Strangling Your  Democracy, by D. J. Connolly, PH.D., has been added to the Books section. Mr. Connolly received his Ph.D. in engineering From Case Western Reserve University in 1971. He worked as a research engineer and in middle management at NASA's Glenn Research Center for thirty-six years. He certainly put his research abilities to good use in gathering the material for this book. The book is about our imperialist judges -- particularly justices of the United States Supreme Court, and the destruction they are doing to our Constitution. One of the many things he gives insight to is the fiasco of the federal judges in taking over management of a number of schools, and in forced busing trying to integrate blacks and whites. There was never any constitutional authority for such outrages. He covers the history of the  federal courts from beginning to present and outlines a continuum of misbehavior. 

The eight main themes of the book are the following:

■       Article I of the federal Constitution says that only Congress has “legislative power,” the power to pass laws. Article III says that the role of judges is limited to deciding “cases” and “controversies.” It says nothing about allowing judges to make new laws. Article V specifies the only legal process by which our Constitution can be amended. In spite of these mandates, judges make most of the really important new laws. And, ignoring Article V, they amend the Constitution several times each year.

■       It’s been half-a-century since our Supreme Court made a credible pretense of construing the Constitution in accordance with the intent of its framers. That gives rise to a dismaying problem. “We the People” have no say respecting the contents of our Constitution. And those who wrote it had no say in the matter either. Only judges have a say.

■       Over the course of our history, judicial usurpation of lawmaking power has led to a mind-boggling list of national catastrophes. Part of the list appears on the back cover of this book.

■       The practice of following precedents has led to the “evolution” of a quarter-of-a-million-page counterfeit Constitution which judges follow rather than the real one.

■       Our judicial branch of government has stolen a role similar to that of ancient kings and princes. Rogue judges gained despotic power by using methods found in Machiavelli’s The Prince, the same handbook which guided Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.

■       In flagrant violation of the First Amendment, federal courts have established a preferred national religion, and restrict our free exercise of our own religions.

■       A gross excess of judicial power has spawned a large and perverse judicial usurpation industry which promotes, protects, and feeds upon it.

■       If our democracy isn’t dead already, it’s on life support. Outlaw judges have corrupted other government institutions by stealing many of their most important functions. That, in turn, is a major cause of voter apathy.

There are some points that Mr. Connolly and I disagree on. For example, he believes that the decision written by Chief Justice John Marshall, in Marbury v. Madison, holding that the Courts could strike down a statute passed by Congress, was wrong. I think it was correct under our Constitution, because I believe that it is a binding document on all three branches of government; and that Congress cannot override or change the Constitution anymore that the Courts can legally do it. The Constitution can only be legally changed by the people and their representatives, with federalist weighting by states, as provided by Article V of the Constitution. But Mr. Connolly and I both agree that the primary problem is rogue judges and justices that substitute their own biased views  for those of the people that actually formed and ratified various provisions of our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights; and the Fourteenth Amendment, and other Civil War amendments. I believe that if enough of the people of this country understood the extent of this usurpation of their rights, they would do something about it. And it could easily be cured by a simple constitutional amendment such as the one I recommend in the article, Saving Our Constitution From Judges, in the Articles section. 

An article by Mr. D. J. Connolly, Our Secular Papacy and Gay Rights, has been added to the Articles section. This is about some particular misbehavior of judges, and particularly the liberal United States Supreme Court Justices in striking down state laws against acts of homosexual sodomy. This is probably the most flagrant and clear misbehavior that was ever engaged in by certain members of the Supreme Court. It was never intended by our founders that sodomy would be a constitutional right. When this nation became a country, and when our Constitution and Bill of Rights were enacted by the people and their representatives, sodomy was against the common law of all of the states, and most of them had additional statutory provisions against it, including some very severe penalties. When the Fourteenth Amendment was formed and ratified, all but five of the thirty-seven states had statutory laws against sodomy. Mr. Connolly points out that some of them even provided for the death penalty. There was no clearer usurpation of rights of the people by the Court than the Lawrence v. Texas decision striking down all sodomy laws of the states. I explain this situation in detail in my book, As We Sodomize America, except that Lawrence v. Texas had not been decided when it was written. However I predicted what would happen, and the justices who would do it, in that book, because of the erroneous decision of Romer v. Evans. Our United States Supreme Court has truly been a disgrace as all true legal scholars, and thinking people, know. It is something that should be cured, and it easily could be, and judges and justices would still have all of the authority and independence intended by our Founders, and the people who ratified our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

The Home Page of D. J. Connolly, Ph.D., is being added to the Organizations section. Although, technically, this is not an organization, it is the source  considerable writings that are consistent with the mission of this magazine of upholding our Constitution. 

Another article by O. R. Adams Jr., The Immoral Religions of Atheism and Evolution, has been added to the articles section. This article explains how both Atheism and Evolution, as those ideas are followed and promoted today, have all of the aspects true religions. Also, considered is how they, particularly the atheists and agnostics, misconstrue things to try to make it appear that great people in history followed their views. A particular example given was some of the writing of the late Carl Sagan, an astronomer. 

April, 2007

The article, The Pink Swastika and Holocaust Revionist History, by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., has been added to the articles section. Mrs. Reisman is Founder and President of The Institute for Media Education. She has a very lengthy resume of research, writing, lectures, testifying in court, and is world renowned for the writing and work she has done in behalf of family values and protection of children; and against pedophilia, the homosexual agenda, pornography, and child pornography.

Two of Mrs. Reisman's books, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, and Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, gained her national acclaim for the exposes of the fraud of the Kinsey Institute, founded and run by Alfred C. Kinsey. The institute, and Kinsey in particular, appears to have participated in both child pornography and actual sexual misbehavior with small children. This institute also cooperated with and interviewed pedophiles on their criminal sexual misbehavior with children. The research and writings show a sordid sick mind in regard to such things. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants, much of it taxpayer money, were wasted on such trash called research. A number of these things about Kinsey, including his own sexual perversions were covered in As We Sodomize America from other sources as well as from references to Mrs. Reisman's research. Kinsey was also the primary basis for the fiction used by the homosexual movement that 10% of the people were homosexual, whereas valid research indicated the figures to be around 2% or less. Many other writings of Mrs. Reisman are referred to and some are available on her website, which is under The Institute for Media Education in the Organizations section of this website.

In the article, Mrs. Reisman noted that under The Pink Triangle (a Nazi symbol for incarcerated homosexuals) a mass media campaign by the major broadcasters and press, has been awarding Nazi victim status to homosexuals. She shows how the material in the book, The Pink Swastika, refutes this idea; as well as showing the connections between Hitler and the Nazi party and the homosexuals. She refers to how the strategies of the German homosexual movement were to ensconce National Socialism (the Nazi party) and Adolf Hitler, triggering a holocaust which engulfed all of Europe . The author also goes into detail on other authorities and research that confirm the connections between Hitler and the Nazi Party and the homosexuals, and the key members of the Nazi Party that were homosexual. They played a major part in installing Hitler, the policies of the Hitler regime, and the resulting holocaust. She states that "Wilhelm Reich, warned that Nazi leadership was both ideologically and actually homosexual." Also included, is information indicating Hitler's own homosexual perversion. In As We Sodomize America, after considering the information from The Pink Swastika, and other sources, I concluded that Hitler was a homosexual.

For any who might be interested in other sources regarding Hitler and homosexuals in the Nazi Party, see:

 The article, The "Fairness Doctrine" is Unconstitutional, by O. R. Adams Jr., was added to the articles section. Now that the Democrats have recaptured both houses of Congress, they are planning to try to re-enact the old "Fairness Doctrine" that previously proved not only unworkable, but unconstitutional. Their purpose is to try to eliminate the freedom to speak of those who oppose them. Specifically they want to eliminate talk radio programs, such as those of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Michael Medved. They have also previously been trying to get a limit on the troops overseas listening to one of their favorite programs, the Rush Limbaugh talk show. Another pain in their side they hope to kill is Christian broadcasting, which this would accomplish.  Giving equal sides to opposing views would make talk radio hosts submit half of their programs to those who do not pay for them, and whose views they oppose. And it is not in the nature of a church sermon, to give equal sides to evil or the devil. The left has the same opportunity to get its own programs on the airways as others. They simply want to eliminate views that oppose them -- especially since this opposition is so effective.

The left has continually worked against freedom of speech and freedom of religion under the insidious guise that they are for those very things. Their legal hatchet men have been the ACLU. To them speech should be politically correct – that means of course that they should determine what speech should be used. They continually work against any semblance of religion in schools or in the public square. The article explains how the ACLU has worked to destroy the Boy Scouts of America, even after the United States Supreme Court decided that they had a right to keep out homosexual scout leaders. The ACLU tries to get schools and public places to bar the Boy Scouts from using places that they have historically been allowed to use.

The ACLU teams up with the pedophile organization, North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), and represents it in lawsuits. The ACLU works with them to try to get the age of consent lowered so that it will be easier for them to prey on young boys. All of the homosexual groups are continually working for this, and they even have an "Age of Consent" website. The ACLU also works with them and represents them in child pornography cases. All kinds of pornography, including child pornography, is of great interest to these people, and the ACLU. This alone tells us volumes about their true character. One of our present Supreme Court Justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was a former ACLU member, and perhaps still is. She has expressed similar views, including those about lowering the age of consent, and when cases come before the Court, she can be depended upon to hew to the ACLU line. 

The article explains why the so-called Fairness Doctrine is unconstitutional. It is a violation of both freedom of speech and freedom of religion protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. As explained in the article, it would indeed be a travesty of justice that The Supreme Court has ruled that virtual child pornography and almost unlimited adult pornography is protected as free speech, but that talk show hosts and religious stations would not have the right to determine the nature of the decent things they have on their programs.  

Homosexuals in the Military Service. Now that the Democrats have taken over, they are moving to change the "Don’t Ask Don't Tell" policy of not allowing openly practicing homosexuals in the military. They want to allow those who openly engage in sodomy in the military service, allowing them to prey on the young men and women in the service. As soon as William Jefferson Clinton became president, he began trying to immediately get the same thing done, but it was strongly opposed by Congress, and they ended up with the compromise policy now in effect.

In a recent interview, Marine General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Military, voiced his opposition to the new push. He was of the opinion that open homosexuality was immoral and not compatible with the military service. The homosexual groups, with their media supporters, were outraged at this, and called on the General for an apology. He refused to apologize for his views, but did say that it would have been better had he just stuck to the matter of the policy, and refrained from giving his personal moral views. I wish that he had not backed down at all on expressing his views.

In the book, As We Sodomize America, pages 71-77, I had a section, Homosexuals in the Military, in which I gave lengthy information on that problem. Prior to the Clinton Administration, homosexuals were barred from the military, but many got in and were discharged when their perversion came to light. Often it was because of homosexual assaults on young men and women in the service. Many were prosecuted for these assaults, as well as being dishonorably discharged. As shown by the information, many of the incidents were indeed sickening to those who are still able to think in a sane and moral manner, after the homosexual brainwashing we have undergone in the past thirty years. Hundreds of homosexuals are still discharged from the military service each year, but the actual circumstances are being kept out of the news. If the circumstances were known, I am sure that many homosexual assaults on young men and women in the service would again come to light.

Our society has certainly reached a low state of moral values when it is no longer safe to state that sodomy is wrong. Please review the part of Chapter 1 of As We Sodomize America entitled, Behavior which Classifies Homosexuals, as to what actually constitutes homosexual sodomy. Such acts are crimes against nature, crimes against humanity, and until recently were crimes under the laws of all of the States and the federal government. When a society gets to the point that it does not consider such vile and depraved acts as immoral, it has been brainwashed into believing that wrong is right and right is wrong. Is that where our society is today?

Prior to the 1960s, when this country began its precipitous decline in moral values, homosexual sodomy was a crime under federal law and under the laws of every state in our country. Sodomy is still a crime under the Code of Military Justice, although the validity of that law is now in doubt, because of an asinine decision of the United States Supreme Court. The reason I consider the decision asinine is because when the United States became a country, sodomy was against the common law of England and this country. When our Constitution and the Bill of Rights were formed and ratified, sodomy was also against the statutory law of most of the states. History shows that our founders could not have intended to make sodomy a constitutional right. The decision was merely the personal biases of certain liberal court members, who took it on themselves to change our Constitution to their own personal views, which the Court has no right whatsoever to do, under the specific provisions of our Constitution that give the right to change it only to the people and their representatives, with federalist weighting by states.

We should go back to our military policy before the Clinton administration, and bar homosexuals from being in the military at all.

March, 2007

An article, Efficient Google Searching and Searches, has been added to Articles. This somewhat deviates from the general purposes of this magazine, but I have had complaints of difficulties in finding this website with a Google search. However, if simple search filters are used, it is very easy to find the website either by the name of the magazine or by some of the major subjects covered, such as those in articles or books. It may also be helpful to people searching for information on other subjects. Use of these simple search filters explained in the article are also necessary for efficient searches with Google on any subject.

An article, Cone of Evolution, has also been added to the Articles Section. This article explains the three major fallacies of modern Darwinian theories of evolution. If the theories were true, that life was accidentally formed as a one-celled amoeba and evolved to the uncountable forms of life today in the forms from everything such as germs, bacteria, animals, and plant life, a graph of it would be a cone – beginning from nothing to the untold trillions of forms today. But it just hasn't happened that way. Three of the critical contradictions are:

1. During a comparatively short time in the era known as the Cambrian Explosion, almost all of the animal phyla (families) appeared on earth. The term, explosion, comes about from the suddenness of this appearance of life forms. In fact it appears that there are fewer phyla today than there were then, due to extinction. There is no evidence that this sudden appearance of animal life was in any way due to evolution. Darwin himself recognized this problem, and admitted it was unexplainable (to him).

2. With the cone of evolution, we would be at the top today. With so many forms of life, in spite of the extinction of some, we should have evidence all around us of one species changing into a new species. But it just isn't happening. Not only that, we have had recorded history for several thousand years now, and we have no recorded observations of any such changes – not one. In addition, with all of the paleontological and archeological evidence now available, there is no real evidence of any change of one species to another species. Darwin also recognized this problem (also unexplainable to him).

3. The third problem that cannot be explained by evolution is why humans are the only living things that have developed complex thinking to where they can consider and solve many problems such as these relating to evolution. They paint pictures, compose music, read, write, invent things such as cars, boats, airplanes, computers and various other such things; but they are not the oldest animals. Yet they are the only species that has done any of these things. This cannot be explained by evolutionists.

David Horowitz Freedom Center has been added to the Organizations page. Its founder, and president, David Horowitz, has long defended and worked for traditional American values, which is the mission of the organization. 

January and February were not good months for our country. The Democrats have taken over both houses of Congress, and they and the liberal media sound a steady and loud drumbeat for our defeat and withdrawal from Iraq. The liberals and other gullible members of the public soak it up and regurgitate it. Has America completely lost its backbone. People of this kind would have sounded our defeat after our first battle in Europe in World War II. See the information below, or in the Archives, under February, for the casualties in just one battle in World War II. We lost a great number more men in the Battle of Normandy than we have lost in four years in the Iraq war. Consider just the first day of that battle: "Total Allied casualties on D-Day [June 6, 1944] are estimated at 10,000, including 2500 dead. British casualties on D-Day have been estimated at approximately 2700. The Canadians lost 946 casualties. The US forces lost 6603 men. Note that the casualty figures for smaller units do not always add up to equal these overall figures exactly, however (this simply reflects the problems of obtaining accurate casualty statistics)." 

Our President and his administration stand almost alone in the fight. We have not yet been able to shake our Vietnam Syndrome of defeatism. We are once again called upon by the liberals to cowardly forsake an ally, and leave them to slaughter.

The peaceniks are on the streets protesting again, with the Vietnam traitor, Jane Fonda, in their forefront once more – just like the old Vietnam days. It seems that the liberals and their cowardly attitudes never change. Unfortunately for the country, many of the peaceniks, hippies, flower children, and druggies went on to become journalists, teachers and professors, and Democrat congressmen and senators. One, William Jefferson Clinton, even became President.

There are a lot of liberals in this country that have no real love and respect for this country and its institutions. They particularly hate our Christian heritage. They have never wanted this country to be the major superpower in the world. They have continually fought against us even having anti-ballistic missile systems to defend our country. Many want us to unilaterally do away with our nuclear weapons – anything to weaken this country and destroy our military capability; and even more importantly to them, destroy its traditional institutions. When they bring about another shameful defeat in Iraq, we will certainly be reduced to less than the superpower of the world. No country will be able to again have any confidence in this country as an ally. It is truly a shameful thing.

In the book, As We Sodomize America, I explain in detail the liberal effort to undermine the Judeo-Christian values that have been basic to this country and its traditions. They brainwash our school children with everything from the acceptance of homosexuality and the acceptance of homosexual marriage to the undermining of our Constitution and denigrating our Founders and American history. They want to revise even the history of this country to tear down its greatness and accomplishments. They even want to revise our dictionaries and our speech, and even the Bible, to their ideas of "political correctness." They truly want to destroy every worthwhile thing in and about our country, from our Constitution, our free enterprise system, our Christian heritage, to our Christian morality. The success of these leftist ventures has been astounding. When the liberals capture both the media and academia, the gullible and the ignorant fall for their propaganda in droves. The real danger to this country is not from abroad – it is from the liberals right here at home.

Freedom of Speech. Liberals often talk about freedom of speech, when in truth the only speech they want allowed is that which is "politically correct" and and is designed, dictated, and limited by them. The continually fight for allowing pornography and all kinds of indecent material in the media and on the airways, but not free speech on religion, Christianity, or conservative politics.  The approach is the same in our colleges and universities, and even in public schools, where liberal "political correctness" is dictated;  even in science, where criticisms of Darwinian theory are limited, and discussion and material on intelligent design in nature is barred. Now that the Democrats are in charge in Congress  they want to re-enact the old discarded and unconstitutional "Fairness Doctrine." The object of this is to eliminate conservative talk radio, Christian broadcasting, and anything else adverse to leftist philosophy and politics.  They are not satisfied that they have the media, generally, and academia in their left pocket -- they want to stifle all opposition. A full article on this is planned for the April issue.

Venezuela. The news at the end of January reported that the legislative body of that country just gave Hugo Chavez, President, the power he wanted to rule by decree. We now have a socialist dictator in this important South American country. This will probably further increase our oil problems. This is a good example of how socialism works toward taking away the basic rights of freedom and property ownership from the people, and to a dictatorship. They lose the most important right of good government, which is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

February, 2007

An article, Our Children Reflect Our Culture, has been added to the Articles section. There are some interesting things in the article about the drought and the "Dust Bowl" in the 1930's in the area where I grew up. 

I believe that there is nothing more telling about a society than its children. They reflect the influences of their parents and of their schools.  They also reflect a number of other influences, especially today. They have great exposure to the media, in the form of television, and the use many of them make of computers. They are also influenced by their friends, and what "others are doing." Even the stores pray on them and influence them to buy the latest kinds of clothes, and even shoes. 

Today, a parent who wants to bring a child up in a Christian atmosphere has many great problems to overcome -- not the least of which is the bad influence today of many of our public schools. These are also among the things that were covered at length in the book, As We Sodomize America.

Radical Islam. Today,  our country and the Judaeo-Christian world are engaged in a life and death struggle with radical Islam. Our service men and women are fighting such elements in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we have been attacked several times in various countries and in this country. Where radical Islam is in control, the "nonbelievers" are persecuted and murdered. Our president and congress must struggle with the problem continually. 

There is a real argument as to whether or not Christianity and Islam can actually be peacefully reconciled, because of some of the violent passages in the Quran, the bible of the religion. It is certainly a large problem that is difficult to solve, but it is one that we will be struggling with for a long time.  

An interesting article was in World magazine, January 13, 2007, a question of linkage, on Islam. It is a discussion between Enemy at Home author, Dinesh D'Souza, and Marvin Olasky of World and author of The Religion Next Door. The two authors debate on whether or not there can be any reasonable reconciliation between Christianity and Islam. Olasky points out some basic problems of Islam, and the Quran, when it comes to any kind of peaceful reconciliation between the two religions. He cites passages in the Quran that expressly support violence against nonbelievers. One was "kill the unbelievers wherever you find them." (Chapter 9, Verse 5) D'Souza points out some possible ways of a peaceful reconciliation, but some of his ideas do not seem to be much of a reconciliation, primarily because of the requirement of Islamic control of governments themselves. Olasky also points out that the violent past history of Islam is not at all encouraging. 

A word about researching the Koran. The Islamic bible goes by several names, some of which I have found are Quiran, Quir'an, Qur'ân, and Koran. There are a number of interpretations, and some of them use somewhat different words for similar things. I have researched a hard copy I have in my library, and several online versions, which are easy to find.  For example, note the verse above about "kill the unbelievers." I have found several versions that have verses with substantially the same meaning as the above, but in place of unbelievers some have used polytheists, pagans, and idolaters. Fortunately, it does seem that the numbers for chapters and verses  pretty well coincide. 

The many things in the Koran that are similar to the above verse on the treatment of those who will not convert to Islam, and Islamic control of government, point up the great problems of any real reconciliation between the two religions. Whether or not Islamic countries can be persuaded to live in peace with the "unbelievers", and allow reasonable freedom of religion within their countries, remains to be seen. It well may be that in this regard, President Bush and his advisers have been over optimistic. But I certainly agree that we must try.   

A book I recommend on the problems between Islam and Christianity is Unveiling Islam, by Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner, two Muslim brothers who converted from Islam to Christianity. Because of the conversion, their lives would now be in danger in Muslim countries around the world. 

No Islamic country, at present, allows any real freedom of religion as we have in this country and other western countries. Whether or not this can be changed, and to what extent, we are in the process of learning.  Our experiments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and fighting terrorism there, will eventually give us much more insight into the problem. Particularly if the media and Democrat push of the "Vietnam Syndrome" in an effort to bring about our defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan is not successful. Further remarks about this effort of the media are made in the article, Our Children Reflect Our Culture.

What has happened to our American backbone and courage during our liberal onslaught in the past fifty years? In the four years since our last invasion of Iraq, in all of the fighting, we have lost just over 3000 men and women. Consider the following, as to what the allies and the United States lost in just one battle in World War II:

Over 425,000 Allied and German troops were killed, wounded or went missing during the Battle of Normandy. This figure includes over 209,000 Allied casualties, with nearly 37,000 dead amongst the ground forces and a further 16,714 deaths amongst the Allied air forces. Of the Allied casualties, 83,045 were from 21st Army Group (British, Canadian and Polish ground forces), 125,847 from the US ground forces. The losses of the German forces during the Battle of Normandy can only be estimated. Roughly 200,000 German troops were killed or wounded. The Allies also captured 200,000 prisoners of war (not included in the 425,000 total, above). During the fighting around the Falaise Pocket (August 1944) alone, the Germans suffered losses of around 90,000, including prisoners. (

Certainly, every life is precious, but we need to shake our Vietnam Syndrome and regain some of the national will and courage that made this a great country for so long in our history.

If our war on terror results in any benefit and future protection to this country it will be primarily because of the determination of our President, George W. Bush, and our valiant troops fighting under his command. Liberals here at home have opposed him and tried to undercut him and our country every step of the way, from our efforts abroad, to our security here at home. The drum beat of the liberal media has been incessant. And those who have stood with our beleaguered President crumble and fall, one by one, against this onslaught here at home. Our enemies abroad do not have the power to defeat us -- the ones here at home are much more effective. The same thing brought about our disgraceful withdrawal from Vietnam.

Organizations Added.  Four organizations are being added to the Organizations page: 

Concerned Women for America is a Christian oriented organization that has long supported our traditional American values. Some of their material on homosexuality and the homosexual movement was referred to at length in As We Sodomize America.

Defend the Family - International, a project of Abiding Truth Ministries, Scott Lively, Founder. Scott Lively and Abiding Truth Ministries have long fought valiantly for Christian values and against the homosexual movement. The Pink Swastika, a book by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, was referred to at length in  As We sodomize America.

Eagle Forum is a Christian oriented organization that has long supported traditional American values. Its founder Phyllis Schlafly, is a world renowned attorney and writer who has written extensively about the problems caused by our activist judges in the country. Some of her writings are referred to in the article, Saving Our Constitution From Judges. 

National Rifle Association. Some may wonder why this organization is included. It has continually supported our Constitution, and particularly our right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. Under the Library of American Freedoms it has now republished more than forty great historical books on our Founders, the founding and history of America;  and the Founders and founding of the Constitution of the United States. So far I have in my library forty-five of those fine books, and have read forty-four of them. This organization was formed in 1871, and has supported marksmanship and firearms safety since its inception. It has cooperated with the federal government on marksmanship and national rifle match programs. It sponsors pistol and rifle match competition around the country. I joined the organization in 1949 when I was doing match shooting with the Dallas Pistol and Revolver Club, and have been a member ever since.  Back then it was not a controversial organization. It only became controversial to the liberal element of our society when they began trying to do away with our right to bear arms, and the NRA has vigorously defended that right.

January, 2007

UPDATED, December 28, 2006. The article, The Bases of Mathematics Are Intelligently Designed, has been revised on this date to include some material from the renowned mathematician, Gregory Chaitin, in his book, META MATH -- THE QUEST FOR OMEGA (2005).The purposes of this magazine, as stated above, is to promote Christian values, traditional American values, and to uphold our Constitution. This first edition will contain information on this Home Page relating to each of these stated purposes. 

Christian Values

There is an interconnection and overlapping between all of the subjects which this magazine serves.

The book, As We Sodomize America - The Homosexual Movement and the Decline of Morality in America, by O. R. Adams Jr., made available on this website, covers all of them at length.  

Today, Christians and their values are continually under attack all over the world. In radical Muslim areas, Christians are persecuted and murdered. They are still persecuted in communist countries. In our own country, freedom of religion is protected by our Constitution. But Christians are nevertheless persecuted and their ideas stifled in our schools and universities.

 Organizations like the Boy Scouts of America spend untold thousands of dollars, now probably in the millions, protecting themselves in lawsuits brought by the organization with the misnomer, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), merely because they expressly believe in God, and try to prevent homosexuals from becoming scoutmasters. Over the years, the Boy Scouts continually had the problem of homosexuals infiltrating it, becoming leaders or scoutmasters, and sexually abusing young boy scouts. This is also covered in detail in As We Sodomize America, as is the same kind of problems the Catholic Church has had for many years. 

The ACLU and its atheists are continually bringing lawsuits in an attempt to remove any semblance of religion or Christianity from our schools, public squares and buildings, which are not privately owned. This is completely contrary to the views of our founders and to all of the traditional practices in this country. It was a Christian country for the first two hundred years of its existence. 

Intelligent Design

Probably the greatest damage done to Christianity, and to religion generally, resulted from the book, Origin of the Species, by Charles Darwin, first published in 1859. This book may later be made available on this website, although it is easily available on the internet. 

Darwinian evolution is now taught in our schools as proved facts, when in truth none of its basic tenets have been proved, and in my opinion cannot be proved. The Discovery Institute is a scientific think-tank, and its scientists, researchers and writers have devoted a lot of time and work to this subject. More information on this organization will be found on the Organizations  page of this website, which lists other organizations which support one or more of the principles to which this magazine is devoted.  

Evolutionists in our schools and universities vigorously fight any attempt to include any curriculum or discussion on intelligent design in nature. However some of the most renowned evolutionists have had to admit the basic facts supporting intelligent design, but try to get around it by saying that it is merely an "appearance" of intelligent design. Why -- because they know it is the death knell for Darwinian evolution. But science cannot forever ignore that which is obvious, and eventually it will be accepted. All that is required is that real scholars open their eyes and their minds at the same time. 

As explained in the article, "The Bases of Mathematics are Intelligently Designed," available in the Articles page, such diverse but brilliant thinkers as Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein have long recognized Intelligent Design in nature; yet the evolutionists in our schools fight the very mention of it in a class where evolution is taught.  

There are a number of books and articles on Intelligent design, but some of them by biologists and scientists often get quite complicated. We are presenting  some papers in the Articles page that are clear, simple, and on subjects that most anyone can easily understand.  

Homosexual Agenda

The book, As We Sodomize America, was referred to above. We consider it the most complete book available on the combined subjects of the book, and it is probably the most complete book available on just the combined subjects of homosexuality and the homosexual movement. It also has information on the causes of and cures for homosexuality. It graphically covers what homosexuality actually is, and therefore is not a book for children.

 The article, Modern Use of the Term, "Latent  Homosexuality," is on this particular tool used by homosexual activists and their supporters to try to squelch criticism of sodomy. See Articles. 

Our Constitution

Destruction of our Constitution by activist judges, particularly liberal justices in the United States Supreme Court, is covered in some detail in As We Sodomize America

Adams has also written a book, A Way to Save Our Constitution From Judges, which is under consideration by hard copy publishers. Later, either the book or information about it will be made available in this magazine. An article, Saving Our Constitution From Judges, is presented on this subject with a copy of the simple constitutional amendment advocated to easily cure this problem with judges, and still leave them with their full freedom and independence intended by our Founders. 

A copy of the Declaration of Independence, with the names of the signers and their respective occupations, and our Constitution, is available under BOOKS.

Also, a short article, Powers of the President, is included in ARTICLES, with more comprehensive references on this currently controversial subject. 

Traditional American Values

Because of the interconnection between the subjects, there is little left to say on traditional values, other than the above, at this time. There are a number of other good organizations fighting to preserve these values, and some will be listed under organizations. They are all worthy of support.