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List of Books

As We Sodomize America - The Homosexual Movement and The Decline of Morality in America,                     by   O. R. Adams Jr.  

This book was published in 2001 and is now out of print. It is considered the most complete book available on the combined subjects of the title. If you have children or if you are concerned that they are taught in many of our schools today that sodomy is an accepted lifestyle, you should know what is in this book. It is not a book for children, because it contains graphic details about the acts in which homosexuals engage, and by which they get their classification as homosexual. The Table of Contents contains a complete list of the subjects covered.  

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A Way To Save Our Constitution From Judges

 by O. R. Adams Jr.

This is a book that is first being published on this website. It is a comprehensive book that covers in detail particular cases that have been decided by our Courts -- particularly the United States Supreme Court, and the damage done to our Constitution by some of these decisions.  

The basic problem is that our Constitution has no curb for activist judges, except impeachment, which they obviously do not fear. There is nothing in our Constitution that states how a law or a constitutional provision should be interpreted by the courts. The courts, and particularly the United States Supreme Court, make their own rules for interpretation. Although our early Supreme Court justices developed rules for interpretation that determined the meaning for a provision of our Constitution to be that which was intended by those who formed and ratified it, later liberal justices left those long accepted rules, and began substituting their own personal views thereby clanging our Constitution from what was intended by those forming and enacting it to what these particular liberal judges thought it should be. 

This judicial misbehavior by liberal judges has imposed completely erroneous meanings that must now be followed because by the Court's own interpretations these decisions are now controlling. The article on this website, Saving Our Constitution From Judges, is a concise summary of this book. 

The book contains a simple way that this damage can be prevented by a simple Constitution amendment requiring that judges construe the meaning of a provision to be that which was intended by those responsible for enacting it, as it should be, and as it was long ago recognized by our early courts. 

The proposed amendment would not only prevent such future damage to our Constitution, but, in time, would tend to correct all erroneous decisions that have been made in the past. 

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Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States  

The names of the signers of the Declaration of Independence are shown, along with their respective occupations.

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The Temple of Karnak -- How Rogue Judges Have Been Strangling Your Democracy, By D. J. Connolly, Ph.D. 

This is a comprehensive book on Judicial Activism. The book is now out of print but is available on this website and the website of D. J. Connolly. The author spent considerable time and research to bring this information to the people. It sets out a large number of ways that our judges today are slowly destroying our Constitution. It contains information the people of this country should know.

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