Below is a list of organizations that support the Christian and American values to which this magazine is dedicated. All of them are considered worthy of support, and all of them make interesting and important information available to people. More will be added as they come to our attention. 

Alliance Defense Fund, headed by Alan Sears, 

American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), Jay Alan Sekulow, Chief Counsel,

American Family Association (AFA), Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman:   

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Peter LaBarbera, President, 

Concerned Women for America (CFA), Beverly LaHaye, Founder and Chairman:

Coral Ridge Ministries,  Founded by the late, D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.:  

David Horowitz Freedom Center, David Horowitz, President and Founder:  

Defend the Family - International, a project of Abiding Truth Ministries, Scott Lively, Founder:  

Discovery Institute, Bruce Chapman, President:

D. J. Connolly, Ph.D., Home Page: 

Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly, Founder:

Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, President, :

Family Research Institute, Dr. Paul Cameron Chairman:

Focus on the Family, James C. Dobson, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman:

Institute for Religion and Democracy, Mark Tooley, President: 

National Rifle Association (NRA),  President, Sandra S. Froman, CEO, Wayne LaPierre: 

Public Advocate of the United states, Eugene Delgaudio, President:

Summit Ministries, Dr. David A. Noebel, President and Founder: 

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), M. G. "Pat" Robertson, Founder and Chairman,

The Institute For Media Education, Judith A. Reisman, PH.D., Founder and President, 

Traditional Values Coalition, Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Chairman:

Wall Builders, David Barton, Founder and President: